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15 Best Rolling Trays: 2023 Ultimate List

15 Best Rolling Trays: 2023 Ultimate List

No matter what you smoke or how you smoke it, weed can be a bit messy, meaning rolling trays are the essential stoner item.

Whether you smoke blunts, rip bongs, or hit dab rigs, you always need a handful of things to make it happen. Having all your smoking paraphernalia in the same place – especially as a stoner – makes life and getting high easier.  

If you’re a blunt smoker, your rolling tray will likely have papers, blunt wraps, card for filters/roaches, a lighter, and of course, your flower. Bong and pipe smokers are likely to have a collection of bowls and screens, as well as a lighter and either flower or concentrates.

When it comes to smoking dabs, your “rolling tray” becomes more of a station, housing all the tools you need for dab rigs. While no rolling is necessary for dabs, rolling trays are a great place to store your torch, nail, and concentrates – and prep your rig without making a mess.

Rolling trays also come in handy for those trimming bud, pre-rolling for events, or pretty much any kind of weed prep – and being on a tray, it can be quickly stashed away and stored discreetly, should your grandma turn up for a surprise visit.

Don’t have a tray yet? What are you waiting for?

15 Best Rolling Trays for Weed

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different rolling trays on the market – so how do you choose the best one for your needs?

Whether you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful tray or something a little more luxurious, here is our guide to the best rolling tray for you or the stoner in your life.

1. RAW Lap Rolling Tray XXL

RAW is perhaps the most famous brand of papers in the world, known for excellent quality and natural ingredients – and they also offer their own range of smoking accessories too.

For example, the XXL Lap Rolling Tray is an oversized tray, like a dinner tray with legs that sit on either side of your lap.

The legs can be folded away for table use and storage, and the tray itself is probably one of the biggest on the market – great for rolling or trimming large quantities.

2. Maple Tray - Best Ceramic Rolling Tray 

Not all rolling trays have to scream “hey we smoke weed here”. This Maple Tray for example looks more like a piece of art, than a rolling station.

Molded from the bark of a real Maple tree from Toronto’s High Park, this ceramic tray is crafted from locally sourced clay. They tray also houses a built-in grinder and is the perfect gift for a stoner who likes the finer things in life.

3. Pearl ZTray - Best Luxury Rolling Tray

Luxury rolling trays add a nice touch to your smoking sessions, especially if you regularly host. The ZTray has a minimalist design that can’t be immediately identified as a rolling tray.

Z’s Life also produces and sells their own brand of paper books – both sizes they sell slot into the recessed sections on the ZTray. This rolling tray wouldn’t look out of place on even the most luxurious of coffee tables.

4. Yellow Jelly - Best Fancy Rolling Tray

This durable, acrylic-based rolling tray is built to last. This brightly colored tray has a raised edge to prevent spillage and your favorite grinder rolling off the table.

The tray is built from bright yellow jelly acrylic and should bounce rather than shatter if you accidentally knock it off your lap. The material is easy to clean and is suitable for both beginners to the rolling world and the OGs.

5. Acacia Wooden Stash Box - Best All-In-One Rolling Tray 

Not everyone like to announce they smoke with a giant rolling tray on the coffee table when you walk into their home. Some people have kids, pets, and parents whom they’d rather keep their stash away from.

Whatever your reason for wanting a discreet rolling station, stash boxes are one of the most popular options.

This all-in-one wooden stash box is lockable and keeps everything you need to smoke – locked up safely inside it. Handmade from premium-grade bamboo, the lid of the box can be flipped over and used as a multi-functioning rolling tray with ceramic components, well as the box itself is sectioned off, helping you to organize your stash and accessories.

6. Dad Grass - Best Classy Rolling Tray

Looking for a classic, no-frills rolling tray that just does what it’s meant to? Choose Dad Grass. At first glance this simple tray might not look like much, but the design is decades old and has been fine-tuned over the years.

Now the tray is the perfect “not-too-big-not-too-small” size, with smoothed sides so you wont waste any of your flower and it’s super easy to clean.

7. Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray - Most Unique

The Blazy Susan is the most unique rolling tray on our list because you can customize it to your exact needs. Made from birch wood, the Blazy Susan is a rotating circular tray split into different compartments.

Each compartment can be further customized with silicone add-ons, such as ashtrays, bowl cleaners, dab mats, and dab stations, while other compartments are perfectly sized for grinders, lighters, papers, concentrate jars, and pre-rolls.

8. Rolling Tray with Lid

If you find yourself often smoking on the go, a tray with a lid is probably the best choice for you.

Especially handy for hikers and campers, this tray is also ideal for anyone who needs to hide their stash away in a hurry.

The tray and lid seal with magnets, and the artwork is resistant to fading, peeling, or chipping – a problem sometimes found with metal trays. Customize your rolling tray with a silicone mat, making it perfect for dabs.

9. Folding Rolling Tray - Best Portable & Travel

While trays with lids and stash boxes are a great way to store weed and your accessories while you’re on the go, they’re not always practical – especially if you’re hiking, at a festival, or traveling long distances.

