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The Top 15 Things Every Dabber Needs

The Top 15 Things Every Dabber Needs

Most people don't start their cannabis smoking journey by taking fat dabs. You've likely worked your way up to this method of consumption and what a journey it's been!

If you're the type of dabber that treats their dab setup better than their own pet or loved one, or you're simply wanting to expand your current dank dab station, then we've got you covered.

Below you'll find 15 things every dabber needs: 


1. Non-Stick Dab Mat

Dabbing is messy. You don’t want to spend hours scratching dab off your dining room table because you were ill-equipped.

We also tend to make the common dabbing mistake of dropping precious dab in places we can’t recover. That’s why this non-stick dab mat will become your best friend.

This mat is perfect to prevent unwanted scorching and offers the best place to put down your sticky steel dabbers and shatter oil.

Three different sizes are available, so you can find the one that works for your needs. Because of its non-stick surface, cleaning is simple and will save hours of clean-up in the future.


2. Keck Clip

Here is a struggle many of us are familiar with. You buy parts for a new or broken dab. You’re super excited to use them, but to your disappointment, your pipes don’t fit well or at all.

This is where the 14 mm Keck clip comes in. The Keck clip design keeps your rig fitted together properly, so every hit is as full as the last.

These Keck clips are inexpensive but they will save you hours of trouble and potential breakage. Since these clips are high quality, they require a bit of breaking in.

However, once they loosen up, they will fit like a glove. Remember, these are 14mm clips, so be sure to measure your piping.


3. Dab Straw

If you love the taste and smell of dab, then you will love the bougie honey straw. This dab straw draws the full flavor out of your hits.

It's pretty simple to use; suck up your pre-heated dabs and be prepared for a taste sensation.

The Bougie Honey Straw is 9 inches long and includes 8 individual percolators. They are not just for badass looks!

These percolators allow you to take massive rips with ease while also bringing out the flavor of your dab. The quartz tip will ensure quality and beautiful, clean hits.


4. Dab Pearls

Dab pearls, or terp pearls, are a simple accessory that will truly enhance your smoking experience.

What exactly do they do?

Dab pearls distribute heat in your banger to ensure a consistent hit. All you have to do is throw them into your banger and watch them spin!

You better have a big lung capacity, as these 6 mm glass dab pearls extend your hits like madness. They'll also enhance the flavor of your icky, sticky dab.

You can tell these are made of high-quality glass, so you don’t have to worry about any heat damage. Before getting some for yourself, make sure your banger is big enough.


5. Dab Rite Digital Infrared Thermometer

The temperature at which you vaporize your dab will determine the flavor and profile of the smoke.

The hotter it gets, the heavier the hit will be. The Dab Rite digital thermometer will ensure every hit burns at the exact temperature you want, so you can have a consistent smoking experience.

This handy little thermometer attaches directly to your rig for a hands-free toking experience. To keep it charged and safe, a charger and carry case comes with the whole package.

It also shuts off after 5 minutes of inactivity to save your battery. If you want to find the sweet spot with all your dabs, this is the cannabis accessory for you.


6. Dab Tool

This is a must-have tool for all dabbers, from beginners to the most advanced.

We all know the frustration of getting dab stuck to your fingers, scissors, and whatever else you tried to load it with.

With a simple concentrate dabber tool, you can end this unnecessary suffering.

The 6-inch tool is sturdy and simple to use. It has a pointed tip and a scoop to load all types of dab. It’s also super useful for cleaning in between any tight gaps in your equipment. Ideal for use with a quartz banger.


7. Wax Container

If you smoke dab but don’t own one of these, do you really smoke dab? This is an essential item for storing all the types of wax one could ask for.

Besides looking totally rad, this Tye Dye Block Wax container will keep your dab safe and ready for your next big hit.

The silicone construction means it will be hard to break or damage in any way. It also includes seven compartments, one big and six small, to store multiple types of dab.

The non-stick silicone makes it so easy to clean, and you will be able to hold up to 30 ml of hash, wax, or oil. If you buy more than one, you can attach them together like little Lego blocks!


8. Dab Tool Holder

This funky rasta dab container and tool holder is similar to the tye-dye container, except it comes with a dabber tool to keep your fingers clean.

These easy clean containers keep your dab ready for your next hit.

The silicone dab tool holders are 5ml each and can store a variety of shatter types.

