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Terp Pearls: A Comprehensive Guide

Terp Pearls: A Comprehensive Guide

Gone are the days of basic dabbing and vaping.

In 2023, dabbing kits feature an array of accessories that make for a killer session - and, it seems as though the crowd’s favorite add-on might just be terp pearls.

Higher setup efficiency, smooth low-temperature dabs, and terpene preservation are the key assets terp pearls bring to the table.

Below, read our comprehensive guide on all things terp pearls - from benefits and uses to different types, and handy tips on how to get the most spin out of your dabbing sessions.

What Exactly Are Terp Pearls?

Terp pearls, a.k.a. dab pearls or terp balls, are pearl-shaped balls that go inside your dabbing rig banger.

Although traditionally made of quartz, terp pearls can also be made of borosilicate glass, ruby, or ceramics, and are 4mm-6mm thick.

They help distribute both heat and concentrate during deeper draws, and elevate the dabbing experience and low-temperature flavors. 

How Do Terp Pearls Work?

Terp pearls work best with a bucket-style banger. To use, first place a few dab pearls inside the banger and heat it up. Then let it cool down to the preferred temperature.

Add the concentrate and use a carb cap with a generous airflow for the best hits control. To make the most of your pearl balls, you can also use a directional flow carb cap, a spinner cap, or a bubble cap.

Once set, you can take a dab as usual and watch the pearls work their magic on the inside.

Cleaning Your Terp Pearls

To clean terp pearls, swab the banger - with the pearls still inside - with a Q-tip, ideally after each dab.

For more thorough cleaning, let the pearls cool down completely, then soak them in isopropyl alcohol for about half an hour. Wipe off the residue and clean regularly thereafter.

A pro tip: Allow the pearls to dry off completely before using them again.

Carb Cap Compatibility

Carb caps keep the dab pearls spinning inside the banger. But only a selected few are compatible with terp pearls.

Best case scenario, you want to use a Quartz Cyclone Carb Cap or any directional airflow carb cap which propels the pearls to a different level. 

Benefits of Terp Pearls

Terp pearls add a few advantages to your dabbing or vaping séances:

  • They make a great match for dabbers who like their hits flavorful, deep, and rich.
  • They enable low-temperature dabs. As a result, the pearls improve the overall set-up efficiency and management.
  • Terp pearls ensure the banger won’t cool off entirely before the concentrate vaporizes.

In other words, no more banger bottom residue.

  • Terp pearls maximize the flavor and allow you to control every dab by evenly distributing the concentrate and heat.

Why You Should and Shouldn’t Use Terp Pearls

Terp pearls are aimed to boost your overall dabbing experience, so the pros of using them easily outweigh the cons. Let’s break them down below.


  • Equally distributed concentrate
  • Greater vaporizing cloud volume
  • Minimal to no banger residue
  • Maximum wax use, even at low temperatures
  • Equal hot air circulation inside the banger
  • The perfect temperature for long-term dabbing
  • No hot or cold spots
  • Retained flavor and terpenes, even at low temperatures           


  • Some terp pearls are not as heat-resistant and may melt at higher heat
  • They add a bit of extra work when it comes to cleaning

Types of Terp Pearls

Terp pearls are not a one-model fits all. Here are the different types you can choose from.

  • Quartz pearls. Bangers and quartz go hand in hand, and quartz pearls are a true staple. They are affordable, superb at retaining heat, and quite durable. Quartz also wins a point for being prone to thermal shocks. This makes quartz pearls easy to clean with both a torch and isopropyl alcohol.
  • Ceramic pearls. Ceramic pearls are great at retaining heat and excel at retaining the flavor of your concentrate. Still, ceramic terp pearls are more delicate to use, trickier to keep clean, and can break if torched. Always let them cool down before cleaning, so they last you a lifetime.
  • Borosilicate pearls. If your budget is tight, another affordable option to consider is borosilicate pearls. They offer top-quality spinning, but sadly have poor heat retention powers and can change their shape if exposed to high temperatures.
  • Ruby pearls. Lab-produced ruby pearls bear the same properties as natural rubies. They are the finest option if you are after heat retention and maximum flavor. Not to mention, ruby pearls are UV-reactive and provide seamless spins. One downside is, they are prone to thermal shock and require gentle cleaning.
  • SIC pearls. SIC pearls are composed of silicon carbide and have outstanding heat retention and conductivity properties. They deliver a powerful flavor punch and are incredibly resistant to thermal shocks, meaning you can clean them with either a torch or isopropyl alcohol.

Best Terp Pearls

Quality terp pearls are as important as a quality banger - and we have the perfect combo for you!

This top-notch dabbing combo includes a spinning carb cap, a quartz flat-top banger, and a set of terp pearls which ensure sizzling spins and equal air and oil distribution.

Our refined flat-top quartz banger has a 5mm thick bottom that helps retain heat for longer without manually adjusting the airflow and carb cap.

The speedy vortex delivers rich and potent hits and allows for the smoothest dabbing session to date. Get yours today at the best price! 

Terp Pearl FAQs

Do terp pearls go in before dab?

Yes. Ideally, you want to place the terp pearls inside the banger and then heat it up. Next, place the dab and close using a carb cap. Take a hit to get your pearls to spin - and enjoy the flavor.

But, if your terp pearls are sensitive to high heat, it’s best that you first heat up the banger and then add the pearls.

How many terp pearls do I use?

This comes down to your personal preference. You can drop one or several terp pearls in the banger.  For the best results, most users stick to two terp pearls per session.

Why do my terp pearls keep cracking?

Likely because they are exposed to high temperatures. Some terp pearls, like ceramic and borosilicate glass pearls, are not resistant to thermal shocks and can easily break if subjected to high heat. Avoid this and go for a cold start - drop the terps inside the banger with the pearls already in it.

Why won't my terp pearls spin?

One reason might be that you are using an inadequate carb cap. For the best effects, you want to use a directional airflow carb cap, which allows the pearls to spin easier. If the issue is not related to the carb cap, your banger and pearls might be up for cleaning.

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