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Best Dab Tool Holders for Fat Dabs

Best Dab Tool Holders for Fat Dabs

Here’s a common stoner problem. You take a big fat dab, and as soon as you set down your dab tool, you realize you didn’t get all the wax.

Now there’s a sticky spot of melted hash on your desk. Ugh.

You can easily avoid this common mishap with a dab tool holder.

What Is a Dab Tool Holder?

A dab tool holder is an inexpensive and very handy stoner accessory. It provides an easy place to set down your dab tool. Most also come with a little Q-tip holder, which you use to clean out your nail.

Basically, if you’re going to invest in a dab rig, you might as well get a dab tool holder. It’s a little thing that keeps your stuff organized.

Top 7 Dab Tool Holders

Of course, there’s all kinds of dab tool holders out there. Here’s our top seven.

1. Tap Tray - Silicone Rubber Ashtray

We’re crazy about this handy little organizer. This functions both as an ashtray and as an organizer. It’s got a rigid pyramid so you can ash a regular bowl, and it’s got a ton of slots for dab tools and rolling papers.

This is a great addition to any stoner set. The Tap Tray keeps everything clean and organized. It functions both as an ashtray and as a dab tool holder, so you can keep everything all in one place.

2.  Collectible Darth Vader Dabber Stand

There are definitely more functional dab tools on this list. That said, this 3D printed Darth Vader dab tool stand is fun. Dab with the dark side!

We recommend this for someone who already has a nice dab set up, but likes additional knick knacks. It lacks any additional useful stuff like a q-tips holder or a space for your carb cap.

3.  Glass Dab Tool Stand

This glass dab tool stand takes a minimalist approach: you’ve got a little tube for your tool, and a little cup where you can keep some q-tips, terp pearls, or a carb cap.

We like that this is fairly simple, but has some nice colored glass. If you’re looking for a stand with more of a scientific glass aesthetic, check these out.

4.  Expandable Dab Tool Holder and Stand

This is a nifty little 3D printed set. It’s got 2 slots for dabber tools, a dual chamber Q-tip holder (for fresh and spent Q-tips), and a capper holder.

The capper holder can also hold a nail. It’s also got a couple of expansion slots where you can fit some additional modules.

We like how this holder has a spot for pretty much every dab accessory.


5.  Concentrate Catcher/Dab Tool Holder

This is a dab holder that comes with two silicone catchers. That way, even if there’s a bit of hash still on your dab tool, you won't lose it.

You can choose the color of the 3D printed holder and silicone catchers.


6.  Heady Dab Tool Holder

This heady dab tool holder is a balance of function and design. You can customize the wig wag art by choosing up to 5 colors to match your current setup.

It has a glass joint up top to hold a nail or some cotton, and it’s got a silicone-lines spot to hold a carb cap.

We like that this dab tool holder has a bit of weight at the bottom. It won’t get knocked over easily, and can function as a paperweight.


7.  Rasta Dab Station

This non-stick silicone dab organizer is a nice little addition to your rig setup. It’s got a dab tool holder, 2 removable silicone containers, and comes with its own dab tool.

It’s an especially handy item if you happen to use a rig with a reclaim catcher.

We’re fond of this because it’s not only a great setup, it also comes with some replacement parts.


How do you store dab tools?

Dab tools are best stored in a dab tool holder. This way, you won’t touch a sticky end of the tool to some fabric or get it all gross with dust and pet hair. Dab tool holders tend to come with extra spaces to store things like q-tips or your carb cap. Dab tool holders are a great way to keep all you dabbing doodads organized.

If you don’t have a dab tool holder, a plastic cup also works pretty well. We do not recommend you keep your dab tool in the same place you roll your joints. Stray plant matter tends to stick to the end of the dab tool.

You’ll also want to periodically clean your dab tools. A little isopropyl alcohol will clean off any excess hash oil that may be stuck on your tools.

Is a dab tool necessary?

Yes! You heat the nail or banger to very hot temperatures. You need something to transfer the hash to the rig. Hash is also rather sticky and difficult to handle with your fingers. Some oils are entirely too runny to handle without a tool.

What can I use to replace a dab tool?

The best dab tools are specially designed for oil, but we understand the need to McGuyver some stuff sometimes.

So you need to improvise a dab tool. The two main factors you want to consider is that it is made of metal and doesn’t have a weird coating that would melt when you touch it to the nail. So if you see a little plastic nub on the end of a bobby pin, take that off before using it as a dab tool.

Other household items you can use are butter knives, paperclips, and metal nail files. Make sure you clean it before you dab. If you happen to have some dental tools lying around for whatever reason, those also work well.

What are dab tools actually used for?

A dab tool is the metal or glass thing you use to transfer the hash to the red-hot nail or banger. They come with different shapes at the end for different types of hash.

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