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15 Unique Ways to Enhance Your Next Smoke Session

15 Unique Ways to Enhance Your Next Smoke Session

Do you ever feel yourself falling into the same smoking routine? Mixing things up and changing how you approach your next smoke sesh can enhance your experience.

Whether you smoke bowls, hit blunts, or stick to your trusty pipe, it’s time to elevate your next high using these 15 session enhancing methods.

1. Try a Different Strain

Find yourself doing the same things every time you get high?

If you regularly smoke an Indica heavy strain, why not try something Sativa leaning?

If you’re strictly Indica or Sativa, even switching up your strain can help intensify your experience.

Every strain of marijuana - whether it’s Sativa, Indica, or a hybrid - has a different effect, flavor, and strength.

If you tend to smoke in groups, ask everyone to bring a different strain and enjoy them in rotation.

If you tend to smoke alone the next time you visit your dispensary or plug, grab a selection - even the smallest difference in the strain can make all the difference to your high.

2. Consumption Switch-Up

Always smoking blunts? Committed to your pipe? Only smoke if a bong’s about?

We all have our preferred marijuana consumption methods, but if you’re looking to alter your routine high experience - changing how you consume it could be the answer.

Instead of reaching for your favorite next time you’re partaking in the devil’s lettuce, try something new!

Don’t have a bong, pipe, or papers at home? Smoke like the OG’s did. Knifers, gravity bongs, cans - even pumpkins!

Get creative - there are plenty of different household items you can use to get high at home, and experimenting to find the best one is the perfect recipe for a hazy night.

3. Take a Hot Bath

Who doesn’t love a hot bath? Now add a blunt to the mix. Sound like heaven? It is - but don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself!

As far as we’re concerned baths are the number one relaxation session and adding a little ‘erb to the mix only improves the entire experience.

Baths are scientifically proven to be good for you. After five minutes your pulse rate should start to drop, within 10 your blood pressure will have lowered too and your circulation will improve.

After a 15-minute soak, your muscles will start to relax and your body tissues become more malleable, encouraging the release of toxins and lactic acids.

We don’t fully understand it either - but basically, science is telling you to smoke a fatty in the bath and who are we to disagree?

4. Hotbox the Room

Are you even a seasoned smoker if you’ve never hot-boxed a room? Not for the faint-hearted, hot-boxing will leave you gasping for air and wondering why your eyes are burning - but it’s a great way to step up your high.

Best enjoyed in groups, you can vape, roll one up, or grab your personally named bong to take part.

Small rooms work best - close all the doors and windows, seal any gaps (a towel under the door will do), and get smoking.

Unlike your regular smoking sessions, when you can take a break, there is nowhere to escape the smoke when you’re hot-boxing. Essentially, there is no faster way to get you blazed.

5. Watch Visually Stimulating Movies or Music Videos

There is a reason David Attenborough is worshiped in the world of weed - his visually pleasing nature documentaries knock all the others out of the park when you’re stoned.

It’s easy to fall into a TikTok or Instagram video spiral after a few puffs and lose hours on, let's face it, mindless content.

But watching something stimulating - like nature documentaries, music videos, or films about space - can help you really get lost in your high.

6. Try Moon Rocks

I like to think moon rocks get their name because they take you directly to another planet. Juicy nugs, dipped in potent oil before being rolled in kief - shut up and take my money!

Moon rocks will help you get higher quicker, and smoking less than you would normally give you that all-over body buzz.

Rather than buying your moonrocks, go ahead and make your own. There is something about taking the time to make your own marijuana-based products - whether its rocks, butter, or even your own grow - that enhances your smoking session.

To make your own moon rocks, choose a dense nug (Indica nugs work better, but you do you) - dip it in oil so the nug is covered, and finally roll it in kief until caked in the good stuff.

If you don’t have oil to hand, go ahead and roll your nug in kief anyway if your weed is sticky enough it should stick!

7. Close Your Eyes and Listen to Music With Headphones

Noise. Canceling. Headphones. Three words that will change your high, and probably your life, for the better.

