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10 Best Carb Caps for Dab Rigs

10 Best Carb Caps for Dab Rigs

Finding the perfect carb cap can be difficult when you are new to the world of dabbing. Carb caps are essential to any long-term dabber’s smoke regimen because it helps direct airflow to ensure stronger, cleaner, and tastier dab hits.

Carb caps work by directing airflow to pull as much concentrate from the surface of the banger as possible and turn it to vapor. They are placed over the banger of the dab rib after heating up to keep airflow moving steady.

This helps you feel the full flavor and effect of each hit. Overall, a high-quality carb cap will help improve delivery of terpenes when dabbing.

Regardless of the size, material, or price budget you’re looking for, we have you covered below with 10 of the best carb caps available.

Top 10 Carb Caps

Whether you’re looking for a particular aesthetic, brand, or type of carb cap; below we have curated a list with some of the best caps around and what each has to offer for every kind of dabber.

1. Best Carb Cap for Terp Pearls

Terp Top Carb Cap

Terp pearls are a great addition to your carb cap that will help you ensure you get the maximum amount of concentrate from each and every hit.

Carb caps work by spinning the terp pearls (usually made of glass) around the banger to ensure concentrate is lifted from the surface and vaporized.

The Terp Top carb cap for 25 mm bangers by AFM is made for large bangers and has a wide surface area that allows for optimal airflow.


  • Fits 25mm-30mm bangers
  • Long handle for burn resistance
  • Thick glass for quick heat up
  • Large surface area for distribution of terp pearls

Ideal for Dabbers Who utilize terp pearls and want to get as much concentrate out of every dab as possible! Get this today for over 40% off!

 2. Best Carb Cap for Bangers

Borosilicate Carb Cap

One of the most versatile carb caps is Badass Glass’s durable borosilicate cap, great for quartz bangers.

This is a clean and minimal piece, that matches any rig and is perfect for any level of dabber.

Designed with various details in mind, it even has a 4-inch handle ensuring your hands won’t get too close to the heat.


  • 5mm thick glass
  • 4-inch handle for burn resistance
  • Made in USA

Ideal for Dabbers Who value a versatile and durable cap for a variety of dabbers, from beginner to veteran smokers. This is a bang for your buck at only $18. 

3. Dual Directional Carb Cap

Vortex Carb Cap

This double spouted Vortex carb cap is made of thick, high quality glass.

It provides great airflow, ensuring concentrates are spun all around the banger leaving you with tasty hits. Get this today on sale for $24.


  • Dual directional airflow
  • Clean dabbing
  • Bright green glass

Ideal for Dabbers Who are veteran dabbers looking to maximize their vapor production and get the best taste of terpenes out of every hit possible!

4. Unique Carb Cap

Radioactive Carb Cap

Blast off into the world of dabbing with this detail-oriented, “radioactive” carb cap.

Designed to look like an atomic bomb, the UV reactive glass will bring this piece to life under blacklight.

Check this artistic piece out today for $44.  


  • UV Reactive glass piece glows in dark
  • Thick borosilicate glass
  • Perfect for flat bangers

Ideal for Dabbers Who want a great piece for dabbers looking for an efficient bubble cap and unique design.

5. Cutest Carb Cap

Pineapple Carb Cap

A well-designed and refreshing carb cap that will add color and fun to your dab rig.

This pineapple carb cap is the perfect vacation or party vibe for social smoke sessions.

Cap is on sale today for $34 and designed to ensure directional airflow.


  • Great for flat top bangers
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Colorful & unique design

Ideal for Dabbers Who want to feel like SpongeBob with this nostalgic carb cab, a great accessory for dabbers that have always dreamed of smoking out of a pineapple.

6. Coolest Carb Cap

Trippy Alien Carb Cap

Blast off into another world when dabbing with this trippy alien carb cap.

This UV reactive, glass cap will glow in the dark under black light and luminate the small alien fixture.

A truly out of this world experience for $45 by Empire Glass!


  • UV Reactive glass piece glows in dark
  • Thick borosilicate glass
  • Perfect for flat bangers

Ideal for Dabbers Who want a unique piece and are looking to add a funky, space-themed carb cap to their collection.

