Bougie Glass is the latest and greatest production company.  Check out their incredible bongs and dab rigs with beautiful colored glass.  Each of their pieces are very nicely crafted with precision cuts and extra detail.  Most production companies use a lot of clear glass but Bougie adds a nice coloration and style to each of their pieces to make it look imaginitive and unique.   Check out the 9mm beaker bong from bougie and other great designs that are really durable and perfectly made.


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  • Micro Orb Recycler by Bougie Glass

    Double-stacked showerhead percolators for powerful diffusion Day-glow Slyme accents Recycling looks amazing and releases the full flavor of your smoke 5mm Borosilicate Glass Height: 6.5 inches Joint 14mm Includes: Glass...
  • 7.5" Matrix Funnel Recycler by Bougie Glass

    360-degree matrix percolator creates hundreds of bubbles in an instant Recycling cools smoke and releases it full flavor No splash! Recycling and angled mouthpiece keep you dry 5mm Borosilicate Glass...
  • Showerhead Dab Rig by Bougie Glass

    The Showerhead Dab Rig by Bougie is an incredible daily driver that deserves a place in every keen stoner's collection. At this price you won't find better diffusion in such a...
  • 60mm Hockey Puck Oil Rig

    This Hockey Puck Oil Rig by Bougie features a 60mm wide body with an extra wide base for long lasting sturdiness. You're not cheap, you're just smarter than your average...
  • Mega Matrix Incycler by Hypnostate Glass

    Mega Matrix Incycler Like you, we’re always looking to enhance our smoking experience with the best new rigs available. The Mega Matrix Incycler by Hypnostate exceeds all of our expectations and more...
  • Klein Incycler by Bougie Glass

      There’s a lot to cover with this 9” masterpiece so let’s jump right in. The Klein Incycler by Bougie is a tour de force of beautiful aesthetics and an...
  • Banger Hanger Dab Rig with Horns

      One of the most popular and newest styles of glass is the banger hanger dab rig with horns is the perfect combination of unique and efficient. This rig feature female...
  • Dab rig With Marble By Bougie

    This beautifully crafted dab rig by bougie just goes to show that Bougie glass is one of the best manufactures in the industry. From top to bottom this showerhead perc...
  • Moonrock Beaker Bong by Bougie Glass

    The Moonrock Beaker Bong by Bougie takes the classic beaker to the next level with its unique silhouette and gorgeous colored accents available in your choice of Green or Gray....
  • Under The Sea Dab Rig by Bougie Glassworks

        Finally the rig you have been sea urchin for! This ocean themed dab rig by bougie features some of the most intricate and solid details.  Starting with all the...
  • 16 inch Beaker Bong by Bougie Glass

    This refined, classic design by Bougie is exactly what you want in a 16” bong. No frills, just a straight beaker bong made with ultra-thick 9mm borosilicate glass for that...
  • Bougie Nectar Collector

    This is truely one of the best ways to taste your dabs, the recycling function makes it that much better.
  • 12" Bent Showerhead Oil Rig by Bougie

    The bent showerhead oil rig offers all the great qualities everyone looks for in an oil rig. Functionality, durability, and effectiveness are all part of what makes this oil rig...
  • Mini Baseball Bat Bong By Bougie

    This 10.5" tall mini baseball bat bong wont hit dingers but it will give you quality hits. The latest in Bougie glass, this little bong has all the great qualities...
  • Pyramid Scheme by Bougie

    We're about to offer you an AMAZING opportunity with this Pyramid Scheme Rig. No, it won't make you and your friends rich, but it will get you all ripped. Like...
  • 7mm Straight Shot Bong by Bougie - 12 inch

    This straight shot bong features 7mm thick walls and an extra thick joint.  A beautiful gold bougie decal on the front of the bong.  Also has an ice catcher.   Includes...
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