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10 Best Dab Rigs for Beginners

10 Best Dab Rigs for Beginners

When you're new to the world of dab rigs, the amount of options can become overwhelming. The amount of information in knowing all the facilitating parts that go into smoking concentrates can be scary.

We've all been there, but as Mac Miller put it, “you gotta jump in to swim.” There is no wrong answer, no choice is better than the other, it’s all about operator preference and personal style.

In this article we'll be highlighting 10 beginner dab rigs that vary in use-cases, cost, and performance so no matter what type of rig you prefer you'll be sure to find the one you need here.

What is a Dab Rig?

A dab rig is a specialized water pipe that uses the same mechanics as a regular water pipe used for flower, but with a couple more parts attached to it.

A nail which is usually made out of ceramic, titanium, glass or quartz, as well as a dabber and butane torch.

What is a Dab Rig

To use a dab rig, the operator will take the torch, and heat the nail for roughly 45 seconds, and let it cool for the same amount of time. While letting the nail cool, the operator will scoop the appropriate sized dab (less is more people, till you get your sea legs) from the container and wait out the 45 seconds to let the nail cool.

Then it’s time for schmokin’. Apply the dab to the heated nail and inhale. Spreading the dab out over the nail also allows for the concentrate to be heated evenly and not burn it.

We all know that leftover flower in a bowl doesn’t pack the taste that fresh flower does. Same applies to concentrate.

Top 10 Beginner Dab Rigs

Since 2006 when glass artists Hashmasta Kut (HMK) and Toro Tubes creator JP Toro created the first dab rigs, there have been an abundance of new devices and creations that have emerged on the concentrate scene.

For a beginner it can be quite overwhelming to choose which dab rig is the best fit. We have all been there, option overload paralysis is a real thing.

We’re here to take your hand and lead you through the glass factory. Like Gene Wilder said, “Come with me, and you’ll see a world of pure imagination.”

Here are 10 of our most recommended oil rigs for beginners:

1. 7.5” Simple Dab Rig by SWRV

7.5” Simple Dab Rig by SWRV

This small yet effective rig screams simplicity which is what every amateur to dabbing wants to hear.

Standing at 7.5” this rig is small enough to store easily, yet will provide just enough of a punch to get you to Cloud 9.

The slitted showerhead percolator located near the bottom of the piece is tactfully manufactured just for those being introduced to the world of dabbing, being easy to clean and not easily clogged.

A quartz nail or banger is also sold with this rig, which means that all you need to start dabbing is a dabber/wand, and some concentrate of course.

2. Banger Hanger Recycler by Diamond Glass

Banger Hanger Recycler by Diamond Glass

What a beauty! You’re probably wondering what a recycler is; a recycler is a type of rig that recycles the water throughout the piece each time you inhale.

Why is this important? Water as well as surface area aids to the cooling of smoke, thus providing a cooler hit, and allowing one to inhale for longer. The mechanics of these types of rigs are amazing.

Three chambers for water vapor to pass through before reaching the user ensures that each hit will be as smooth like Uncle Rocco’s freshly shaven head at Danksgiving, I mean Thanksgiving.

This rig stands at 5” and is an art piece in itself.

3. Mini Banger Hanger by Boss Glass

Mini Banger Hanger by Boss Glass

Another option for one beginning to partake in the world of dabs is a Mini Banger Hanger. This small and simplistic rig is designed for those that like the low maintenance aspects of life.

The wide base allows for a comfort to not worry about tipping the rig over. It is also made out of 5mm borosilicate glass throughout the rig which ensures the durability and resilience of the piece for those who tend to get animated while imbibing.

Standing at 5” it is a perfect fit in your hand, allowing the user to feel comfortable whilst dabbing.

The simple design of the piece ensures low maintenance when changing water and cleaning from overuse. Perfect for beginners.

4. Pocket Oil Rig by Glob Squad

Pocket Oil Rig by Glob Squad

Are you looking for a smaller rig but not a smaller high? Look no further. The Pocket Oil Rig by Glob Squad is a smaller substitute for those looking to gain the same quality of smoke as the competition.

The slim design of the rig allows it to fit just about any place you would like to stash it.

An easily portable dab rig for on the go use, or for small gatherings, the Pocket Oil Rig extends a welcoming hand to those just beginning their dabbing venture. The rig allows easy cleaning, and hard pulls with no splashback.

Equipped with a donut percolator, the quality and consistency of smoke stays the course as the leading competition. The Pocket Oil Rig allows the first time user to feel comfortable during their experience.

5. 8” Double Showerhead Oil Rig by Diamond Glass

8” Double Showerhead Oil Rig by Diamond Glass

Looking for something a bit more Rick and Morty-esque? The Double Showerhead Oil Rig by Diamond Glass is here for you.

As mentioned in the name the double showerhead percolator gives the operator the guarantee of a smooth hit as the smoke is diffused not only once but twice in this rig.

The angled neck of the piece allows for a laid back, relaxed smoke session and provides the operator with ease of use. Designed with the beginner in mind the simplistic yet sophisticated set up of the rig ensures both easy maintenance and durability.

