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13 Best Hand Pipes for Smoking

13 Best Hand Pipes for Smoking

A hand pipe is an essential herb-smoking tool. It is the easiest and most convenient way to smoke flowers. You just load up the bowl and take your hit.

Sure, you can always roll a joint to smoke. Europeans are all about joints. But if you’re smoking some real sticky icky, paper is not the way to go.

best weed pipes for smoking

For one, joints have a volume issue. You need enough smokable material to properly roll a joint. Europeans often make up this difference by adding tobacco, which in our humble opinion ruins the taste of the flowers

Pipes also have another advantage. You can take a single hit, and set the bowl down. You must keep puffing on a joint to stay lit.

This is fine if you’re all standing around in a circle, but sometimes you just want to smoke a bit by yourself.

A bowl in a glass pipe doesn’t need to stay lit, so it’s much better for when you want to take a hit in between rounds of video games.

However, there’s a ton of different pipes out there. It’s hard to choose. Because of this, we’ve curated the best 13 hand pipes.

These pipes cover a variety of features to help you find the perfect pipe for you.

Top 13 Hand Pipes for 2023

Here’s our lucky list of thirteen excellent hand pipes for any kind of herb smoker.

1. Pill Pipe by Bougie

Pill Pipe by Bougie

Are you taking every kind of pill, and nothing seems to ever cure your ill? Try this little guy.

This capsule made of thick glass has a carb at the top of the pipe. It’s also got a nice deep bowl.

So if you’re packing medicinal herbs for multiple people, it’ll be sure to make a few rounds before needing to be repacked.

Are you worried about this rolling when you set it down? We gotchu.

Bougie Glass designed this piece with two bumps on the bottom. This way, you can set it down and it doesn’t roll.

Material: Glass
Size: 4 inches
Special Features: Deep bowl

2. Old School Sherlock Pipe by Diamond

Old School Sherlock Pipe by Diamond

If you want to feel a bit fancy, a sherlock pipe is a great way to go. This old school sherlock pipe comes in both opaque and clear glass.

If you don’t like seeing resin build up inside your pipes, the opaque glass will kep everything nice and shiny.

This 5 inch pipe is perfect for people with larger hands. It also has a flat bottom, so it’s pretty easy to set down.

Do be aware that since it stands upright, it can be knocked over.

Material: Glass
Size: 5 Inches
Special Features: Great for big hands

3. TOP Secret Stealth Pipe by Genius Pipe

This is a great on-the-go pipe. It’s made of metal and resembles a power bank or an old MP3 player.

TOP Secret Stealth Pipe by Genius Pipe

But when you open it up, it’s got a grinder and bowl. If you want a pipe that's discreet and can easily be put into a purse or backpack, this is your pipe.

Unfortunately there are a few downsides. One is that the bowl is quite small. It’s much better as a personal piece than a piece to pass around.

Another downside is it requires a metal screen. Genius makes TruTaste screens that allegedly do not affect the taste.

But if you’re a glass purist, get a glass pipe.

Material: Metal
Size: 6 inches
Special Features: Super stealthy

4. Mini Steamroller

Mini Steamroller

Want a pipe that hits as hard as a bong? Then you want a steamroller, which is also known as a shotgun.

While a spoon pipe resembles a spoon, a steamroller resembles a tube. The smoker covers the carb on the end of the tube, fills the chamber with smoke, and takes a big hit.

Steamrollers are super fun, but they have a few design flaws that this piece addresses. It’s small size makes it easy to control how big of a hit you want.

It’s got knobs on the bottom to keep it from rolling off a table. Most importantly, it has a concave mouthpiece to catch any debris that might be floating in your hit.

Material: Glass
Size: 5 inches
Special Features: Can give massive hits

5. Ice Blue Sherlock Pipe

Ice Blue Sherlock Pipe

Sherlock pipes are a classy way to smoke. The long design cools down the smoke a bit more than a steamroller can.

They’re also great for people with long hair. Many chagrined stoner chicks have been forced to get bangs due to unfortunate smoking incidents.

This little blue number will look spiffy and keep your hair nice and safe. It’s even got a pretty gold decal.

Material: Glass
Size: 6 inches
Special Features: Keeps fires away from face

6. Silicone Sherlock Pipe

Silicone Sherlock Pipe

Here’s the major downside of Sherlock pipes: they are easy to break. This silicone Sherlock addresses that specific issue.

The pipe itself is made from colorful silicone and contains a glass bowl with a glass screen.

This piece comes in several stylish patterns and colors. You can easily throw it into a purse or backpack without worrying about it breaking.

If you’re not sure about silicone, give this pipe a try. The inexpensive and indestructible material will find its place in your heart.

Material: Silicone
Size: 4 inches
Special Features: Nearly indestructible

7. Pipe by Session Goods

Pipe by Session Goods

Are you looking for something a bit more sleek? Want something that perfectly matches your Macbook Air and your minimalist apartment?

Session Goods has the pipe for you.

It’s made of dark-tinted scientific glass and comes in a silicone keychain carrying case.

You can pre-load your bowl, put it in the case, and take your pipe anywhere. In the unlikely event that this pipe does break, a Session Goods service rep will be happy to help you replace your piece.

Material: 2.5mm Scientific Glass
Size: 3.38 inches
Special Features: Comes with a keychain case

8. Necklace Pipe

Necklace Pipe

We all have been to some wild parties. We all know how hard it can be to hang on to your pipe.

This necklace pipe eliminates that issue. You can always have your pipe handy with this boho pipe necklace.

Sure, it’s not the faciest pipe on our list. Still, this piece is perfect for festivals. It also makes a great christmas gift for the stoner who has everything.

