• Mini Banger Hanger by Swerve Glass

    This totally portable mini banger hanger dab rig has a beautiful shape with a muscular build. Height: 5 inches Joint Size: 14mm Female Base Diameter: 3" Showerhead Percolator Includes: 14mm...
  • Micro Showerhead Oil Rig

    The showerhead puck features a wide body design that is sturdy and ideal for every day use.  The showerhead percolator is perfectly slitted for a smooth and controlled hit. The...
  • UV Turtle Dab Rig by SWERV Glass

    Ok, lets get right to it, this dab rig features a UV turtle that is welded firmly to the dab rig.  This illuminati colored turtle reacts to the UV light...
  • Microscrope Dab Rig by Swerve

    The microscope dab rig by Swerve is a good solid oil rig with a honeycomb perc. It sits low like a puck but has a nice wide base that makes...
  • Banger Hanger Recycler by Glob Squad

    The Banger Hanger Recycler is the perfect flavor saving dab rig. This rig features an excellent recycling function so you can take as big of a hit without suffering any...
  • Micro Orb Recycler by Bougie Glass

    Double-stacked showerhead percolators for powerful diffusion Day-glow Slyme accents Recycling looks amazing and releases the full flavor of your smoke 5mm Borosilicate Glass Height: 6.5 inches Joint 14mm Includes: Glass...
  • 8" Showerhead Recycler with Red Drips by Glob Squad

    Our #1 selling dab rig, the Red Drips Recycler is the best bang for your buck, and not to mention how cool it looks. Recycler design eliminates splash Multi-slit showerhead...
  • Mega Matrix Incycler by Bougie Glass

    Height: 9 inches Percs: Stereo Matrix Glass Thickness: 5mm Borosilicate Mega Matrix Incycler The Mega Matrix incycler is an absolute beast. This piece is perfect if you want something stacks...
  • Under The Sea Dab Rig by Bougie Glassworks

    Finally the rig you have been sea urchin for! This ocean themed dab rig by bougie features some of the most intricate and solid details.  Starting with all the tentacles, each...
  • 7.5" Matrix Funnel Recycler by Bougie Glass

    360-degree matrix percolator creates hundreds of bubbles in an instant Recycling cools smoke and releases it full flavor No splash! Recycling and angled mouthpiece keep you dry 5mm Borosilicate Glass...
  • "Peach Swirl" Banger Hanger by Glob Squad

    Ultra-wide mouthpiece for your comfort Unique peach and rose coloration Height: 5 inches Joint Size: 14mm Female Base Diameter: 3" Three-hole diffy (diffused stem) Includes: 14mm Quartz Cup Made by...
  • Double Arm Eclipse Recycler by Swerve Glass

    The Double Arm Eclipse Recycler by Swerve Glass is a real work of art mixed with incredible function. The 6 slit showerhead shoots right into the sphere chamber, then recycles...


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