The Double Showerhead Oil Rig by Diamond Glass stands at 8” and will not only take the concentrate straight to your dome, but will turn heads of onlookers in the process.

6. Silicone Dab Rig with Perc

Silicone Dab Rig with Perc

Are you the kind of person that always has a crack in their phone screen? Has anyone ever described you as a bull in a china shop? Do you identify as clumsy? STOP. RIGHT. HERE.

Silicone dab rigs are the ones for you. The silicone body makes this oil rig nearly indestructible. From small falls to large falls no one ever has to worry about cleaning up broken glass.

This piece is the perfect travel companion as it breaks down into three separate pieces; mouth/stem, middle glass chamber, and the beaker. This silicone option is the optimal stress free design for any first timer.

The colorful silicone rig stands at 9” and is made out of BPA free, non-toxic food grade silicone.

7. Mini Recycler Oil Rig by Diamond Glass

Mini Recycler Oil Rig by Diamond Glass

This unique design makes this dab rig stand out! The one of a kind look will have all your smoke buddies asking about your rig.

Standing at 5” this mini recycler is small yet mighty, packing the same amount of punch that a rig twice the size would.

Optimal neck design ensures no splashback for those unfamiliar to the scene of dabbing or using water pipes. This piece is made out of 5mm borosilicate glass and is very durable for its small package.

As a recycler, the smoke quality will always be top notch. Whoever said that “good things come in small packages” was right.

8. SOC Dab Rig

SOC Dab Rig

One of the most intimidating things to come across when being introduced to the world of dabbing is the heating element; the torch.

The SOC Dab Rig is a self heating electronic dab rig so that worry can be completely put at ease. No torch necessary, making this one of the easiest dab rigs to use.

This is the perfect travel companion for those that are looking to take their smoking to new heights (or destinations). Complete with a secured carb cap, quartz dish, and ceramic dish, all one needs to complete this setup iis a dabber/wand.

The SOC Dab Rig stands at 6” and has an adjustable temperature gauge for those who prefer to take lower temperature dabs. This fully automated rig is the perfect package for any beginner.

9. Mini Inline to Honeycomb Oil Rig by Diamond Glass

Mini Inline to Honeycomb Oil Rig by Diamond Glass

Sitting at 7’ the Mini Inline to Honeycomb Oil Rig packs an intense yet subtle punch. This rig offers two percolators ensuring the smoothest hit possible for a small rig.

The Honeycomb percolator is by far more superior than any other design; more holes means more diffusion in the smoke. More diffusion of smoke means a smoother toke.

A smoother toke means more smoke in your lungs, and more smoke in your lungs means HANG ONTO YOUR HATS! This rig does not need a lot of water to ensure that pristine toke.

Designed with a bent neck for operator comfortability, a larger base for stability, and a simple yet durable design, the Mini Inline to Honeycomb Oil Rig is the perfect rig for beginners.

10. Liberty Bell Dab Rig by Bougie

Liberty Bell Dab Rig by Bougie

Let freedom ring with this patriotic 7” design by Bougie. The showerhead percolator allows a smooth hit to be had as well as a wide base for optimal stability.

So if you’re not accustomed to small rigs like this, don’t worry, you won’t tip it over. This unique yet simple design entices newcomers on the scene with its low maintenance cleaning, as well as its conversation starting design.

Equipped with a large mouthpiece and enough curve in the neck/stem to prevent backsplash, the Liberty Bell Dab Rig is perfect for any patriotic newcomer.

Things to Consider When Buying Your First Dab Rig

To equip you with even more knowledge so you're more educated on what type of dab rig you should get, here are the most important aspects of an oil rig to consider when buying your first dab rig.

Types of Dab Rigs

There are a few different types of dab rigs that are used today for both smoking flower and concentrates. Each one meets a specific need of the operator to provide the optimal smoking experience.

We’ll break down the benefits of each style:

1. Recycler

recycler dab rig

A recycler dab rig is a water pipe that is normally composed of a two chamber percolator that recycles water inside the piece.

The two chamber system provides an additional smoke filtration that diffuses the smoke into smaller particles that makes smoking smoother and more enjoyable.

Recyclers ensure the operator never encounters splashback (water entering the mouthpiece) and keeps the smoke from becoming stale providing the most flavor while imbibing.

2. Silicone

Silicone dab rigs

Silicone dab rigs are the most durable water pipe on the market today. Are you accident prone? Always dropping things? Silicone provides a worry free smoking experience even for the most clumsy smoker.

Since most silicone water pipes are made from multiple pieces the maintenance for cleaning is hassle-free.

If you’re looking to bring your smoke during travel or go to a gathering, silicone offers the durability to do so while not detracting from the quality of smoke one would receive.

3. Nectar Collectors

Nectar Collectors

While water pipes are a worry free way to travel with your smoke, Nectar Collectors are more portable, and discreet. A Nectar Collector is a piece that looks and acts like a straw and can either be made of silicone or glass.

The “tip” replaces the “nail” aspect of traditional rigs, is heated and then inserted into your concentrate of choice. The operator then inhales through the opposite end of the straw.

