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10 Best Weed Mystery Boxes

10 Best Weed Mystery Boxes

For any stoner in your life, finding the perfect gift can be tough with so many choices of smoke products and accessories. A mystery box is the perfect present for anyone in your life (or yourself) who enjoys toking up.

Mystery boxes are efficiently priced, and allow the user to try out a variety of smoke products and accessories. While some mystery boxes come as a total mystery to the user, some on our list show what products are included. 

Here are the 10 Best Weed Mystery Boxes

Great for folks doing their Christmas or birthday shopping. Opening a mystery box let’s the smoker re-live that joyful childlike experience of getting a present filled with goodies and surprises.

Give the smoker’s gift of a lifetime and treat a friend to a fun filled experience of sifting through a goodie box with tons of smoke products, pieces, accessories or even snacks.

1. Badass Glass Mystery Box

Badass Glass Mystery Box

One of our favorites on this list is the mystery box designed by yours truly, Badass Glass.

This valuable mystery box is a perfect one-time purchase as it comes with a variety of top quality smoke products and accessories. There are three options to choose from: $25, $50 and $100 value boxes. There is something for every budget of smoker.

Users will find a delightful variety of products in all of Badass Glass mystery boxes which could include a bong, rolling tray, blunt wraps, roach holder and more.

There is a flower or concentrate option too depending on what kind of smoker you are! All products are handpicked from experts at Badass Glass in Southern California.

2. Etsy 420 Mystery Box

Etsy 420 Mystery Box

While many of the mystery boxes on this list come with a specific brand in mind, Etsy is a great platform when searching for unique, or vintage style weed boxes.

The options are really endless since products are handmade and sold by individual sellers. On top of this it helps to know you are supporting a small business owner. Prices range anywhere from $20-$100 and are flexible for every kind of budget. Boxes include a variety of products and smoke accessories including grinders, blunt wraps and even snacks.

With multiple kinds of brands to choose from, and the ability to see what is in many of the boxes, Etsy is your one stop shop for the perfect gift for any stoner in your life.

3. Koala Puffs Surprise Box

Koala Puffs Surprise Box

For a high-quality mystery box at a budget friendly price, look no further than Koality Mystery Box. This valuable box is a perfect gift for yourself or any loved one who enjoys toking up.

The 420/710 box is a balance of products for flower and concentrate lovers. Koala Puffs mystery box is only $65.99 at a $140 value, what a steal!

Although the boxes do not include any THC products, users will find a fun selection of rolling trays, papers, a banger, bong cleaner, smoke bag and even snacks.

Koala Puffs is a growing brand founded by Ukrainian influencer Anjela AKA “Koala Puffs”. Her blow up on social media helped her create this top-quality smoke brand, as well as her own cannabis/CBD line.

Want to receive more of Koala Puff products? They also have a subscription box where you can receive fun and new products each month.

4. The Weed Box


The Weed Box
The Weed Box is a premium cannabis retailer with modest prices for the everyday smoker. They have a variety of boxes to choose from with special kinds of products for every smoker including the Silicone Box, Beaker Box, Premium Box and their monthly special boxes that include designated themes with fun designs.


For pineapple lovers, their March 2023 box includes pineapple flavored blunt and joint wraps, a pineapple bong, mat, chillum pipe and more. Many of their sets even come with special accessories like keychains, socks or a t-shirt.

Their boxes will make the perfect birthday present or gift bag for your 420 themed party

5. Daily High Club Subscription Box

Daily High Club Subscription Box

With over 15 thousand monthly subscribers, including Chanel West Coast and Tommy Chong, the Daily High Club is one of the leading online retailers in the cannabis world. They offer tons of products including bongs, grinders, blunt wraps, and more.

One of their most popular items is their monthly subscription boxes. Users love the amount of products provided and that each month their is a new theme and line of products to choose from.

Users have the option of buying a one-time purchase or paying for 3, 6 or 12 months of monthly subscipritons. For $311, smokers can delight in a whole year’s worth of subscription mystery boxes! Talk about a steal.

For all your smoke needs check out one of their famous boxes such as the “El Primo”, which has less fancy packaging and more actual smoke products that the DHC stuffs to the brim. Their monthly boxes include a fun theme and design each month. Get taken out of this world with their March themed box. It includes a Martian themed bong, flower bowl, nail, glow in the dark carb cap, grinder and more.

6. World of Bongs Mystery Box

World of Bongs Mystery Box

World of Bongs is a global network of innovative smoke pieces, creative artists, and cannabis advocates.

They take pride in offering some of the most dependable, and trustworthy smoke technology and brands on the market; including Grav Labs, OCB, Puffco Peak, and RAW cones.

Not only do they specialize in crazy cool bongs, but their mystery boxes are designed to delight smokers of flower and concentrates. Filled with tons of goodies, they offer valued mystery boxes at $25, $50, $100, $150, $200 and even $500!

Each box has products that are hand-selected by the their team of cannabis connoisseurs. There is a flower or concentrate option depending on the kind of smoker you are. Whether you are looking to make a one-time purchase, or subscribe to monthly boxes, various options are available. 

