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37 Best Christmas Gifts For Stoners + Stocking Stuffers!

37 Best Christmas Gifts For Stoners + Stocking Stuffers!

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the stoner in your life? Let us help you out!

Since the rise of recreational marijuana in the USA and Canada, weed paraphernalia has expanded to a lot more than paper, bongs, and pipes.

In fact, marijuana paraphernalia and cannabis-themed treats are no longer reserved for smoke and grow shops – you can now grab it all online!

As well as tools, merch, and stoner gadgets there are plenty of other gifts to help enhance, intensify or transform someone’s high – from relaxation coloring books to portable ashtrays.

Whatever your budget, here is our list of the best Christmas gifts to surprise your favorite stoner this holiday season.

1. Stoner Activity Book

This psychedelic coloring book is the perfect gift for a stoner looking to recreate that spacey new-to-weed high that they haven’t felt in years.

Coloring books are a great relaxation and mindfulness tool – and adding weed to the mix only helps you to completely relax and zone out. Got a buddy who’s been feeling stressed – we’ve got your back.


2. Nugg Club Subscription

What’s better than weed? Weed you didn’t have to pay for of course. If you want to treat your stoner pal with the absolute best gift possible – why not pick up the bill?

With Nugg Club, simply select your buddy’s favorite way to consume, and once a month they will send him a weed mystery box of samples – right to his door.


3. Four Twenty Rolling Tray

We all have that friend whose coffee table is covered in seeds, papers, resin, stalk, and his tools – don’t let them live like that man!

A rolling tray is the best gift you can give the messy stoner in your life this year, and you’ll be finally cleaning off that damn coffee table at the same time.


4. Penis Pipe

Know someone who grabs life by the balls? They’ll enjoy this pipe!

Carved from onyx this phallic-shaped pipe is the perfect joke gift for anyone who loves a penis, a penis joke, or when you want to make things awkward for the office Christmas Santa.


5. Weed Smell Eliminating Products from Cannabolish 

Know a stoner who’s still living with Mom and Dad, stuck in a dorm, or got nosey neighbors? The smell of weed is – unfortunately – the biggest giveaway, especially when smoking or making edibles.

But there’s a hack for that. Cannabolish offers a whole range of smell-eliminating stoner tools – from candles to sprays.


6. E-Lighter from Green Jay

Following on from our last gift, some people simply can’t smoke inside due to pets, kids, or rental agreements and the great outdoors is the only way.

But what about when it’s windy? Don’t let your buddy struggle any longer – change his life with a wind-proof lighter and prevent him from burning his thumb for that sneaky nighttime rip.


7. Stoner Apparel from StonerDays

How do you know when someone is a stoner? They’ll tell you! And what better way to do it than with stoner apparel?

Now that marijuana is legal in much of Northern America, dressing as a walking, talking cannabis leaf is totally acceptable. Get your favorite stoner a special Holiday Sweater this year featuring a weed-themed Christmas crossover.


8. Mini Weed Grinder

Everyone knows metal grinders are better and NO-ONE needs to be accidentally packing plastic fragments into their joints or bowls from a plastic one.

If you know someone struggling with a plastic grinder this Christmas, do their lungs a favor and upgrade them to a metal one, please! Mini grinders like these are small, portable, and affordable – and the teeth won’t snap off into your herb.


9. CBD Bath Bomb

Ok so hear me out, I thought there was nothing better in the world than smoking in the bath – turns out, I was wrong. CBD bath bombs guys! Just chuck one in the tub and take an (already amazing) high bath to a whole new, space-like, level.

CBD is absorbed through the skin, providing all-over body relief, and enhancing your marijuana high – we genuinely can’t think of a better gift!


10. Cannabis Art Prints from Society6

For the weed smoker who has everything, finding the perfect weed-related gift can feel impossible. But fear not, weed art is a great way to nod at their hobby – without buying something they already have or would never use.

Bonus points, the prints look dope as F and when people ask about them, you’re the cool arty friend who came up with this genius gift!


11. Ganjaland Board Game

There are few things better than a board game after a smoking sesh. But what about weed-related board games while smoking weed? Weedception, if you will.

This 420-themed novelty board game will keep your blazed friend and pals entertained for hours.