Material: Hemp necklace, glass pipe
Size: Necklace approx 19”, pipe 2”
Special Features: Hard to lose

9. 12” Gandalf Pipe by SWRV

12” Gandalf Pipe by SWRV

We’ve shown you a couple Sherlock pipes. The next step up is a Galdalf pipe. The style is officially called a churchwarden pipe.

It has a very long stem, which slightly cools the smoke. It also keeps the flame safely away from long hair.

This epic piece comes with knobs on the bottom so you can easily set it down.

Do be aware, Gandalf pipes can be easy to break. We recommend getting a pipe bag with it.

Material: Glass
Size: 12 inches
Special Features: Comes in 3 colors

10. Purple Haze Pipe

Purple Haze Pipe

There’s all kinds of fancy pipes on this list, but sometimes you just want a simple spoon pipe.

The Purple Haze Pipe is exactly that. It’s made of pretty purple glass, it’s four and half inches long, and that’s about it.

This is an example of a great spoon pipe. The hole in the bottom of the bowl isn’t too big, so you don’t need a screen for ground bowls.

There’s space between the bottom of the bowl and the pipe, so it doesn’t get too clogged. It tappers in the middle and has glass beads for great grip.

As far as simple pipes go, this pipe's great for beginners.

Material: Glass
Size: 4.5 inches
Special Features: Glass beads for better grip

11. Elektra by Solopipe

Elektra by Solopipe

This has happened to every smoker. You’ve got your bowl packed, you’re ready to smoke, but alas! You’ve lost your lighter. Happens to the best of us.

Or what if you have your lighter, and it’s just windy? Even a gentle breeze can sometimes make it hard to spark your lighter.

Solopipe has your back. The Elektra completely eliminates the need for a lighter. It’s got an electric heating coil that can light a bowl no matter the weather.

Even though this pip comes with hardware, it’s pretty easy to clean.

It’s got a removable ceramic bowl and glass mouthpiece that you can easily pop out and clean.

Material: Zinc alloy body, ceramic bowl
Size: 3.5 inches
Special Features: 2 in 1 pipe/lighter combo

12. Silicone Elephant Pipe

Silicone Elephant Pipe

An elephant pipe is the perfect gift for your stoner friend. Sure, it’s not practical, but it delights the mind.

It’s the most common art piece some get beyond a basic pipe. They only problem with elephant pipes is they are very easy to break.

This silicone elephant pipe is nearly indestructible. It’s got a glass bowl with a screen. The bowl is removable for easy cleaning.

The silicone is food-grade BPA free silicone. You can even run it through the dishwasher.

Material: Silicone
Size: 3.5 inches
Special Features: Comes in 6 color combos

13. Glow in the Dark Pipe

Glow in the Dark Pipe
Here’s another no muss no fuss spoon pipe with a twist. It glows in the dark. The photoluminescent elements are layers into the glass, so even as the pipe gets worn in, it’ll still glow bright.

This is a great spoon pipe. The hole at the bottom of the bowl isn’t too big– herb can fall through it otherwise.

The carb isn’t too small, it tends to get clogged quickly.

We also like that it has knobs that prevent rolling and it's thinner in the middle which makes it a bit more ergonomic.

Material: Glow in the dark glass
Size: 4 inches
Special Features: Glows in the dark

How to Choose the Best Hand Pipe?

After looking at all those pipe, you’re probably going “whaaaa…?”

No worries. We’ll break down what you’re looking at when it comes to choosing a pipe.


First thing you want to consider is size. Are you looking for a one-hitter or a pipe that can make a couple of rounds in your circle?

If you’re not sure and just looking for a pipe, your average spoon pipe is about 3-5 inches. That said, pipes can be all shapes and sizes.


Here’s a rundown of some different types of hand pipes:

Spoon pipe - a pipe that resembles a spoon. It’s got a circular bowl, a stem and a mouthpiece. The most basic type of handpipe

Sherlock pipe - a pipe that resembles the famous detective’s pipe. It’s got a medium sized curved stem.

Steamroller - also known as a shotgun. This is a pipe that has a tubular design. You fill the wide tube with smoke, and it all hits you at once. Steamrollers give massive hits.

Ganadalf pipe - also known as a churchwarden pipe, this one has a long stem. They resemble the pipe wielded by the famous wizard in Lord of the Rings.

Novelty pipe - any pipe that is made in a faciful shape is an art or novelty pipe. Elephant pipes and penis pipes are the most common type of novelty pipe.


Pipes can come in any number of materials. The most common are glass, silicone, ceramic, and metal pipes.

Glass tends to be the preferred material among smokers because it does not alter the flavor of the herb and it’s easy to clean.

Some people prefer silicone for its durability.


All pipes need to be cleaned at some point or another. Cleaning a pipe is easy: any pipe or bong cleaner will do the trick.

You can also use isopropyl alcohol to clean off the resin.

Simple pipes are easy to clean. Pipes with curves or long mouth pieces are harder to clean.

Design, Color and Style

Sometimes a pipe is not just a pipe. Sometimes a pipe is also a piece of art.

Naturally, the more complex the art piece, the more expensive the pipe will be.

That said, if you are into glass collecting, you gotta have it all.

The Best Hand Pipe: Editor’s Choice

Alright, this has been a nice little hand pipe rabbit hole. If you’re still not sure which one to choose, here’s our top pick.

The Purple Haze Pipe is the perfect basic pipe. It’s got everything you need, and it comes in purple.

Purple Haze Pipe

If purple isn’t your color, we recommend the Glow In The Dark Pipe.

We hope this article sorted out your questions about hand pipes. Every smoker needs one, get yours today!

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