There is also a little clip for your dabber, so don’t worry about it getting lost. The sturdy quality of it all makes it well worth the price.


9. Dab Torch

The Blazer GT8000 Torch is a pyromaniac's wet dream. It is one of the highest-rated torches made specifically for dab rigs.

The intense flame output quickly heats your nail or banger and sounds like a small plane while it is doing so.

This torch truly works like a beast. The brass nozzle directs the flame evenly, so you don’t burn your eyebrows off.

It's easy to start, and the blue flame burns at a scorching 1370 degrees Celsius. You could burn this at full blast for 35 minutes! Luckily, the 35-gram container is refillable.

The Blazer GT8000 Torch is best used in conjunction with the Dab Rite Digital Infrared Thermometer.


10. Terp Slurper Set

You might buy this because of how beautiful it is and keep it because of how well it works. The Terp Slurper pill set includes a banger, a small marble, a large marble, and a pill.

What sets this banger apart is the sturdy construction; it is made entirely from one piece of quartz, instead of being welded together.

You can feel the impeccable quality of this set in your hands. Pulling dab smoke through the Terp Slurper is fluid, easy on the lungs, and one of the best ways to enhance your smoke session.

The larger-than-usual marble in the banger does an excellent job of burning your oil at the proper rate, resulting in a full-bodied hit. There is a slight learning curve to getting it right, but once you do, it is immensely satisfying.

Be sure to only heat the bottom dish and centre tube. The bucket is not made to be heated, otherwise it may crack.


11. Quartz Banger

Every dab dabbler should keep a spare one of these around. Accidents happen, rigs break.

Since this is the heated part, it tends to break more often than anything else. This 14mm banger is made from thick, purified quartz. Don’t expect to snap this easily.

Quartz bangers are known to have a smoother taste than their glass counterparts. This one also features good airflow, so you can get every last bit of oil.

Beyond the better taste, quartz has a higher melting point and is more resistant to corrosion. If you like simplistic designs and something that is easy to use, this is a good choice for you.


12. Glob Mops

If you have a bad habit of not cleaning out your rigs, this is the product for you.

Grime in your rig eventually changes the taste, so you don’t get that nice, fresh hit you crave. These XL Glob Mops will help to keep everything spotless and smoking.

They are made from 100 percent pure cotton, which doesn’t tear apart like many similar products.

These are useful to get into every nook and cranny and don’t bend and break under pressure. Ideal for any clean freaks.


13. Reclaim Catcher

The 14mm male reclaimer is an accessory that you should buy early on in your dab journey.

If you use a dab rig often, you will see how much gunk collects in different parts. Why waste all that good stuff when you could save it?

The reclaimer does exactly that! It attaches directly to your rig to catch any oil that doesn’t get fully vapourized.

Not only will you be saving precious dab oil, but you will also clean your rig less often. I love that the oil conveniently stacks on a silicone plug at the bottom of the reclaimer.

This makes it easy to harvest and smoke again. The tempered glass will keep it scratch free for some time to come.


14. Carb Cap

At first glance, you might think a genie will pop out in a haze of smoke if you rub it. There will be a haze of smoke, but no genie.

This beautiful cosmic bubble cap will keep you hypnotised, and that’s before you use it.

The purpose of the carb cap is to direct airflow so you can control where your oil moves.

How does that help you? Controlling where your oil is enables you to vaporise all your dab concentrate with ease.

And the best part, it actually sparkles like the picture. I would recommend using this carb cap with the reclaimer to save every last drop of potentially wasted dab.


15. Double Perc Dab Rig

If you want to jump right into the deep end, there is no better way to do it than with this double-perc dab rig.

The double percolators generate massive clouds of clean, crisp smoke that will tantalize your lungs. One of the pros of the double filtration system is that it ensures the smoke stays as clean as possible, so expect a really smooth rip.

The rig itself is made from 5 mm thick borosilicate glass for extreme durability (just don’t drop it) that will last a lifetime.

The picture doesn’t give it away, but this rig is a big boy. It stands 9.5 inches tall and has an angled mouthpiece to prevent you from tasting your nasty bong water.

I like that it includes a dry herb bowl and a banger for those who like to hit a natural bong sometimes. If you want to pull fat clouds without coughing, this is the rig for you.


These are some of the best dab products money can buy for your dab aresenal! If you want to get your hands on these and many others, follow the links above or visit Badass Glass.

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