7. Best Custom Carb Cap

Customized Carb Cap

For smokers looking to have a more personalized carb cab with funky color and unique graphics. Badass glass has you covered!

This carb cap has an elegant design and is the perfect gift for smokers. With custom designs and playful aesthetics, it’s amazing this carb cap is only $22.


  • Standard 25 mm bubble cap
  • Shaped for quartz nail
  • Custom design choices make this an ideal gift for concentrate smokers

Ideal for Dabbers Who are looking to add a unique and artistic piece to their collection or give a gift to a lover of grass. Smokers can expect to find colorful and custom pieces by Badass Glass!

8. Best Carb Cap for Puffco Peak

Carb Cap for Puffco Peak

For puffco peak holders, this carb cap is top of the line for the peak atomizer.

Designed to fit snuggly over the top and provide flavorful, smooth hits.

This is a fan favorite and one of the only trusted carb caps for a puffco peak. Get it for only $16 today.


  • Safe for puffco peak atomizer
  • Unique design + ombre color
  • Smooth and flavorful hits

Ideal for Dabbers Who own a puffco peak and want a trusted, quality carb cap that is designed to work specifically with this powerful electronic dab rig.

9. Best Directional Airflow Carb Cap

Directional Airflow Carb Cap

This efficiently designed carb cap is sure to be a pleaser when you drop it on any standard-sized banger.

Designed to optimize airflow and give you the maximum flavor of terpenes out of every hit.

This is a great piece for pro dabbers to add to their collection, and it’s only $20!


  • Directional airflow
  • Funky colors
  • Effective design

Ideal for Dabbers Who are looking to maximize their hits and save product.

10. Best Spinner Carb Cap

Spinner Carb Cap

Unique, handcrafted, and made of thick borosilicate glass.

The ultimate spinner carb cap sits on a standard 25 mm bucket and is prone to cracking or shattering at high temps.

This elegant, glass piece retains heat well and will give dabbers all the powerful flavors of their terpenes. A must have today for only $22!


  • Thick, borosilicate glass
  • Resistant to cracking
  • 25 mm
  • Five-star reviews

Ideal for Dabbers Who who want to add a fine glass piece to their collection. Beginners or veterans alike. Not recommended for clumsy smokers as it is fully made of glass.

How Do I Choose the Right Carb Cap?

How Do I Choose the Right Carb Cap

For dab rigs and other large smoke pieces it is important to keep in mind what kind of smoke experience you are looking for. The fun part about carb caps is they are largely based on aesthetic.

Of course, material plays a role, for example if you are a naturally clumsy person then you may want to avoid a glass carb cap and opt for a titanium one instead.

Size is also something to keep in mind as your carb cap will work the better it fits over your bangers. Most fit a standard 25mm-30mm banger, but it is always good to check.

For the most part, carb caps work pretty similar to each other by maximizing airflow. This keeps dabbers from wasting concentrate that may get left behind on the surface of the banger. 


Although carb caps aren’t as well-known as some other more common smoke accessories such as rolling papers, nectar collectors or rigs.

They are well loved by dabbers for their functionality and ability to provide thicker, smoother and more powerful dabs.

Below are a few of the most commonly asked questions we get from customers when purchasing carb caps.

Do carb caps make a difference?

Any veteran dabber can noticeably tell the difference when dabbing if they have a carb cap. This traps the smoke and directs airflow, so you get a larger, stronger and tastier hit.

What carb caps make terp pearls spin?

Carb caps designed for spinning and terp pearls are usually made with tiny slits and are more resistant to higher temperatures. They are designed with a slightly different shape to provide a wider surface area and direct airflow to easily spin terp pearls.

Which Carb Cap is the Best?

At the end of the day the carb cap best for your dabbing experience will depend on your personal preferences. Size, material, color and other features such as whether you are looking for a spinning carb cap will play into your buying decision.

One of our personal favorites and what we recommend as the all-around “best carb cap” is the Spinner Carb Cap for 25 mm Bangers.

This beautiful and versatile piece is designed with borosilicate glass and retains high temperatures. The perfect balance between simple and luxurious, it also provides a quick heat-up process.

This can be used with or without terp balls and is designed to optimize airflow for the tastiest dabs.

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