12. Marijuana Lamp from Etsy

Weed lamps are a great way for decorating a smoking space. Help your mate recreate a coffee shop vibe at home, with a weed lamp.

More and more people, especially those with pets and kids, keep smoking, vaping, or growing to one room at home – so why not make it cute and comfortable?


13. Dab Tool Set

Which one of your stoner friends is the one who loses his lighter, vape, or dab tool every single time? We know the gift for that.

This dab tool set contains absolutely everything you need for dabs with 5 different tools, inside a sealable silicone case that won’t break if dropped – perfect, right?


14. Puff Puff Pass Card Game

This card game was made for stoners, by stoners, when stoned.

Promising to make you laugh, tapping into stoner culture, and providing entertainment that will keep the bowl rotating – it’s a great gift for even the occasional stoner.


15. Marijuana Grow Kit

Growing weed is like being the CEO of stoners, especially if that sh*t actually gets you high!

If you have a stoner in your life who loves absolutely everything about weed but has made feeble attempts at growing backyard weed – this grow kit (with everything needed for a grow) is a great place to point them in the right direction for their next attempt.


16. Blazer Big Buddy Torch

If you have a friend who loves dabs, you’ll know you can never have enough torches – because igniters tend to fail after a few short months.

That said, not all torches are the same and if you want to get your buddy a torch that will last – no matter how many times he hits the dab rig every day – this is the torch for you.


17. Christmas Card from kushkards

Looking for the perfect Christmas card to send with your chosen stoner gift?

These 420-friendly themed holiday cards are the perfect way to send your best wishes to the pothead in your life.


18. Bong Appetit Cookbook

Remember the good old days when edibles were dodgy brownies without even an attempt at dosage? Yea, we don’t risk that anymore.

Cooking with weed has become hugely popular – thanks to Netflix, availability and the changes in legislation around weed. Now rather than a mud-tasting sugary snack – entire three-course meals can be created. A great gift for a stoner who gets creative in the kitchen.


19. Backwoods Blunt Glue

Got a friend who slobbers all up the blunt trying to seal it? – It happens to the best of us. I never thought I would say this but thank F for COVID and the awareness of how GROSS the smoking spit is that came with it.

Without COVID, we might never have developed Blunt Glue. As Gluegar says – stop smoking spit! Gift your favorite sloppy blunt roller the gift of blunt glue this holiday season.


20. Gourmet Popcorn Snacks

One word. Munchies. We all get them, we all have our favorites, and we’ve all eaten some questionable snacks at desperate times (looking at you, dry cereal).

I cannot begin to express how much a “munchie stash” means to stoners, and how grateful they will be for the gift. This gourmet popcorn gift set offers the perfect mix of no-hassle, sweet and savory snacks for stoners.


21. Coffee & Weed Mug

The famous wake and bake. You either love it or you hate it – but for most stoners, there is absolutely nothing better.

This mug-pipe combo kills two birds with one stone when looking for that perfect early morning hit. Simply fill it with your favorite hot drink, load your bowl in the front of the mug, and smoke through the opening at the top of the handle. Stoner genius.


22. Silicone Rubber Ashtray

Buying for a clumsy stoner? Silicone is the way forward.

Metal ashtrays get too hot and glass and porcelain ashtrays shatter when dropped. But silicone bounces, doesn’t break and can be picked up and put back on the table.


23. Brownie Mix (if you haven’t tried this brand, you need to)

Edible brownies are the OG of all edible marijuana and regular brownies are the OG of stoner munchies. Basically, brownies = good.

This brownie mix is literally the sh*t when it comes to brownie mixes and it makes the perfect gift for your 420-friendly pals who can make the perfect high treat or the perfect treat to get high with!


24. Mini Banger Hanger by Boss Glass

Dab rigs are becoming increasingly popular – but they’re not all made with the same love and care.

This Mini Banger Hanger dab rig is one of the best-built designs we have ever seen. Small, well-built, and affordable this dab rig is great for those new to the dab world as well as the OGs.


25. Lava Lamp

Remember the groovy lava lamps of the swinging 60s? Well, they’re back, they’re better than ever and they are the perfect gift for your favorite stoner.

Create your own, mix it up with glitter or wax – hell, go all out and buy one that towers at 27” – we think these novelty gifts are a great stoner surprise this holiday season.


