Best Bong Cleaners

Best Bong Cleaners

Dirty bongs look gross, smell gross, and taste gross. Cleaning your piece is a daunting task, though. Luckily, there are a number of specialized solutions designed to make cleaning your bong easier. Bong cleaners come in a variety of formulas, all promising quick, easy results. Which is the best bong cleaner, though? This article explores the different ways to clean your bong and suggests three of our favorite bong cleaners for both flower and oil resin.

Alcohol Solution

The original bong cleaner itself, isopropyl alcohol. This old standby has been helping stoners clean their glass for decades, and for good reason. Rubbing alcohol is amazingly effective at loosening resin from glass. In fact, isopropyl alcohol effectively dissolves resin, turning it into a goopy liquid form. The benefit of this is that resin can be simply rinsed out with water after soaking in alcohol.

The only downside to using rubbing alcohol as opposed to other bong cleaners is time. Typically, you need to soak your bong in alcohol for at least an hour to loosen caked-on resin. This is in contrast to specialized bong cleaners, which take just minutes to work.

How to Use Isopropyl Alcohol to Clean Your Bong

First, buy the highest percentage of iso alcohol you can find. The purer the alcohol, the better it cleans. Next, fill your bong’s chamber with the alcohol, plug or hold the mouthpiece and joint, then “swish” the alcohol around the bong until it coats the interior. If your bong is really dirty, don’t hesitate to fill it to the brim with alcohol - the best part about using isopropyl alcohol is how cheap it is. You may also add coarse salt to the mix to help removed solid pieces. Salt will NOT damage your glass.

Another tip is to warm the alcohol in the microwave before using it. Warm alcohol works even faster than alcohol at room temperature. Just be careful and only microwave in increments of 15 seconds until the alcohol is warm, since alcohol has a lower boiling point than water and you don’t want a microwave full of alcohol splatter.

Finally, leave your bong to soak for at least an hour. Dirtier bongs take more time. When the soak is finished, rinse the bong with water until all the resin is washed away and there’s no alcohol smell. Very dirty bongs may need another round of alcohol treatment.

Top 3 Best Bong Cleaners

Alcohol works well, but specialized bong cleaners work even better. Bong cleaners tend to be quicker and more effective than alcohol alone. Here are our favorite bong cleaners for every type of smoker.

Best All-in-One Bong Cleaner: Formula 420 Original Cleaner

Sick of leaving your pipes to soak over night? Formula 420 Original Cleaner, or just 420 Cleaner as it’s commonly known, is one of the fastest bong cleaners around. This strong solution contains large, coarse salt in addition to other resin-melting chemicals which leave your glass looking brand new in under 5 minutes. Just be sure to shake the bottle before using 420 Cleaner to ensure you get a good mix of salt and liquid.

420 Cleaner is a favorite among veteran stoners for its ability to clean heavily soiled pieces in addition to its quick-acting ingredients. It’s also relatively cheap compared to other specialty bong cleaners. You really can’t go wrong with the popular and widely available 420 Cleaner.

Best Natural Bong Cleaner: Grunge Off

For something a little more environmentally friendly, Grunge Off is our favorite natural bong cleaner. This biodegradable solution uses no abrasives (like salt), no harsh-smelling chemicals, and is easy on your skin. Importantly, none of that makes Grunge Off any less potent. In fact, we think Grunge Off cleans as well or better than 420 Cleaner. As if that weren’t enough, Grunge Off only takes minutes to work and is reusable up to 15 times!

The only downside is that Grunge Off is more expensive than other brands. There are cheaper natural bong cleaners out there, but none of them clean as well as Grunge Off.

Best Rig Cleaner: Randy’s Black Label

Oil resin can be trickier and stickier than plain flower resin. And while most bong cleaners still work okay on rigs, not all are safe to use on titanium, quartz, or ceramic. That’s why we recommend Randy’s Black Label. It’s more expensive than other cleaners, but it works flawlessly on any common dabbing material. Clean your nails and rigs with the same solution and striking results.

The most impressive thing about Randy’s Black Label is how quickly it works. Regardless of the complexity of your piece, Randy’s melts caked-on oil resin in just minutes for a sparkling clean rig.

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