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Bong vs. Bowl vs. Joint: Which Should YOU Hit?

Bong vs. Bowl vs. Joint: Which Should YOU Hit?

A bong vs. a bowl vs. a joint.

Apparently this debate has been raging since the time of the pharaohs in Egypt, or something like that.

The oldest bongs discovered date back about 2400 years, and the oldest pipes go back even further.

Joints are a more recent innovation, with the first recorded use dating back to 1850 in Mexico. Farm workers were known to mix weed into their tobacco cigarettes. Although, I’m sure some inventive stoners wrapped their marijuana in dried leaves long before this.

So, after all this time of getting baked in various ways, we still can’t decide which is the better way of toking up.

Let’s take a look at what makes bongs, pipes, and joints special, so you can decide which is the best way to get high.

The Differences Between Smoking Weed From a Bong, Pipe, or Joint

Before I started writing this paragraph, I hit a bong that took two minutes to stack with some tasty Buddha Cheese. It was quick and easy, and now I can continue writing without a hitch (obviously, I’ll check my grammar).

Once I’m done with work, I’m going to take my time to roll up a nice joint so I can wind down from the day.

Tonight before I climb into bed, I’m going to have a few drags from a pipe to help me sleep, but it won’t stimulate me so much that my mind keeps running.

Are you starting to see the difference?

While you may be smoking the same substance from each, the effects can differ wildly. Let's take a look at what makes these methods so different.



If we all had a bong, we’d all get along.

One of the fastest ways to get your daily marijuana intake is to rip a fat bong. Not only does it get you high as hell, but you can also use a little less weed, depending on the size of your bowl.

Nothing hits you quite like a big toke from a bong, and after the resulting coughing fit, you will be floating on the clouds. Bongs are great for smoking large amounts of weed at once, and they tend to be a bit smoother than pipes.

The water helps to cool the smoke, making it less harsh on your lungs. This doesn’t mean you won’t cough the first few times. If your bong has an ice pincher, try throwing some ice into your bong for an extra-cool hit.

You will find that getting high from bong has different effects to that of a joint or pipe. A strong hit can leave you feeling like an alien, and it's typically a more energetic high, depending on the person. The reason for this is because you’re getting more THC in one quick pull.

Since it hits you with a burst of energy that wears off quickly, bongs are great to smoke with a group of friends.

Another great thing about bongs is the variety. There are so many to choose from, from portable mini-bongs to giant 6-footers that will knock you out. Each one is different, so try them out to see what works for you.

glow in the dark silicone bong

I have an awesome glow-in-the-dark silicone bong that really gets the job done. It stays at home because it ain’t easy to transport, especially since it glows in the dark.

I’ve been meaning to get another glass bong because they are healthier…Heed my warning and don’t heat up glass bongs too much; they tend to break.

If smoking a bong is your preferred method, you should be aware of any potential health impacts. According to new research, there are a large number of particles that can harm you.

Pipe Bowl

Pipe is a lot like bong except more compact and without water to cool down the smoke. It’s not as smooth, but you will take smaller hits, so you’re less likely to cough.

Pipe is a great option if you don’t want to overdo it. Being able to take a small toke before work or an event helps if a bong or joint is just too much for you. We’ve all had that friend who says he can handle his weed, but after the first hit, they think they are dying.

The high is not as intense as a bong, but in my experience, it can last a little longer. You can also take a pipe anywhere, so long as you cover up the odors. Wooden pipes absorb a lot of that dank marijuana smell, so be sure to clean them out as often as possible. The same goes for your bongs.

Pipe Bowl

Because they are so discrete and quick to use, a pipe works well on a night out with friends. The bowls are usually big enough for sharing around a stoner circle.

What I love about pipes is the taste. If you are smoking some A-class bud and you want to taste and smell everything it has to offer, smoke it from a pipe. There’s no paper or water that will dilute the taste, so it really swirls around your taste buds.

If you're a beginner or someone who likes to take it slow, a pipe will be your better option since it’s not as intense. It's possible that a pipe is the healthiest of these three options, as you’re burning pure weed without any additives. The only concern is the hot smoke. This can damage your lungs, so be sure to take small drags.

