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10 Different Types of Bangers for Dab Rigs

10 Different Types of Bangers for Dab Rigs

If you’re new to dabbing or even if you have some experience with dab rigs, knowing all the different types of bangers is a hefty task.

They each have specific benefits that people will find more beneficial than others, so knowing what they are can help give you the best dabbing experience.

In this article, you can learn the different types of bangers available and why someone might find one better than another.

What Is The Purpose of a Banger?

A banger is a type of dab nail used in a dab rig. It works similarly to a bong bowl but has a flat bottom and a slightly different shape. This is the piece of a dab rig where you place your concentrates to be heated for consumption.

Bangers come in many sizes and shapes for different rigs and preferences. They come in different materials like quartz, titanium, ceramic or glass.

Most are heated using a torch lighter, while others have a built-in electronic heating coil. If you’re getting into dabbing, the banger is one of the most essential pieces to know.

10 Dab Banger Types

If you’re looking to select the perfect banger for dabs to match your preferences, this list of ten different types of bangers will get you started on the right foot.

1. Hourglass Banger

Hourglass Banger

This hourglass banger has a sleek design with a long hourglass shape that prevents your concentrates from creeping up into the rig while you’re inhaling.

The quartz material makes for a thick and high-quality piece that retains heat well and is durable.

If you’re using terpene pearls and an accompanying compatible carb cap, this design also features two angled holes to help them spin better.

2. Slant Cut Banger

This slant-cut banger is essentially the standard banger for any dab rig. The design is simple, with an angled cut across the top of the quartz banger and doesn’t require a carb cap.

The angled cut makes it easier to scoop your concentrates into the banger without the risk of burning yourself and the material is durable while providing a clean, unadulterated taste.

3. Beveled Edge Banger

If you prefer using a carb cap while dabbing, this beveled edge banger creates a perfect flush seal with more pressure.

The added pressure allows you to use lower temperatures when dabbing, which in turn will give a more flavorful and smooth feeling hit. 

4. Terp Slurper Banger

Terp Slurper Banger

The Terp Slurper Banger puts an interesting twist on the classic bucket banger design. The dish built into the bottom has slits that create a vacuum air seal pushing your concentrates back into the middle of the banger.

Essentially, the banger creates a layer of percolation for your hits.

The added surface area is great for those who want to take bigger dabs without sacrificing any flavor or smoothness.

5. Core Reactor Banger

The Core Reactor Banger has a solid piece of quartz built into the bottom of the banger, which helps retain heat for longer. It comes complete with a crank cap with a knob that helps the airflow push the concentrate around until it is fully vaporized.

This is a great low-budget option as the banger comes with a carb cap and the material is thick and durable while remaining at an affordable price.

6. Cold Start Banger

Cold Start Banger
Cold start bangers are a fairly new innovation and while they are a bit trickier to figure out at first, they’re more efficient.

With a traditional banger, the nail needs to be heated for around 30 seconds before dropping in the concentrates.

This banger allows you to drop in your concentrates before heating.

It comes with a matching carb cap and its round bottom design also pushes your concentrates towards the middle to keep them heating evenly throughout your hit.

7. Opaque Banger

Efficiency is important to some people and the opaque bottom banger is a perfect solution. The opaque bottom allows this banger to heat up in a few seconds and retains heat for up to 90 seconds.

It’s a standard design with a slight twist that could make your sessions much more pleasurable and fast.

8. Flat Top Banger

The flat top banger is a prime choice for those who want bigger dabs. It has a wide design and smoothly creates a perfect seal with a carb cap to let you take bigger dabs.

The bottom of this quartz banger is thick and durable too, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the glass as much as other banger designs.

9. Round Bottom Banger

Round Bottom Banger
Round bottom bangers look a bit different from standard bucket bangers, but they’re much easier to clean.

You won’t have to worry about scrubbing your banger clean and having difficulties scraping the edges of the flat bottom with this design.

The beveled edge of this quartz banger also creates a seal for carb caps to enjoy low temperature dabs easier.

10. Splash Guard Banger

The splash guard banger does exactly what its name implies. Sometimes when you're dabbing, the concentrates can crawl up the walls of the banger and into the rig.

This banger provides a solution for that. The top has a beveled edge to allow carb caps and the material is thick and durable quartz.

Banger Sizes, Genders, and Angles

Bangers come in many different shapes, sizes, genders and angles. It’s essential to know what you have to choose a piece that fits your dab rig properly.


Most dab rigs will have either a 10mm, 14mm or 18mm joint. Bangers must match in size for them to fit and be used.

The angle of a banger is slightly less important, but still something to understand. They come in either 45° or 90° angles.

If the joint of your rig points straight up, you’ll want the 90° and if it comes out at an angle you’ll want the 45°.

The joint will also be either male or female. Male and female bangers will have different shaped tips to fit either into or onto the joint of your dab rig.

If the banger is tapered at the bottom, it’s male and fits a female banger. If it’s flared, it’s female and fits to cover the surface of a male joint.


What is the best type of banger?

The best type of banger is the one that suits your preferences. Some people want a banger that allows massive dabs. Some people want something efficient to heat and easy to clean.

Knowing the benefits of each style will help you choose the best banger for what you want to get out of it.

are quartz bangers better than glass

Are quartz bangers better than glass?

Quartz is more durable than glass when it comes to dabbing. Dabbing rig require high heat temperatures and glass can shatter from high heat.

You can safely heat a quartz banger to red hot temperatures without worrying about it exploding.

What is the difference between male and female bangers?

The difference is the tip that goes onto or into the joint of the dab rig. Female bangers have a flaring bottom that looks like a lampshade and covers the surface of a male joint.

Male bangers will have a narrow, tapered end to insert into a female joint.

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