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20+ Stoner Gifts for Him 2023

20+ Stoner Gifts for Him 2023

If you're looking for some stoner-themed gifts to give to your male friends who are obsessed with the herb, you're in luck.

These dank stoner gifts will satisfy any smoke lover's needs, whether it be lounging on the couch or socializing with friends.

You can show your favorite male pothead just how much they mean to you without spending too much money on them.

24+ Stoner Gifts for Him

The 420 lifestyle is unique. The lifestyle it represents involves taking pleasure in small intimacies like having great gift ideas at the ready for your stoner friends.

Shop now and make the holidays special for your brother, friend, or co-worker by shopping our curated selection of 420-friendly gift ideas for him.

1. Stoner Card Games

Stoner card games are some of the newest and most interesting products that have recently been made available.

These 420-friendly games can be played by two people, family members, friends, or even on a date as an icebreaker.

Ducking High

Ducking High is a great stoner card game designed to enhance your high mind with hilarious questions that will lead you and your friends into exactly the kind of conversations you are looking for. Expect many crazy, out-of-this-world conversations.

Puff Puff Pass

If you're looking for a fun, easy-to-play game that will also provide great entertainment for your game nights with friends, you need to get Puff Puff Pass. Be prepared for endless laughter.


If you have a friend who is a stoner and loves having fun, HotBox might be the perfect game for them.

2. Mandala Protection Night Light

Every stoner deserves a night light that is unique and fun. The Mandala Projection Night Light is the perfect gift for the stoner on your list.

This unique night light has a transparent design that allows you to see the rotating colors of the mandala through the light.

It's perfect for male stoners with a creative side who are looking to add some ambiance and peace to their bedroom.

3. Bullet Grinder

If you have a man on your list who loves to smoke flower, chances are he is also a fan of the bullet grinder.

This little device has become the best way for novice stoners to grind their flower without the use of expensive, bulky metal grinders.

They are easy to use, and they can be stored in a desk drawer or cabinet.

4. Wake and Bake Coffee Mug

The Wake and Bake coffee mug is a perfect gift for all male stoners who enjoy waking up and having a cup of coffee before they go to work or school each morning.

The wake and bake coffee mug combines the most important parts of waking up and getting stoned.

It's perfect for any occasion, including Christmas morning, 4/20, or your first day back at work after a long break.

5. E-Lighter

E-lighters are a great gift idea for those who partake in the world's most popular pastime: puffing on some sticky icky.

They're an easy way to enjoy your favorite smoke without burning your fingers or inhaling ash, and they make a great addition to any connoisseur's collection!

This particular e-lighter is wind-proof, making it a necessity for any male stoner who loves outdoor sessions.

6. Dab Thermometer

Dab thermometers are an awesome gift choice for the men in your life who love dabbing on concentrates.

These tools allow you to easily and effectively measure temperature to ensure the concentrate vaporizes for a smoother experience.

7. Sherlock Pipe

Sherlock pipes are an awesome gift choice for the male stoner who loves pipes.

The Sherlock pipe is a unique, one-of-a-kind pipe that has a Sherlock-style mouthpiece.

This sleek pipe offers the perfect smoking experience with its cool design, easy-to-use mouthpiece, and high-quality material.

8. Smell Proof Bag

Know of a male stoner that travels a lot? They could use these smell-proof bags as a gift! Smell-proof bags are the easiest, most convenient way to store your stash on the go.

With these bags, no one will know you have flower on you. You'll never have to worry about smelling like flower again when you use these smell-proof bags.

Your stashes will stay safe, hidden, and odor-free. It doesn’t get much better than that.

9. Electric Grinder

An electric grinder reigns as one of the best gifts for stoners who prefer flower. Unlike regular hand grinders, electric grinders do the work for you.

With this gift, stoners will be able to quickly and effectively grind up their favorite herbs and tobacco products.

Electric grinders are also a great way to avoid the mess of using a hand grinder.

10. Best Stoner Subscription Boxes

Stoner subscription boxes are a hot new trend that allows ganja-loving smokers to try out different brands of herb in a variety of forms.

These weed mystery boxes typically contain a variety of products, including cartridges, vaporizers, and grinders.

The best subscription boxes to gift your favorite male stoner are listed below:

Daily High Club

Daily High Club is a subscription box that offers top-tier stoner products every month. It delivers a variety of stoner accessories all at an affordable price.


