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Small Bongs vs Big Bongs

Small Bongs vs Big Bongs - Is Bigger Always Better?

It’s the quintessential question: Does size really matter? As it turns out, when it comes to shopping for your next bong, the answer is a resounding “Maybe!”

There are several issues to consider when thinking about buying small bongs vs big bongs. Let’s explore some of the more significant differences between them to determine what size water pipe is best for your needs.

6 Main Factors When Comparing Small Bongs vs Big Bongs

When contrasting small bongs with large bongs, comparing their primary differences can be helpful.

Some factors, like price, may seem like an obvious distinction. Other disparities may not be so apparent. 

Here are six of the most critical concerns when shopping for a new water pipe:

1. Customizability & Add-ons

Ice Pincher Bong

Larger bongs are compatible with more accessories simply because of their increased size. Integrated features like percolators and ice pinchers fit better in bigger water pipes than in smaller bongs.

And larger pipes allow for more add-ons like quartz bangers, bubble bowls, and different downstems.

2. Durability

The bigger they are, the harder they fall, or so the old saying goes. A larger bong is a bigger target, making it easier to knock over and break.

More elaborate bongs may also be top-heavy, making them susceptible to knocking over.

Likewise, small bongs are often light enough to be easily knocked over and broken. But their smaller footprint makes them more convenient to stow out of the way. In that sense, they can be somewhat less likely to get damaged.

Material and construction quality, as opposed to overall bong size, are typically more important for durability. Nonetheless, if you keep breaking your big bongs, it may be time to look for something smaller. Just sayin’.

3. Hit Smoothness

Consider the basics of how a bong or water pipe works. When you inhale, the smoke is cooled as it travels through the water, resulting in a smoother hit.

So, it only makes sense that a larger bong will hold more water and be more efficient at cooling and filtering your toke.

4. Smoke Flavor

Are you down with adding different flavors to your bong smoke by using fruit juices or similar liquids?

If so, you’ll likely be looking at the larger water pipes. Again, more capacity for liquid means more flavor imparted to your smoke.

5. Price Range

For the most part, smaller water pipes will be more affordable than larger models. They’re typically of more straightforward construction using less material than big bongs.

When shopping for a small bong or big bong, expect some variance in pricing. Depending on their specific features, smaller water pipes usually sell in the $50 to $100 range.

On the other hand, larger model bongs can cost significantly more, with price tags nearing $200 or more.   

All bets are off, though, when we start looking at those elaborate works of glass art. Even some of the smallest bongs, if designed by a famous glass artist, might cost significantly more than larger pipes.

6. Overall Smoking Experience

Generally speaking, the actual smoking experience between big bongs vs small bongs isn’t notably different from one to the other. They both function similarly, cooling and filtering the smoke as it travels through the water chamber.

Perhaps the principal differences relate to the greater volume of liquid in bigger bongs, allowing for a somewhat smoother hit. Otherwise, both size water pipes deliver similar smoking experiences. 

Small Bongs Are Best For

Choosing a smaller bong makes sense if you’re looking for an affordable water pipe with a reduced footprint that’s easy to stow out of sight.

Small bongs are also the perfect “grab and go” gear when you’re ready to hit the road.

Pros and Cons of Small Bongs

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a small bong:


  • Discrete and easy to stash
  • Typically more affordable
  • Ideal travel bong


  • Less water volume
  • Inefficient cooling
  • Difficult to clean

Big Bongs Are Best For

Bigger bongs are frequently better at doing what water pipes are designed to do – cool and filter smoke. Their increased water volume results in a smoother hit compared to smaller pipes.

Large bongs also allow for the inclusion of percolators and other add-ons designed to enhance the smoking experience.

Pros and Cons of Big Bongs

Contrast the benefits and drawbacks of larger bongs versus their smaller counterparts:


  • More water, smoother smoke
  • Bigger bowl for bigger rips
  • Simpler cleaning
  • Easier to customize


  • Bulky, easy to knock over
  • Difficult to conceal
  • Doesn’t travel well
  • Typically more expensive


Does bong size matter?

As we’ve seen above, there are many factors to consider in the small bongs vs big bongs debate.

Size does matter in the sense that larger water pipes hold a greater volume of liquid, making them more efficient at cooling and filtering smoke. This allows the user to take a bigger rip.

Are bigger bongs better?

In terms of generating more percolation and smoother smoke, the larger water chamber in a big bong will typically outperform smaller models.

On the other hand, a bigger water pipe will usually come with an increased price tag. 

Do small bongs get you higher?

Despite some people’s claims that they catch a more considerable buzz from a smaller bong, the science simply doesn’t back that up.

How high you get depends more on the specific properties and quantity of the herb you smoke, as opposed to the size of the pipe.  

Do bigger bongs get you higher?

A bigger bong with a bigger bowl will naturally hold more flower than a smaller water pipe. So, a bong with a larger bowl might translate into a more significant buzz simply based on capacity.

Bongs with bigger water chambers may also allow for deeper hits. Again, how high you get is primarily a function of the quantity and quality of the herb you’re smoking.

Which Bong Size Is Better?

Answering the question depends mainly on individual use and personal preference.

Bong Size

If portability, stealth, and affordability are major considerations, then a smaller water pipe may be what you’re looking for.

If, however, you’re interested in bong features like percolators, or if you like taking monster rips, a larger model will likely be a better fit.

Determining which size bong is best depends on how and where you smoke.

Road warriors will appreciate the portability and convenience of smaller models.

Couch potatoes may enjoy the greater volume and bigger tokes they get from large tabletop water pipes.

Regardless of your individual smoking style, though, you can bet there’s a bong size that’s perfect for you.   

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