If you are going to go with pipes, stay away from plastic and aluminum ones. These can give off harmful chemicals, so your better option is glass, stainless steel, or brass.


There’s a saying that goes, "Don’t judge someone until you’ve shared a joint with them."


Smoking a joint is a completely different experience from using pipes and bongs. A pipe or a bong is instant gratification. You stack it, smoke it, and you’re good to go.

A joint requires a bit more skill than that. It takes time to learn to roll, then some more to learn to roll well. Even after you've mastered the technique, you'll still roll some joints that burn funny.

I can’t think of anything more relaxing than passing a joint around with a group of friends, or even smoking it alone after a rough day at work. A slow-burning joint is my favorite way to get high. It kicks in a little slower, so by the time you realize you are goofed out of your mind, you’re already halfway through a great conversation.

The effects of a joint vary greatly depending on the strain, the thickness of the joint, and whether or not anything is added to it. I usually add a bit of tobacco to help it burn smoother, but this is not the healthiest.

I find a thick joint can make you sleepy, while a thin one is more likely to wake you up, but this changes from person to person. If you like thicker joints, you will end up using more weed than you would with a pipe or a bong.

When we were teenagers, my friends and I rolled a massive cigar-like joint with a 30 cm rolling paper. We used a mix of White Widow and Strawberry Cough to fill it. Needless to say, most of us passed out after that.

What I like about joints is how discrete they are. You can pre-roll them and load it into a doob tube so you have an on-the-go pick me up wherever you are. There are even some rolling papers that make it look like a cigarette! This means it is easy to smoke in many places. Just be aware that a stoner's nose will pick up that smell anywhere.

If you are worried about lung damage, this massive study should put your mind to rest. Daily joint smoking over 20 years did not cause any significant damage to the lungs or pulmonary system. Just make sure you are using natural papers and not mixing them with anything harmful.


Which Smoking Method Gets You More High?

If you are looking to get as high as you possibly can, which would be the best method?

Which Smoking Method Gets You More High?

A bong definitely gets you the most high. If you take 2-3 bong rips, it might be the same amount in a joint, but you will feel a much stronger kick.

There isn’t more THC than usual when smoked from a bong, so what’s the difference? Bongs enable us to take a big hit a lot quicker, so we feel the effects all at once. It might get you higher, but it wears off sooner than a joint would.

If you want to feel high for longer, a joint would be your next best option. You can adjust the size to your preference to find the sweet spot that keeps you smiling. Since it burns slowly, you feel a delayed onset of the effects. Sure, you don’t get as high as with a bong, but you can appreciate the feelings for longer.

Lastly, we have the pipe. Pipes are a little harsher to smoke than a joint or bong, so it’s a bit harder to take in a lot all at once. You can get high if your pipe has a bigger weed bowl or you load multiple rounds, but this can end with some nasty oil in your mouth. Make sure you get a pipe with a decent-length mouthpiece. 

Which One Should You Use?

Whether you choose a bong, a pipe, or a joint often depends on the situation.

If you want to get high as a kite without using too much weed, you can’t go wrong with a bong. They are much smoother than a pipe, but I find the water eliminates a lot of the flavor.

Which One Should You Use - Bong, Pipe or a Joint

Joints preserve the flavor and smell of weed while prolonging the high. They are easy to carry around and enjoyable to smoke alone or with a group of friends. The biggest drawback is having to roll, which can get tedious.

Pipes are great for taking in a measured amount if you don’t want to get too high. They can be taken anywhere and are quick to stack and smoke. Like bongs, I would advise you to clean a pipe often; otherwise, it starts tasting bad.

Another important thing to consider are the health implications. According to this study, joints and bongs emit the most particulate matter, which could lead to health problems. If you are worried about any negative effects from marijuana use, a pipe would likely be the healthiest option for you.

Everyone is different, so the final decision ultimately comes down to personal preference. Try them all to find out which works best for you!

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