Nectar Collectors provide more influence and control over the amount of wax consumed. If you are done with your hit simply remove the nectar collector from the concentrate and end your hit.

4. E-rig

E-Rigs or Electronic Dab Rigs

E-Rigs or Electronic Dab rigs give the operator the ultimate control over their smoking experience.

The ability to change the temperature, whilst removing the torch from the dabbing equation makes this kind of rig the best for beginners.

The benefits of having an automated heating system outweigh the potential price climb. The “Goldilocks Zone” or ideal temperature for dabs to be taken lies between 315 and 440 degrees.

The ability to actually control the temperature with an electronic rig means optimizing the potency, and flavor of the hit. One of the most intimidating factors to newcomers in the world of concentrate is the use of a torch.

E-rigs take the torch completely out of the equation, and allow the user to not worry about where to place a cooling torch or running out of butane.

Size and Durability

The size of your waterpipe does not by any means impact the amount of smoke one can get out of concentrates nor the high that one receives.

Size is all about personal preference. A wise woman once said, “it’s not about the size of the rig but how you use it.” Who knew she would be talking about dab rigs as well!

Each piece of glass or silicone will be different, and size does not impact anything other than personal fulfillment. If you like larger water pipes than by all means use a larger one, if you like the convenience of traveling with your water pipe and easy stowage than a smaller one is right for you.

Each rig consists of different densities of glass as well. Obviously thicker glass is more durable, but nothing is as durable as silicone.

If you are accident prone, you would want to stick to the thicker glass or silicone but if you trust yourself and your smoking companions to not break your prized possession then the thickness of the glass does not matter at all.

Nail Types

There are a multitude of nails to choose from as well as different materials they can be made out of as well but here we will focus on the most popular of today’s use.

1. Banger Nail

Banger Nail

A banger nail is usually made out of quartz (though it can be made out of ceramic as well) and allows the operator an even surface to heat their dab of choice.

Paired with a carb cap to get the most out of your dab hit, this nail type is very popular for today’s dab enthusiasts.

Prone to clogging from reclaim if not properly cleaned and maintained, the Banger Nail is a trusted companion with any dab rig.

2. Titanium Dab Nails

Titanium Dab Nails

Nearly indestructible the titanium dab nails are one of the more popular options for that very reason.

You cannot crack or shatter titanium due to overheating, you cannot drop the titanium nail and break it, it really is indestructible. Titanium heats relatively quickly and will hold heat longer than any other type of material.

Be forewarned improper heating of this type of nail can cause your concentrate to have a metallic type of taste, while non-lethal, it does take away from attaining the full flavor of the concentrate.

3. Glass Dab Nails

Glass dab nails are the most inexpensive attachments to rigs, and are usually included with the purchase of a rig.

They are relatively easy to use, yet can be easily broken, or shattered due to prolonged high heat exposure.

They can also be prone to collecting residue that might be harder to clean off and take away from the quality of hit of your future dabs.

Dab Rig Starter Accessories

Don’t feel overwhelmed at the amount of vocabulary that you might not yet be able to grasp, or maybe not fully understand. Learning is half the battle when it comes to dabbing, and knowledge is power.

So you've selected your rig, and feel confident about your decision but you’re not quite out of the woods yet.

There are a few more dab accessories that are needed to be had in order to ensure a smooth smoking experience.

1. Torch

Butane Torch

A butane torch that can heat a nail to approximately 315 to 440 degrees is necessary unless you are buying an E-Rig.

E-Rigs do not need torches to function and heat your dab properly.

These dab torches are most recommended if you're looking to buy one.

2. Dab Tools

Dab Tools

Dab tools are commonly referred to as “dabbers” or “wands”.

This is the tool which is used to scoop and place the designated amount of concentrate wanted for a hit onto the nail.

3. Reclaim Catchers

Reclaim Catchers

Exactly as the name suggests, reclaim catchers catch reclaim from concentrate that has been smoked.

What is reclaim? Reclaim is the yellowish/black re-condensed concentrate that can collect into your rig and cause them to clog. T

he benefits of having a reclaim catcher outweigh any potential drawbacks. It keeps your rig cleaner for longer, and the reclaim that is collected can be used again.

4. Dab Mats

Dab Mats

Dab mats are just mats that have a silicone surface that one can place their rig on for the most stability while smoking.

Also dab mats can be a surface that concentrate or tools to manipulate concentrate can be placed upon without fear or worry that it will get stuck.

5. Carb Caps

Carb Caps

Carb caps are accessories or “caps” that are placed over your banger to make the rig airtight and traps heat essentially making the vaporization process more effective.

If your banger gets cold then the dab will not vaporize, utilizing a carb cap makes the banger stay hot and continue to vaporize the concentrate.

This allows the operator to control the flow of the smoke better and to optimize the smoking experience.

Which Dab Rig Should You Get?

The main question that should be circulating in your head while deciding which rig is the best fit for you is, what do I intend to use it for?

Is it for daily use or once in a while imbibing? Will I be traveling with it, or will it stay in my designated smoking spot?

Am I accident prone or do I trust myself to handle it with care? There are no wrong answers, it is all about operator preference.

Trust your gut, you already know what you want. :)

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