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10 Best Bong Bowls for 2023

10 Best Bong Bowls for 2023

Bongs are a go-to glass piece for every stoner, and picking out the best bong bowls equips them with a higher quality of sesh.

Not all bong bowls are created equally, and picking the right one can make or break the experience.

Take a look below for some tips for what to look for in a good bong bowl and some examples of the best bowls for bongs around.


Should You Own Multiple Bong Bowls?

You can if you want, and owning multiple bong bowls isn’t necessarily a bad choice. There are many different types of bowls, and some have added perks like extra filtration.

Many glass blowers have incredibly artistic bong bowl designs too, so it depends on how many you want to own and what purposes you have for them.

Plus, it’s always a good idea to have at least one spare on hand, just in case one breaks.


Top 10 Bowls for Bongs

If you’re looking for the best bong bowls to suit your needs, we’ve got you covered.

Check out these bong bowls before making your next purchase, and you could find the missing piece to the perfect session.

1. Diamond Bowl Piece

This 14mm diamond bowl piece from Diamond Glass is the perfect piece for the type of stoner who wants a no-frills experience with a clean aesthetic.

The bowl is small, and the martini shape center allows you to hit every piece of flower and clear the bowl with ease.


2. Martini Style Bong Bowl

If you find it easier to hit your bowl with a handle at your disposal, this martini bowl by Glob Squad Glass is the best bong bowl for you.

The large hook handle lets you slide the bowl out with ease, and the tapered martini shape of the bowl itself lets you easily light every piece of flower you put in it.


3. Screen Bowl

Cutting down on cleaning time for your glass is important to some, and this 14mm screen bowl is a great way to keep your piece cleaner for longer.

It’s thick and durable, while the glass screen stops excess flower from flowing into the bong's base and keeps your piece cleaner.


4. GRAV Octobowl

This 14mm GRAV Male Octobowl is a great pick for a bong bowl with a built-in screen for those with a larger-sized bong or an upright bubbler.

The screen prevents a lot of the ash from falling into your piece, while the shape is perfectly designed to smoothly rip through big bongs.


5. Snapper Bowl

Efficiency is key to a lot of stoners, and this 14mm snapper bowl is the perfect piece designed for those who want simplicity.

You can easily load and reload this bowl piece for quick snaps of flower and clean it within just a few minutes by simply scraping it clean or giving it a rinse in bong cleaner.


6. Avocado Bong Bowl

Statement pieces are great to show off to friends, and if you’re looking for something that catches people’s eye, this avocado bong bowl is your best bet.

The top of the avocado acts as a handle, and the textured finish on the outside gives it a life-like appearance that doubles its functionality by giving a better grip.


7. Onyx Invincibowl

Some people are not careful with their glass and if you recognize that about yourself why not pick something that prevents you from constantly breaking bowl pieces?

The Onyx Invincibowl Infinity has a sleek look but is shatterproof so you can have an excellent-looking piece of glass without worrying about what happens to it.


8. Black and White Swirl Bowl Piece

If you want a bong bowl with a cool aesthetic that also is quick to clean and load, this black and white swirl bowl piece is the one to pick.

It’s just as easy to clean as any bowls designed for snaps that you’ll see while having a nicer look to it.


9. Cactus Bong Bowl

Cool visual appeal can meet functionality, and this 14mm Cactus Bowl Piece by Empire Glass proves that.

The piece has an attention-grabbing look with its realistic cactus design, while the handle is easy to grab and thick enough that you won’t have to worry about its durability.


10. Rose Gold Bong Bowl

When you want something flashy to show off, this 14mm Rose Gold Bowl is an easy pick.

It’s functional and durable with a stunning rose gold color and hexagon shapes on the outer edges for grip and a nice touch-up to its look.

The bowl is also quite wide if you’re looking to pack larger bowls of flower.


How to Choose the Best Bong Bowl?

Choosing a bong bowl ultimately depends on what things you do and don’t like about certain ones.

Here are some factors you might want to consider when choosing the best bong bowl for what you need.


How big of a bowl of flower are you usually packing each time? Do you prefer to fill a giant bowl of flower and take multiple hits or use it all in one inhale?

The size of the bowls you normally pack will be a factor to consider.

Smaller bowl pieces are great for quick snaps out of the bong while a large-sized bowl will allow you to pack in giant amounts and easily pass it around.

Easy to clean

If you’re on the lazier side, finding a bong bowl that doesn’t have a ton of spots to scrape out when cleaning is a smart choice.

If you aren’t too bothered about putting time into regularly cleaning your glassware though, choosing a bowl with a bubbler or other frills gives you more filtration.


Make sure to pick out a bowl piece with thick glass if you need something a bit more sturdy or if you plan to take it on the go.

A bowl with thin glass should only really be picked if you know you are very careful with your pieces.


Add another filtration layer to your hits with a bubbler bowl piece. These bowl pieces are extremely smooth to hit, but the downside is they are tricky to clean.

If you aim to have the smoothest hit possible, look into getting a bowl with an added filtration perk but keep some bong cleaner handy.

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