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What Are THC Diamonds? Effects, How They're Made, etc.

What Are THC Diamonds? Effects, How They're Made, etc.

Quite the turn from your regular weed, THC Diamonds are King in the cannabis market.

THC Diamonds enjoy a staggering reputation among users - and for a few good reasons. 

Superbly potent, flavorful, and concentrated, here is everything you should know about THC diamonds ahead of time - from dosage and uses to side effects, benefits, and more. 

What are THCA Diamonds?

THC Diamonds get their name because they carry the ever-popular diamond shape.

In essence, THC diamonds are crystals derived from the cannabis itself. To create them, live resin is cold-extracted from the cannabis plant and pressured into shape.

THC Diamonds vs THCA Diamonds: What’s The Difference?

Before THC diamonds become the final product, they are THCa crystals.

THCa is an inactive cannabinoid and does not inherit the psychoactive effect of pure THC. To make THCa psychoactive, you will need heat exposure to transform the chemistry, like a dab rig or vaporizer.

Aside from the 1% of THCa, the other percentage of THC diamonds belongs to terpenes and other cannabinoids.

THC Diamonds vs Shatter

There are a few key differences between THC diamonds and shatter, another top concentrate: 

  • THC diamonds are diamond-shaped, while shatter is brittle and sheet-like.
  • Consistency. THC diamonds are based on pure THCa. Shatter contains other terpenes and cannabinoids.
  • Potency levels. With 99+ THC content, diamonds are far more potent than shatter’s 60-90% THC levels.
  • Effects. Diamonds provide an instant high, but live resin can help keep it balanced.
    But, shatter can be quite powerful based on the different terpenes and cannabinoids in it.
  • Consumption. Both shatter and diamonds can be dabbed or used in bongs and joints. However, to eat either, you first must decarboxylate and convert them to THC or THCa.

What Do THC Diamonds Look Like?

THC diamonds are, of course, diamond-shaped. And, they vary in size - from grains to grams-heavy rocks. 

What Do THC Diamonds Taste Like?

Diamonds inherit the taste of live resin THC distillate. The taste is subtle and smooth but explodes with flavor when vaporized and mixed with terp sauce. 

How are THCA Diamonds Made?

The cold-extraction method helps extract them from the cannabis plant. A specialist will form the diamonds next, using oil pressure and a chromatography machine. The process is similar to producing live resin.

  • Closed-loop extraction method. This method separates the THC and terpenes from the plant. The leftover solvent helps increase the THCa levels and evaporates in a few days, so diamonds can form. The overall process takes around or over two weeks.
  • Crystalline method. Think of this method as creating candy from rocks. A solvent is added to the THC isolate, which makes for a solution. When put under pressure, diamonds begin to form and the solvent evaporates. The terpenes are re-added next to make sauced THC diamonds. With terpenes and THCa in play, the effect is greater.

THC Diamonds Effects

When consumed, THC diamonds will boast pleasant effects, like a sense of heightened euphoria, greater energy levels, and stamina.

The effects have been known to last several hours.   

How Strong are THC Diamonds?

THC diamonds have 99% of THC and are considered a concentrate. This alone makes the diamonds extremely potent, more so than typical THC products, with 70-90% content potency.

Added terpenes in the diamonds will create even more potent highs. Always tread wisely — beginners might find the effects overwhelming.

Do THCA Diamonds Get You Higher?

As one of, if not the most potent cannabis product out there, a 99% THC diamond will get you higher than anything else. For context, a THCa diamond is 4 times stronger than a joint hit.

To compare, CBD will only relax you, CBD plus THC will get you on your feet or lay you down, but THCa diamonds will be there to take you all the way. 

THC Diamonds Benefits

The leading benefits of consuming THC diamonds include:

  • Pure product. 99% of THC is cleaner than any other alternative on the market as it counts as a non-toxic product. .
  • Better dabbing. THC diamonds work well with heat, and will up your dabbing session.
  • CBD-compatible. Adding THC diamonds to your CBD rolls will serve you a fine buzz.
  • Energizing. Rather than gluing you to the couch, THC diamonds keep your mood lively.
  • Versatile. Different sizes and different terpenes - that’s a lot of different wonderful highs.

How to Consume THC Diamonds

THCa dab diamonds will only get you really high when exposed to heat. To get there, dab or vaporize your THC diamonds. Load a diamond and a pre-prepared terp sauce on your dab tool.

Preheat the quartz banger and drop the diamond in it. A cold start is also an option — just apply the concentrate and heat the vaporizer or banger until it gets going. Add a carb cap and enjoy!

Best Temperature for THCA Diamonds

The ideal dabbing temperature for THCa diamonds is anywhere between 500-600°F. This is the optimal range, for a low-temp dab and maximizing the terpene flavor.

Are THCA Diamonds Safe to Consume?

Overall, THCa diamonds are safe to consume. THC diamonds are not toxic, that’s a plus. On the downside, paranoia is quite possible if you consume too much — though negative effects are short-lived.

If you are sensitive to THC, consuming diamonds might lead to an allergic reaction. 

When used right, THC diamonds can be a lot of fun. But, remember - a little goes a long way.

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