This simple folding tray weighs next to nothing and can be slipped into a pocket, taking up almost no space at all.

Made from paper the tray folds down to not much bigger than a credit card – ideal for rolling on the go.

10. Glow Tray - Coolest Rolling Tray

Looking for a unique tray that you’ll be able to find while you stumble around in the dark to roll your last one for the night?

This Glow Tray is the world’s first LED rolling tray with lights – meaning you don’t need to turn the lights on to roll.

The tray has 6 multicolored LED lights and features “party mode” as well as the range of colors. The tray can be charged using a USB-C charger and comes with a suede bag to store the tray when it’s not in use.

11. MOODTRAYS - Best Custom Rolling Tray

MOODTRAYS also produce an LED light up tray. The LED lights can be set in seven different colors, customized to your own personal tastes.

The tray comes with your own design, simply choose the photo or design you want, and MOODTRAYS will print it onto your rolling tray making it one of a kind.

The tray comes with a suede bag for transport, can be recharged via USB, and has raised edges to keep everything in it’s place when in use and in storage.

12. Ryot - Best Wood Rolling Tray

Wooden rolling trays are often preferred by those looking for a more natural option when it comes to smoking paraphernalia.

This walnut wood tray is handcrafted and finished with linseed oil and is one of the most natural trays on the market.

The raised edges are “over-vert” making it easy to scoop your flower into a paper or blunt wrap, while the convenient corner funnel also helps loading papers, cones, and bowls. This mid-sized tray is perfect for storing away, and taking on your travels.

13. SINSEMILLA - Best Designer Rolling Tray

Crafted from porcelain and using real gold, this rolling tray is a work of art. It can be purchased alone, or with add-ons like a matching rainbow cannabis leaf ashtray, and storage jar.

Produced by Jonathan Adler, this designer rolling tray is perfect for the stoner who likes the finer things in life.

14. RAW Backflip Bamboo Magnet Rolling Tray

Our article previously mentions a RAW rolling tray, however this one is different. Created from Bamboo, this limited-edition striped rolling tray was created with weed in mind.

Featuring compartments for dab tools, filters, papers, and cones, it’s the perfect small rolling tray and by everyone’s favorite smoking brand.

15. Four Twenty Weed Tray

Looking for a classic tray that’s affordable, can be thrown around without damage, and will last a lifetime? This metal rolling tray doesn’t claim to be anything but an upgrade from the back of your old textbooks.

Featuring raised edges and a four20 logo, it’s a simple but great rolling tray – no matter what you smoke.

What to Look For When Buying A Rolling Tray

What to look for in a rolling tray differs from person to person, and what one stoner might “need” on their tray, could be the last thing another stoner wants. When choosing a tray, how it will be used is the first thing you need to take into consideration.

Where will it live? Do you need it to be discreet? Do you need it to be kid-friendly? Is it for rolling – or is it for bongs/dabs? What does your budget look like? Will you be traveling with it?

Size of The Rolling Tray

When deciding on what size rolling tray to go for, the first thing you need to consider is how portable you need your tray to be. For example, if you find yourself rolling on the go a lot a smaller more portable tray with a lid is probably a better option for you.

If you strictly smoke at home around your coffee table, have no one you need to hide your stash from and you smoke most days, choosing a larger rolling tray that can take pride of place in your living room might be a better choice.

Rolling Tray Material

Rolling trays come in plenty of different materials, from types of metal to wood and types of plastic like acrylic and resin. What you choose is up to you. Wooden trays are often the most natural product to use, well as acrylic and other plastics are more durable.

Both wooden and plastic trays pose a higher risk of being burned, especially if you plan on heating concentrates, or adding an ashtray to your rolling station. Metal trays are lightweight and easy to clean, but it only takes a couple of knocks to leave them permanently dented – however, they won’t burn or melt if your touch gets too close or your ashtray gets too hot.

Rolling Tray Addons

Some rolling trays are much more than a simple rolling tray. With a range of accessories and different compartments for different types of flower and concentrate, some trays are a lot more advanced.

You can buy trays with pre-added mods direct from different suppliers from all over, but often buying your own add-ons will tailor the tray to you, rather than opting for a more expensive “one-size-fits-all” purchase.

Some of the add-ons to consider for your rolling tray include:

  • Lighter storage
  • Paper storage
  • Tips and tool storage
  • Mixing tray (smaller tray to mix/prepare flower on)
  • Rolling machine

Lifted Edges

Lifted edges are not something that strikes you as important until you’ve knocked your grinder off the table and watched (through squinted eyes and with your fingers crossed) it roll the length of your living room and open onto your floor.

Whether you’re a clumsy stoner or not, we all make a little mess at times when rolling or prepping bongs and rigs – choosing a tray with lifted edges simply helps contain that potential mess and prevent a larger cleanup than necessary.

If you’re thinking about buying a rolling tray for your smoking needs, choose the tray that works for you. Remember to check individual state laws before taking part in the consumption of marijuana in the USA.

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