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Ice bongs are popular for containing ice notches or an ice pinch for storing ice, the ice bong provides some of the smoothest hits among bongs. The ice catcher bong is a common feature on many bongs and is the next stage in the smoking evolutionary process due to its small tweak with a world of difference.  We offer many cheap ice catcher bongs, whether you need one with percolators or just a plain beaker you will definitely find one to suit all your needs. 

Most who try are quickly turned believers and commit total loyalty to the brand and bong. It is due to the fanaticism of the Ice Bong, how each cool hit makes for a refreshing sesh. Bongs with ice catchers make any smoking experience more soothing and easy to inhale.

These pinches will allow you to place ice cubes in the upper tubing of the bong to cool down the smoke and provide a really smooth hit. Just be careful, with a really cool hit its hard to tell how much smoke you've taken in because of how smooth it is. Ice bongs are super popular and a great feature to have.

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  • 8" Mini Beaker Bong by Diamond Glass

    8 inch Beaker Bong by Diamond Glass Big pipes are great for special occasions or smoking with friends, but when you need a personal daily driver the Mini Beaker by...
  • 10" Beaker Bong by Diamond Glass

    This is a 10" Beaker Bong by Diamond Glass, it is very nicely crafted and also features an ice catcher, diffused downstem, and martini bowl. This piece is great for all the...
  • The "Perfect" Beaker Bong by Diamond Glass

    Diffused downstream for simple, easy-to-clean percolation Perfectly balanced and symmetrical design Glass Thickness: 6mm Borosilicate Height: 15” Bowl: 14mm Joint: 18mm Includes: Black dry herb bowl The "Perfect" Beaker by...
  • Tickled Pink Mini Beaker Bong

    Tickled Pink Mini Beaker Bong Tickled Pink Mini Beaker Bong - 8" Tall This mini bong will have you tickled pink with its perfect size and adorable design.
  • 15" Double Chamber Water Pipe

    Height: 15 inches Percs: 4-Arm Tree Glass Thickness: 5mm Borosilicate Glass Made by Homegrown Glass Blowers in the USA Qualifies for Free and Discreet Shipping. Shipped within 24 Hours. 15"...
  • Strawberry Beaker Bong by Swerve

    Why be boring when you can go bold with this gorgeous Strawberry Beaker Bong by Swerve. Special care was taken in every detail of this piece from its hand-painted strawberries...
  • 17" Diamond Beaker Waterpipe

    Achieve ultimate diffusion with large 8-arm percolator Nice, thick tubing and rounded base for better durability Glass Thickness: 5mm Borosilicate Glass Height: 17” Bowl: 14mm Joint: 18mm Includes: Dry herb...
  • 12" Bio Beaker Bong

    The Bio Beaker Bong is a classic water pipe with gorgeous ice-catcher, precision-cut diffused downstem, triple check! Even the biggest hits will come out smooth and cool with this awesome piece....
  • Moonrock by Diamond Glass

    Beautiful Moonrock percolator features hundreds of holes for maximum  diffusion Tall, thin mouthpiece reduces splash Well-balanced to accommodate heavy accessories 5mm Borosilicate Glass Height: 10 inches Joint: 14mm Female Includes:...
  • LV Bong with Sandblast by Swerve Glass - 11" Tall

    This LV bong features a cool monogram pattern with printed leaves and other amazing designs.  Aside from being incredibly thick, this water pipe has a ton of extra finishes including...
  • Beaker Bong with 8-arm Percolator by Diamond Glass

    Diffused downstream leads to an 8-arm percolator for two levels of flawless diffusion Gorgeous teal accents around the perc and included dry herb bowl Glass Thickness: 7mm Borosilicate Height: 15”...
  • Double Matrix Water Pipe By Diamond Glass

    Two matrix percolators for double diffusion and cooler, smoother smoke Thick, wide base provides better stability Glass Thickness: 5mm Borosilicate Glass Height: 16” Joint: 14mm Includes: Matching custom dry herb...
  • The Simple Beaker by Diamond Glass

    Diamond Beaker Bong with Fixed Stem This is definitely the beaker bong of the future. Diamond Glass took the classic beaker design and added a fixed downstem, meaning no more...
  • 13" Circ Straight Shot Water Pipe

    Height: 13 inches Percs: Circ Glass Thickness: 5mm Borosilicate Glass Made in the USA by Local Home Grown Glass Blowers. Free and Discreet Shipping. Shipped within 24 Hours. 13" Circ...
  • 16 inch Beaker Bong by Bougie Glass

    This refined, classic design by Bougie is exactly what you want in a 16” bong. No frills, just a straight beaker bong made with ultra-thick 9mm borosilicate glass for that...
  • Panda Bong - 7mm Thick Beaker

    This beautiful Panda Bong is covered in vibrant leaves and hand-painted pandas. This joyful bong will make you as happy as the panda on the front of it. While the...
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