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10 Best Bong Accessories

10 Best Bong Accessories

Bongs are great. They make smoking that sticky icky extra smooth. But not all bongs are created equal. Depending on the extras, you can get a highly filtered hit.

Of course, not everyone has the spare cash to drop on a top of the line bong with all the bells and whistles.  If you're interested in kicking things up a notch, there's a lot of cool accessories you can add to your bong.

Some bong attachments can add a level of extra filtration. Some just make cleaning it easier. Some can even convert your bong into a dab rig for vaping oil.

Let's do an overview of the 10 best bong accessories:

1. Bong Bowl

The first bong accessory you might purchase is a bong bowl. The bowl is an integral part of the bong.

It’s where you put the herb before you light it up to smoke it. Your bong probably came with one.

That said, if you bought a cheap bong, it might not come with a great bowl. Cheap bowls are usually made out of thin glass with a little handle.

This part breaks off easily, and it can become a hazard. Bowls made of thicker higher quality glass last longer.

Bowls aren’t just about function though. This 14mm Outer Space Bowl is an art glass bowl that will add a pop of style to your smoking sesh. It’s a nice big bowl, meaning it gives big hits. It’s great for group smoking seshes.

2. Ash Catcher

An ash catcher is an additional water chamber that you add to your bong. It sits between the bowl and the body of the bong.

It catches ash and resin before it gets to your bong. This keeps your bong cleaner longer.

You’ll want to change the water in your ash teacher frequently. It’s easier than changing all the water in your bong.

All of our ash catchers add an additional percolator to the bongs they attach to. Percs give you an extra level of filtration.

We love this 14mm 90 Degree Showerhead Honeycomb Ash Catcher By Diamond Glass. It’s got both a showerhead and a honeycomb perc. It makes hits super smooth, while keeping your bong clean.

3. Bong Cleaner

No matter how nice your bong is, dirty bongs don’t hit very well. Resin will clog up your bong. It also makes the smoke taste gross. If you want your bong to hit well, you have to keep it clean.

You can’t just clean them with soap and water. Do not try putting your bong in the dishwasher either. Hot water will get some of the resin off, but it’s a lot less hassle to just use a proper bong cleaner.

This Formula 420 bong cleaner has special chemicals and grit that breaks down resin quickly. Formula 420 makes your bongs as good as new.

4. Grinder

This isn’t necessarily a bong accessory, but it’s still a stoner’s must-have. Grinders break down your flowers evenly so they burn smoothly.

Ground herb tends to hit better than herb broken up by hand. It’s also way better for rolling joints.

It’s easy to get a nice cherry going on a ground bowl. This Bougie Grinder even has a keif catcher. This way you can add a little extra something after you’ve been grinding a bit of herb.

5. Bong Bowl Screens

There’s only one downside to smoking bowls of ground herb. Sometimes the herb falls down the hole in the middle of the bowl. That’s where a bong bowl screen comes in.

A standard bowl screen is a little circle of metal mesh. They come in multipacks and are very cheap. However, some smokers do not like metal screens because they can affect the taste of the smoke.

For smokers who are all about the glass, check out these glass screens. They are little glass flowers that sit in the bottom of your bowl and keep ground flowers from getting sucked in.

6. Diffused Downstem

A diffused downstem is an easy way to upgrade a bong. Most bongs have three main parts: body, a bowl, and a downstem. The downstem is a tube of glass that connects the bowl o the water chamber.

A diffused downstem has little slits in the bottom. This way, the smoke gets forced into tiny bubbles. The more bubbles you have, the cooler the smoke gets.

Many higher end bongs already come with a diffused downstem.

This 18/18mm Diffused Downstem is made of borosilicate (scientific) glass. It comes in varying lengths between 3 and 6 inches depending on the depth of your bong.

7. Percolator

Ok, this isn’t really a bong accessory per say. A percolator or “perc” is a glass structure that is built into the bong to add extra diffusion to the smoke.

There are many different types of percolators.

If your bong lacks percs, there’s a couple things you can do. First, you can add a diffused downstem. If you happen to have a stemless bong, you can add an ash catcher. Our ash catcher all have a perc in them.

Our 10.5" Matrix Perc Beaker Bong is a great simple bong with great percs. It comes complete with a diffused downstem and an ice catcher.

8. Quartz Banger

These days it’s all about the dabs! Of course, you could always purchase a dab rig. However, there’s an easier way to turn the bong you already have into a dab rig. All you need is a quartz banger.

A quartz banger is a bucket-shaped bowl made of quartz. You heat it up with a blow torch, dab in the concentrate, take a huge hit. You may also want to get a carb cap to help you control the airflow of your dab.

We love this 14mm Male Quartz Banger. It’s made of 4mm thick quartz and does not require a carb cap to hit. It’s a great simple banger.

9. Bong Adapters and Converters

Ok sometimes you get an awesome bowl or a dope quartz banger, only to find it does not fit your bong. We’ve been there before, and we gotchu.

Bong adapters and converters are tubes of glass that have different standard bong sizes and joint types.

So if you’ve got an ash catcher with a 14mm joint and your bong’s downstem is 18mm, a converter can make the ash catcher usable. 

We’ve got a series of adapters and converters to meet any of your glassware needs.

10. Keck Clip

When you use your bong a lot, the joints around it can become sticky with resin. Sometimes when you try to pull the bowl off to clear the chamber, the downstem comes with it.

A keck clip is a simple piece of plastic that holds a glass joint together. You can use it to secure a downstem, an ash catcher, or anything else you’d want fastened safely to your bong.

We like this Keck Clip in particular because the lime green is very 90’s.

What’s The Best Bong Accessory? Editor’s Choice

Of course different bong accessories serve different purposes. But what’s the best bong accessory?

In our humble opinion, this ash catcher is a great addition to any bong. It keeps it cleaner and adds a percolator.

We’re also deeply fond of this quartz banger because it can easily convert your bong into a dab rig.

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