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What is a Percolator?

What is a Percolator?

If you enjoy the good high that comes with using the bongs, you know that a bong isn’t complete without percolators aka percs. These bong components play an important role in enhancing the smoking experience, promising its users potent hits.

So, what is the science behind percolator bongs? Can you use a bong without a perc? If these are the types of questions running through your mind, you are in luck! Today, we are going to uncover what percolators are, and why it’s important for each bong user/cannabis enthusiast to use a good one. Read on to learn more!

Percolator Bongs- A Complete Guide

The Basic of Percolators

Before we dive into the basics, it’s important to note that not every percolator comes attached to the bongs. If you are lucky enough, you may come across double percolator bongs and if you are not, you may have to purchase percolators as stand-alone features.

Now, let’s take a look at how percolators work.

Percolators are mainly found within the tube component of the water pipe and are popularly known for their excellent filtration. The main reason you use a bong is to ensure smooth and favorable hits, right? Now, a percolator acts as an additional water chamber. It comes with numerous holes, slits, and arms that enhance filtration.

Let’s get technical here for a minute. When you inhale through your mouthpiece, smoke travels through multiple layers of filtration. First, it goes through the water, where it is naturally cooled and filtered. Then it proceeds to the multiple holes and slits of the percolator, where further filtration and cooling occurs. The result? Smooth and flavorful smoke on your mouth.

Benefits of Using a Bong Percolator

Now, as much as bongs can operate without a percolator, the smoking experience isn't as pleasing as doing it with a bong that has one. Here is why - bongs with water chambers alone only filter out a small amount of the impurities, making the smoke harsh on its users.

Here are some of the reasons why you should use percolator bongs instead:

Improved Smoking Experience

Coughing and choking can ruin the whole experience of getting high. However, with your bong equipped with a double perc bong, you get maximum filtration, further improving your smoking experience.

No longer will you have to keep buying extra cannabis flowers simply because you wasted a lot trying to achieve smoother hits. With percolator bongs, you are assured of smoother hits no matter the amount of cannabis.

Natural Flavors

Have you ever smoked marijuana and felt like you didn’t because of the flavor? Well, this is something that every cannabis enthusiast has experienced at some point in life. But surprisingly, the problem isn’t your budtender.

If your bong doesn’t have a percolator, you may not get the maximum filtration. The impurities that remain alter the flavor. Percolator bongs, however, are perfect as they filter all the impurities, leaving only the natural flavor.

Endless Design Possibilities

If you cherish the idea of improving your smoking experience in style, upgrading your bongs with percolators is the best way to do that. Double percolator bongs have recently gained popularity and are now available in a variety of designs, shapes, and styles. Whether your taste leans on cute simple design percs or classic intricate design percolators, there is truly a wide list of options to choose from.

Type of Bong Percolators

Percolator bongs are available in a wide variety of designs and styles. Here are the most popular ones:

Inner percolator

Inner percolators are one of the most prevalent types of percs due to their simple and easy-to-understand design. They have horizontal tubes with numerous slits and openings that diffuse the smoke as soon as it enters the water removing all the unwanted impurities. Inner percolators are usually located at the bong's base and can come with attached or stand-alone features.

Tree Percolator

Just like the name, tree percolators have a design that resembles a tree's.

With a central tube connecting several rods looking like a twig, air comes through the pipe down to the rods, diffusing the smoke. Although tree percolators are a bit fragile, they are perfect for those looking for maximum filtration. Each arm filters the smoke, cooling it and wrecking it into finer bubbles that promise smoother and more enjoyable hits.

Shower Head Percolators

Showerhead percolators earn their name from their shape, resembling the nozzle of a conventional shower. These double percolator bongs work in a simple yet effective mechanism. Smoke passes through a tube down to the rounded base containing numerous holes and slits of different sizes. The wide base design allows efficient smoke diffusion, resulting in smoother hits.

Honeycomb Percolator

Now, if you are looking for a visually appealing percolator bong that doesn't compromise the quality of smoke, honeycomb percolators are the perfect choice. They are pretty simple and can fit perfectly on any bong design. Furthermore, they have over 100 tiny holes providing maximum filtration and diffusion. The best part is that their disc shape can allow users to stack up multiple in one bong, multiplying the diffusive capacity.

Matrix Percolator

Matrix percolators are more of showerhead percs combined, forming a larger dish that maximizes the surface area for smoke to interact with water.

As much as this double perc bong is incredible for smooth hits and enhanced flavor, they have a downside. Matrix percolators are not easy to clean, so you want to ensure you clean them after use to avoid blockage.

How to Choose the Right Bong With a Percolator

Understand Your Preferences

Every percolator bong comes with its advantages and disadvantages, so it's best to understand your top preferences. If you just want better filtration for smoother hits, the best choice would be honeycomb percolators. Conversely, if enhanced flavor is your cup of tea, a tree percolator will serve you well.

Consider the Bong Size and Design

If your bong doesn't have a percolator, high chances are that you are going to purchase it as a stand-alone feature. If this is the case, you want to consider the bong size and design before purchasing. If your bong is small with an intricate design, you want to go for a simple and small percolator to fit perfectly. Matching the percolator size and design with your bong ensures a seamless integration.

Think About Aesthetics

Honestly, your percolator bongs don't have to be dull or boring. With a wide variety of designs and styles to choose from, you should be able to choose one that suits your visual preferences. If you can't find one, you can always talk to a professional in a head shop to customize it for you.

Percolator bongs are one unique component that cannabis enthusiasts should never overlook. With your bong having this feature, you can forget all about the choking, coughing, and bad-quality flavors. Order yours today at your favorite online headshop Badass Glass and make your smoking sessions more comfortable and enjoyable!

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