Novelty pipes are quickly becoming all the rage in the smoking industry.Whether you're shopping novelty because of nostalgia or you simply want a handcrafted piece, has the most diverse selection of novelty pipes. Choose from different styles, brands, and builds to complete your set up with an amazing novelty pipe. These novelty pipes not only add a sophisticated feel to your smoking experience, but also add an aesthetic to your smoking set up.You also add a convenient and portable way to smoke.

No matter what you prefer glass to hand carved, there is a novelty pipe for anybody, regardless of preferences. At, we have an enormous selection of novelty pipes, complete with quality craftsmanship and unique, fun looks. Whether you prefer a sturdy, borosilicate glass, or a crafted wooden pipe, we have a lot to choose from. Our premium quality pipes are guaranteed to meet all the expectations, even for those starting off and looking inexpensive pipes. Find a novelty pipe that meets all of your expectations with our great selection. Find the pipe that best matches your set up.


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  • Blue Taffy Sherlock

    Blue Taffy Sherlock Blue Taffy Sherlock As delectable as a chewy piece of taffy the Blue Taffy Sherlock has a nice curved body that allows to a comfortable hold.
  • Blue Mystery Sherlock Glass Pipe by Swerve Glass

    Length: 4.5 inches Color: Blue Mystery Thick Glass Blue Mystery Sherlock Glass Pipe by Swerve Glass This sherlock by Empire Glass is a beautiful swirl of turquoise and a myriad...
  • Emerald Glass Sherlock Pipe

    Emerald Glass Sherlock Pipe Emerald Glass Sherlock Pipe Length: 4 inches Glass Thickness: 3mm Borosilicate Glass Our Emerald Glass Sherlock Pipe features deep colors and has a deep bowl for...
  • Glass Corn Pipe by AFM

    This old school glass corn pipe resembles the classic corn pipes that people use for tobacco. This nostalgic design is made from unique colored glass that looks even more amazing in...
  • Green and Yellow Dychro Standing Sherlock Pipe

    Height: -- inches Bowl Size: --mm Glass Thickness: 5mm Borosilicate Made in the USA Double Turtle Dish and Dabber set Specifications Height: 4 inches Glass thickness: 5mm borosilicate glass Joint...
  • Green Sherlock

    Green Sherlock Green Sherlock This Green Sherlock stands on its own and has accent of yellow and green in it's marble-like pattern. Convenient to place on a bedside table or...
  • Sherlock Pipe by Maverick Glass

    Available in various colors. Sherlock Pipe by Maverick Glass Maverick Glass kills it yet again with these clean Sherlock pipes available in five solid colors.
  • Spiked Sherlock

    Spiked Sherlock Spiked Sherlock A great smoking device this Spiked Sherlock's design makes for a comfortable hold and is as convenient as a hand pipe gets. Don't sleep on this...
  • Spiral Glass Sherlock Pipe

    Spiral Glass Sherlock Spiral Sherlock Glass Pipe Length: 5 1/2 inches This a beautiful glass Sherlock style pipe with a spiral design. This piece sits perfectly upright, with a small...
  • Standing Sherlock Pipe with Green Shimmer

    Height: 4 inches Carb Hole: Left Side Color: Blue with Green Shimmer Made in the USA by Glob Squad Shimmer Sherlock Owning glass is awesome, until it cracks or shatters,...
  • The Chunky Boy by Glob Squad

    4 Inches Triple Blown Glass Carb Hole: Left Side Made by Glob Squad Are you in the market for a new everyday, pocket-sized piece? The Chunky Boy by Glob Squad is...
  • 12" Glass Gandalf Pipe by Sw3rve

    12 Inch Iconic Gandalf Pipe Comes in 4 different colors Perfectly curved, and a nice distance from the face 12" Glass Gandalf Pipe in 4 Different Colors The Gandalf Pipe...
  • Slyme Green Gandalf Pipe by Mav Glass

    Green Gandalf Pipe by Mav Glass The slyme green gandalf pipe by MAV might just the perfect gandalf pipe.  At 10 inches it's got that long pipe feel without being too...
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