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25 Best Weed Accessories For Every Kind of Smoker

25 Best Weed Accessories For Every Kind of Smoker

Are you last-minute shopping for that special stoner in your life? Looking for some ideas for their next birthday? Or hey, maybe you’re already buying a bong and are looking for a few extras to make your smoking a bit more convenient.

No worries, fam. Here’s a list of excellent weed accessories for every kind of smoker. Whether you prefer joints, bongs, or dabs, there’s something here for everyone.

Leaf Rolling Tray

You don’t have to keep rolling joints on that old copy of High Times from the 90s.

A rolling tray is a small convenient rolling tray with raised edges, so your ground-up weed won't escape while you’re trying to roll. This one comes with a fun leaf pattern.

Leather Zipper Pouch

This leather zipper pouch can hold multiple one-hitters, a lighter, and is completely smell-proof.

It’s got 5 layers of activated carbon to neutralize any scent. 

Glass Screens

If you like to grind up your bowls before you smoke them, you’ll want to use a screen. Unfortunately, metal screens affect the taste of the smoke. Glass screens are the way to go.

A glass screen is a tiny little piece of glass that goes in the bottom of your bowl. They are reusable and easy to clean.

Pill Steamroller Pipe

A new pipe is always a great gift for stoners. Even if they already have one, a new pipe always hits clean. Plus it’s great to have a backup handy if your fav breaks.

This one hits differently than regular spoon pipes. The wide smoke chamber and carb at the end means you can take a fat hit that smacks you all at once. It’s the closest you can get to a bong hit without any water.

Blazy Susan Cones

Look, rolling joints is hard. Not everyone does a great job doing it free-hand. And a poorly rolled joint can really suck. It can keep going out or it can burn on one side but not the other.

These Blazy Susan cones make the job easy. Just grind up your weed and put it in this slow-burning chlorine and GMO-free cone.

Cosmic Bubble Carb Cap

Does your boo do dabs? If so, a carb cap is a great accessory because it lets you control temperature and airflow.

This dope bubble cap gives you directional control of airflow, so you don’t get dab puddles in your banger.


Here’s a handy tool: a lighter that is windproof, rechargeable, and fire safe.

If you’re looking to upgrade from your Bic, here you go.

Dab Pearls

This is a great accessory for a dab rig that uses a banger. You put these in the banger and use a directional airflow cap to move them.

The extra surface area created by the pearls does an amazing job of getting every last bit out of your dabs.

Double Showerhead Ash Catcher

You can add this to any 14mm bong or dab rig. It both adds 2 extra percolators onto any piece and keeps it clean.

It’s a lot easier to change the water in an ash catcher than a bong, so if you’re lazy about cleaning your bong it’s a nice addition.

Smell Veil in OG

Smell Veil: it gets rid of weed smell. We all know that burning incense just makes it smell like a headshop. This stuff actually works.

This 8oz bottle is great for your smoking area. They’ve also got a 2oz bottle for on-the-go odor neutralization.

Grinder with Kief Catcher

Ditch the cheap plastic grinders, you’re losing the best part of your weed. A multi-chamber grinder with a kief catcher at the bottom will collect the little THC crystals that you see when you’re high and staring at an amazing nug.

Yeah, you want to keep those. This grinder catches it all on the bottom so you can put it on top of future bowls. It’s also a bit easier to use and clean than single-chamber grinders because all your weed goes into a separate chamber.

Keck Clip

Have you ever hit a bong, but the bowl was resin-sealed to the downstem so you pulled up both at the same time? That happens a lot. This nifty little doodad prevents it.

Smokebuddy Personal Air Filter

Back in my day, we would attempt to cover the scent of our smoke by stuffing various things into toilet paper rolls. But those days were awful and you had to walk uphill in the snow both ways for some reason.

These days we have the Smokebuddy Personal Air Filter. It’s perfect for keeping things discreet. It comes with a hard plastic case so you can stuff it into a backpack or gym bag.

Humidity Pack

This is a storage pack that will keep an ounce of bud at just the right humidity so it doesn’t dry out.

It’s ideal for people who grow their own weed or buy in larger quantities and store it for long periods of time.

RAW Pre-rolled Tips

RAW rolling papers are some of the best, and these go great with them.

These pre-rolled joint tips go at the end of your joint, so no one has to burn their fingers holding the roach.

Evil Eye Smoking Tip

Let’s be honest, we’re all a little more germophobic these days.

This joint tip works just like the ones you see at your average hookah bar, and it’s got an awesome evil eye design.

Pipe Pouch

Here’s the thing about glass pipes: they can break. This padded pipe pouch will protect your pipe and keep it discrete. It has enough space to fit your pipe and a lighter.

If you like to keep your pipe in a backpack or a purse, this is a must.

Dab Tool Set

If you do dabs, there’s no such thing as having too many different kinds of dab tools. Concentrate comes in all kinds of textures, some are easy to scoop some are better scraped. You’ll want to have the right tool for the job.

Plus, it’s always best practice to have extra dab tools lying around. Sometimes you drop them without a proper dab tool holder and they get all gross and sticky. This set comes with 5 tools, a hard case, and a silicone container.

Dab Thermometer

A good dab is all about the right temperature. Unfortunately, that’s the hardest thing to get right. Of course, you could get an e-rig, but we all know half the fun of the dab is in using the blowtorch.

This dab thermometer works for rigs that use a banger and blowtorch. The Dabright thermometer has an infrared sensor that tells you the exact temperature of the bottom of the banger. Get your dabs right every time with this handy tool!

Magnifying Glass Jar

Ok first off, if you’re still keeping your weed in plastic baggies, stop. Love yourself more. That thin plastic has a static cling that pulls the kief off your best buds.

This magnifying glass jar has an LED light in it. It’s fun to get high and stare at those sparkly trichome crystals. Move over, glass jars!

Pocket Scale

Sometimes you need to make measurements on the go. This little scale is about 5x3 inches, so it fits easily into a purse or laptop bag.

It can weigh up to 650g (if you can fit that on the scale) and has a sensitivity of .1g. It comes with 2 AAA batteries, so you don’t have to hunt any down when it comes out of the box.

Tap Tray

This is a handy dandy smoking item for wherever you like to light up. It’s a silicone ashtray with a hard pyramid in the center. This makes it easy to ash your bowls once you’ve cashed them.

It's also got a bunch of holes and slots around the edges. You can put your papers, pokies, and dab tools in these. We’re huge fans of the Tap Tray, it is an easy way to keep your smoking area clean.

Double Doob Tube

A doob tube is a fun name for a joint container. It’s a hard plastic tube that keeps joints from getting crushed.

The one can hold 2 joints and a Bic lighter. Joints can be up to 4 inches in length and half an inch in diameter.

Bong Cleaner

Orange Chronic glass cleaner will get all your pieces looking like new again. If you’re buying anything made of glass, pick up some of this.

If you love your glass, it’ll get dirty quickly. If you want to love your glass again, get it clean.

Joint Roller

Last but not least, we’ve got a joint roller. As mentioned before, rolling joints can be hard.

Poorly rolled joints don’t burn well. This joint roller will get you a perfectly rolled jazz cigarette every time.

We hope you enjoyed this list of the best weed accessories. Hopefully, you found something to aid you in your next smoking session.

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