A good pair of noise-canceling headphones will turn off the world around you and allow you to get completely lost in the music, and your high.

Any music is good when you’re stoned, but switching off all outside distractions and allowing you to hear every beat, note, and detail of the music is genuinely life-changing.

8. Set the Vibe

A great way to enhance your experience next time you get high is to make it a ritual. Don’t do yourself the discredit of smoking and then sitting on your phone or in front of Netflix - make it an experience you can really enjoy.

Light some candles, burn an incense stick, play around with mood lighting and stick on some music. Before you get high, prepare for it.

Feel like a bath? - run the water before you roll/load up. Know you’ll get the munchies? - stock up on your favorite snacks on your way home from the dispensary.

Love a hot drink with a joint? - boil the water before you roll/load so it’s drinking temperature when you sit down to smoke.

Creating a relaxing and comfortable environment will help enhance smoke sessions, every single time.

9. Take a Tolerance Break

Do you remember how good it felt the first time you got high? What if I told you there is an easy way to experience it again?

Tolerance breaks - even for just a few days or weeks - will make your next hit feel like your first hit.

Tolerance breaks are great for saving money too. If you are overspending on top-shelf strains that appear to have no effect - it’s time for a T-break.

The longer you take a break, the lower your tolerance will fall and the less weed you’ll need to get high.

10. Exercise

I know, I know… Exercise after a smoke isn’t everyone’s idea of a fun high, but hear us out. Not all exercise has to be strenuous or in the gym.

Hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, and bike rides are all great ways to burn some extra calories throughout your smoke sesh.

Yoga - both indoors and outdoors - will also help enhance your high without being too strenuous.

If you’re looking to “inhale and exhale” with a difference, “high yoga” classes are frequently popping up and causing a buzz.

11. Personal Conversations With Friends

The majority of smokers find themselves more talkative when high, especially with Sativa strains.

Weed helps you to relax and feel happier - often helping you to feel more comfortable and confident talking.

Next time you partake, instead of reaching for the controls, start a conversation with a friend and get to know each other a little better while your guard is down.

12. Go For a Nature Walk

Weed and nature are one and two of the same, and there are few better places to light one up. Roll up a couple, grab your pipe, or charge your pen, and head outside.

A walk through nature to enhance your smoking session doesn’t have to mean heading to your closest National Park or hiking all day.

A five-minute stroll through your neighborhood park, a walk along the beach, and getting lost in your local forest are all fool-proof ways to change up your smoking experience and get back to nature.

13. Intimacy With Your Partner

Over the years, many different studies have suggested that smoking before a sexual experience may increase sensitivity, lower inhibitions, and leads to much more intense orgasms - so what are you waiting for?

According to one particular study, researchers found that over half of participants considered marijuana to act like an aphrodisiac while 70% experienced an enhancement in pleasure and satisfaction - what better way to enhance your high?

And let’s face it - if the sex is shit, hopefully you’re high enough to not worry about it. Go ahead, get your freak on.

14. Try Something Creative

Art and marijuana go hand in hand, ask any art teacher. Whether it’s writing, painting, sewing, making music, dancing, or cooking - the possibilities are endless.

Studies into the effect of cannabis on creativity have been going on for years and many creatives including Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix thank the good herb for their creative success.

It is not proven either way, but what a great excuse to experiment with your favorite plant!

15. Get Lost In a Book

Smoking can take you to another world, and adding a book to the mix can make it much easier to achieve.

If you’re looking for a cheat sheet for the perfect escape, a great book and a fat blunt are perfect.

Find somewhere quiet and comfortable, grab a blanket, a cushion, and your favorite drink - and go get lost.

If reading isn’t your thing, audiobooks are the next best thing. Plug in your headphones, lay back, and let someone read you a story - just try not to fall asleep.


Getting high for the sake of getting high makes participating less enjoyable - don’t fall into a routine, celebrate your sessions and change them up to ensure the best smoking sesh, every single time.


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