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How to Clean Your Glass Dab Rig

That first dab out of a brand new glass piece is a feeling we all know and love. The vapor is smooth going down and the flavor of your concentrate is unmatched.

It goes without saying that if you want to preserve that pristine quality it’s important to be regularly cleaning your glass dab rigs and bongs!

The longer you go without cleaning, the more stuck on that tar becomes and some heady dab rigs aren’t shaped for brushes.

It can be difficult to find the energy, especially if you only have one rig to use, but routinely cleaning your glass pipes ensures better taste and prevents any bacteria from growing inside.

If you’ve never cleaned a dab rig before, keep in mind it’s slightly different from cleaning a bong, and can vary depending on your dab rig type. Concentrates and oils are more viscous and tacky, and can easily get trapped inside percolators making for a tricky fix.

While it might take some extra TLC, do not resort to using standard cleaning supplies. Household cleaners contain chemicals and fumes that you do not want to take the chance of inhaling. Even after rinsing, residue can still remain inside unseen.

To get your dab rig back to hitting like brand new, here are some safe, easy, and affordable ways to clean your glass collection:

Hot Water

Just some good old hot water can do a lot to loosen reclaim. Running hot water through your piece, even just from the tap, is usually able to break up some of the tar built up in the joints.

For larger pieces of debris you can try submerging your concentrate pipe in near boiling water. Place your piece into a large tub or heat tolerant bag before filling with hot water.

Let it sit for 45-min to an hour before carefully pouring out the remains. Run more hot water from the tap through your oil rig for any wax that got stuck while sliding out and you’re done! 

This is the best method for cleaning small glass pipes or one hitters, but keep in mind this will not be enough to get huge globs of reclaim that are bigger than the holes in your percolator. For that, keep reading below.

Alcohol and Salt

A tried and true method for smokers around the world, a solution of isopropyl alcohol and some salt will go a long way when cleaning small and big dab rigs.

Reclaim is soluble in alcohol meaning it will slowly dissolve once introduced. Some may use rock salt for cleaning dab rigs, but the larger salt chunks may not be able to fit into intricate heady glass pieces. In that case, table salt works just as well!

To clean your rig, start by pouring the mixture inside your pipe and swirling it around. We recommend purchasing a stopper for your piece as it makes cleaning a lot easier.

Once filled to the joint, place stoppers in both ends of the piece and shake carefully. This should get a lot of resin and debris off the walls for easy removal. 

If reclaim persists, fill the bong completely with the alcohol/salt mixture and let it sit for at least an hour - it can be much longer depending on how dirty it is. We suggest doing this before bed to let the solution sit overnight.

This way you won't miss it while you’re sleeping and it’ll have longer to work its magic. In the morning everything should just slide right out. After rinsing thoroughly, you’re ready to toke again.

Specialty Glass Cleaners

For those who can’t wait overnight, or their dab rig is just too dirty, there are several glass cleaners available made specifically for dab rigs. Cleaning concentrate can be difficult, but these specially made dab rig cleaners are up for the job.

One of the best dab rig cleaners is Grunge Off. Without the shaking and the waiting, Grunge Off melts away reclaim in minutes while being safe for your skin and environmentally friendly. If that’s not enough, this natural bong cleaner is reusable!

Just pour the solution back into the bottle for use the next time you clean. Rinse your piece with water afterwards and you’re back to a brand new dab rig.

We recommend cleaning your glass pipe collection once a month, changing your water every day, and cleaning your dab nail after every use. For more info on cleaning your quartz banger, check out our post here.

If you’re not taking care of your equipment, you’re not getting the most out of them or your legal concentrates. Serious money can go into your glass collection so maintain your glass for years to come.

As stated earlier, DO NOT clean your pieces with household cleaning supplies (bleach, glass cleaner, wood cleaner, ect.) Even if you thoroughly rinsed it out there still can be left over chemical residue that can be either flammable or very dangerous to inhale. Keep to specialized bong cleaners and stay safe!


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