26. Weed Themed Socks from Good Luck Sock

Is Christmas even Christmas if you don’t get at least one pair of socks?

If you’re stuck for gifts for a stoner this holiday season, 420-themed socks are a practical and fun gift!  


27. Mini Beaker Bong by Diamond Glass

A pint-sized bong for discreet stoners. If you have a friend looking for a little, discreet bong that can be hidden away easily and is portable – the Mini Breaker Bong is great.

At just 8 inches tall, it can be safely stored away from prying eyes while still providing a clean, smooth hit – every single time.


28. Smokebuddy Personal Air Filter

Smoke Buddies are perhaps the best way to filter the smell of weed smoke. When you take a hit, simply blow into the device and the smoked is filtered inside, so clean odorless air comes out the other end.

If you have friends in dorms, stuck at home or living in house shares these can be an absolute God send for not getting caught.


29. Odor-Proof Stash Caddy

Even in legal states you don’t always  want to advertise you have your stash on you – especially during the holiday season visiting families or work functions.

This lockable, smell proof caddy is perfect for both keeping the smell in and people out!


30. Mystery Box by Badass Glass

Still stuck for ideas? Don’t worry, we got you.

This mystery box will make a great gift. What’s inside? That’s the mystery – but it’ll be ram packed with stoner goodies, such as bongs, pipes, grinders, nails, and containers worth up to double the price of the box.  

Stoner Stocking Stuffers

Not all gifts you give at Christmas must be huge, extravagant, or over-priced. In fact, this year everyone is struggling a little bit more than usual – but that doesn’t mean you can’t choose great, well-thought-out gifts for your 420-friendly buds.

Stoner stocking stuffers are much smaller than traditional gifts, and often a lot more budget-friendly – but this list of great stocking fillers will mean just as much as the bigger gifts under the tree!


1. Giant Bud Necklace 

This novelty Giant Bud Necklace looks like a real dank bud that’s been perfectly trimmed and packed full of crystals.

The perfect accessory for anyone working in the marijuana industry, who frequents festivals or just loves the devil’s lettuce in general.


2. Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner for Quartz Bangers 

Buying for someone with a quartz banger? Help them keep their quartz banger looking brand new – no matter how often they hit it – with this Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner.

The special formula penetrates the resin and keeps dabber banger looking as good as new always!


3. 100 Dollar Bill Rolling Papers

Novelty smoking papers are always a good stoner gift – because believe it or not we all forget to stock up on them. Save the stoner in your life from a late-night trip to the gas station with these fun 100 dollar bill papers.

These papers look light a real note, complete with the blue strip and are perfect for a stoner gatherings and parties.


4. Zig Zag Rolling Machine

We all know someone who can’t roll for sh*t – don’t let them waste their weed on loose, falling-apart joints and blunts anymore. Get them a rolling machine.

There is no shame in not being able to roll and this Zig Zag rolling machine will ensure every single join your buddy rolls will be perfect every single time.


5. 10-in-1 Multi Dabber Tool

Dabbing multitools are perfect for the stoner who loses everything attachable by a keyring, this multi-tool looks and works like a Swiss Army Knife – but with tools for dabbing (we love stoner engineering) – and better still, anyone else will just think it’s a regular multitool.

This gift is great for anyone who enjoys dabbing discreetly and doesn’t want a house full of smoking tools.


6. Bracelet Pipe

Festivals and weed smoking go hand in hand, but even in legal states, it’s not always the best idea to carry pipes, bongs, and other paraphernalia through security checks. This pipe bracelet helps you to keep things on the down-low, while still allowing you to partake in your favorite pastime.

Simply unscrew your bracelet at the metal clasp, load and light one end, and use the end with the wooden mouthpiece to inhale – then simply empty and screw it back together.


7. King Palm Mango OG Pre Rolled Cones

Rolling blunts can take a lot of skill and not everyone has the time or patience to learn – but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve delicious juicy blunts!

These pre-rolled, tobacco and nicotine-free wraps are made using natural palm leaves with natural fruit flavoring – and they’re pre-rolled into cones, just waiting to be unwrapped and filled on Christmas morning!


No matter what gift you choose for the stoner in your life this Christmas, remember it’s the thought that counts! Check all laws for marijuana consumption in your state before participating.

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