World of Bongs have built a community of cannabis appreciators, glass artists, canna advocates, and retailers alike. They work with tons of people worldwide, including all 50 US states. Founded in 2012 as a small online head shop, WOB has grown with their customers into a globally famous brand with one of the largest inventories. With over 400,000 loyal Instagram followers, their verified reviews speak for themselves.

7. Stoney Babe Box

Stoney Babe Box

For feminine souls and women in the canna world, you have to check out The Stoney Babe. This online headshop is dedicated to women in the weed world looking for extra cute products and female owned products and businesses.

Their mystery boxes are great for a one-time purchase or easily subscribe to them as well. Each box comes with 7-12 smoke accessories (all produced by small, female owned businesses). In the boxes users will find flavored wraps, grinders, weed containers, jewelry, soaps, crystas and other fun handmade goods.

Boxes can be internationally shipped and do not contain any THC/cannabis products. Boxes are valued at $60-$120 so there is something for every budget of smoker.

The Stoney Babe has built a female-led community of smokers worldwide offering only the cutest and hand-made products. They offer bongs, one-hitters, chillums and other products for all your smoking needs. They also provide educational blogs, tutorials and other handmade goods (non-cannabis related) that will make the perfect gift for any stoner babe in your life.

8. Nugg Club Cannabis Subscription Box

Nugg Club Cannabis Subscription Box

For cannabis lovers that are hoping to open some actual cannabis products, Nugg Club offers one of the only THC-cannabis boxes.

Whether you're in the mood to Wake n’ Bake, or for a Night Flight, they have a mystery box for both Indica or Sativa lovers.

Each box comes filled with about 12 grams worth of products. Boxes include two different cuts of flower, a pre-roll, cart and edible. This California based subscription service ensures you get premium weed delivered on a monthly basis.

9. The Hemper Box

The Hemper Box

Looking for a high-value cannabox that doesn't break your bank? The Hemper Box is loved by tons of cannabis users for providing boxes worth over $100, for a retail value of only $39.99. They have been featured in High Times, Forbes, Reddit and more for their high-quality pieces at affordable prices.

Each box contains 10+ pieces hand-picked by their in-house team to ensure you are only getting the best products. They have tons of themes to choose from, and some favorites include their Jollipop Rig Box, Happy Cactus Bong Box, Movie Box, Dankenstein Box and more.

The process is super easy, simply choose what box you like, the frequency of delivery and payment and it will be shipped to you in no time.

10. Cannabox Weed Box Subscription

Cannabox Weed Box
Cannabox is the nation's leading cannabis subscription service and they pride themselves on crafting high quality subscription boxes to keep the fun flowing among the cannabis community.

Their subscription service was one of the first and is the perfect idea for any 420 lovers in your life. This adds something special to every cannabis lover's month, as they always have something to look forward to. Their in-house product team has tons of fun putting together specialized themed boxes and ensuring customers are getting only the highest quality pieces and accessories for their collection.

Founded in 2012, they started out as a small online retailer that saw the need for there to be more versatility in the online headshop world. Once they saw there was no monthly service where people could try new and various products and began building an idea customers loved.

Cannaboxes are packed with tons of goodies that are sure to make any anime fan happy. Most of their subscription boxes come with 6-8 pieces and always include a glass piece, t-shirt and other accessories. People have been known to get rolling trays, glass blunts, lighters, and more as well.

What Are Stoner Mystery Boxes?

Stoner mystery boxes are a great way to try a wide variety of smoke products, accessories and more. Mystery boxes come usually with a piece to smoke out of (maybe a dab rig or bong, depending on if you get a flower or concentrate). They also come with a selection of accessories such as a grinder, blunt wraps, joint papers, cleaners, lighters, etc.

Some mystery boxes even include t-shirts, snacks or keychains. They tend to be modestly priced and it’s easy to find boxes anywhere from $20 reaching over $200+.

Pros and Cons of Weed Mystery Boxes:

Before buying a weed subscription box it is common for many users to weigh out the pros and the cons. Of course, weed boxes aren’t made for everyone, so it is important to know what your preference of smoking is.


  • Users often get products inside the box at a lower price than their retail value. In many ways, boxes allow users to try out a variety of products at a budget-friendly price.
  • Most boxes can be easily delivered to the home, think cannabis without having to go anywhere!
  • You get to have a fun surprise, but customization is also possible! If you are a flower heavy smoker or concentrates smoker, there is a box made for everyone.


  • Just like surprise boxes may be a pro for some, others may not like having the choice taken out of what they want. It is always possible to get content you don’t use or need.
  • Too many filler items can sometimes cause disappointment such as socks, snacks, stickers or small accessories that you may not prefer. 


What is a 420 box?

A 420 box is a box filled with various kinds of smoke products and tools. They allow users to try out a wide variety of weed related accessories that they didn't know they wanted.

Are weed subscription boxes legal?

Yes, weed subscription boxes are perfectly legal as long as their is no THC products in them (which a majority of them do not have). Some weed boxes that do contain THC products are only able to be shipped to certain states that are legal such as California or Colorado.

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