Hemper is a monthly subscription box that sends you the best stoner products. The company's founders wanted to make sure that they are providing quality smoker-friendly products to their customers and not giving them something that is not worth their money.

Nugg Club

Nugg Club is a subscription box that sends out infused snacks, sweets, and other goodies. The company’s mission is to provide a safe, legal place for stoners to get their fix.


Cannabox is a stoner subscription box that delivers a variety of infused products from various brands. It's the perfect gift for enthusiasts and smokers.

11. Terp Slurper Marbles

If you know of a stoner who exclusively dabs, terp slurper marbles are the ideal gift for them!

Terp slurper marbles are a perfect gift for the dabber in your life who needs a little more spice to their dab game.

They come in various colors & sizes, which make them easy to customize.

12. High Ball

Sometimes the best gifts for stoners are simply games! Let’s face it, when you’re totally stoned to the bone games are way more fun to play.

High Ball is a stoner game that uses colors and music to test your mental and physical abilities.

It has been described as a “mind-bending, psychedelic game of colors, shapes, and sounds.”

13. Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is one of the most famous musicians in the world. He has been performing since the 1950s and is still going strong.

To celebrate his decades of success, he created a website that offers everything stoner accessories need.

The site offers an extensive range of products, from hand pipes to hemp-infused products and everything. Anything stoner-related product you can think of is on Willie’s Remedy.

14. Smokebuddy

A Smokebuddy is a convenient way to light up discreetly. This air filter is perfect for stoners who live in shared living spaces such as college dorms, apartments, or condos.

With the invention of Smokebuddies, stoners everywhere now have a way to smoke without the smell bothering their roommates or neighbors.

It’s pretty much the best smoking buddy you could ever have.

15. FOUR20 Rolling Tray

Some stoners prefer to roll up their flower, and this is where a rolling tray comes in handy. A rolling tray is a useful tool for any stoner who likes to roll up their herb.

The tray has a holder that screws into the table and keeps the flower on the tray, preventing the sticky substance from spilling off onto your furniture or floor.

This specific tray has a Hawaiin design inside of the letters and is a stylish addition to any room.

16. Popular Books for Stoners

Stoners like to read, too! If you know a stoner who loves to curl up with a good book, take a look at the most popular books for stoners:

Color Me Stoned Coloring Book

Color Me Stoned Coloring Book is a great gift for any stoner. The pages are easy to color and suitable for children and adults alike. They give the perfect opportunity to pass the time while being creative and getting high.

Everything You Want To Know But Are Always Too Stoned To Ask

This book is a must-have for the stoner in your life. With a touch of humor, this book covers all of the basics and covers everything from how it affects your brain to how to make special brownies.

How High Am I? A Journal

This guided journal is perfect for people who love to smoke. This is also perfect for anyone who wants to have some fun while they're high.

Bong Appétit

Bong Appétit is a cookbook that teaches you how to make infused meals. The recipes range from breakfast to appetizers, to dessert. This book is great for those who don't have time or patience to blaze up before cooking.

High Art: The Definitive Guide to Getting Cultured

This is the perfect gift for any stoners who want to get cultured. The book explores a variety of cultural touchstones like art, literature, music, and film.

High on Design

High on Design discusses the new culture surrounding the devil’s lettuce. It includes where the culture came from, why it's growing in popularity, and what this means for marketing.

17. Trending Dab Rigs for Him

The best gift to give a concentrate lover is a dab rig. Every dabber enjoys adding a new rig to their collection, all the more reason to shop around for one to give as a gift.

Below you’ll find the best choices for the dabber in your life:

The "Perfect" Dab Rig by Diamond Glass

The Perfect Dab Rig by Diamond Glass is a perfect size, good quality, and easy to use. Traveling with it is not difficult and the percolator will win any dabber over instantly. Smooth dabs are guaranteed with this dab rig.

Mini Banger Hanger by Boss Glass

This dab rig is an excellent choice for novice and expert dabbers. Made out of thick glass, it’s impossible to go wrong when gifting this mini dab rig.

18. Dab Multitool

Dab multitools is an excellent, unique gift for stoners who dab all day, every day. The 10-in-1 Multi Dabber by Dab Logic offers the best tool for dabbers.

Dabbers are constantly searching for the best way to get their dab on.

For people who enjoy dabbing, this tool offers 10 different ways to smoke (dab) a single piece of concentrate.

19. Vape Pen Holder

Vape pen holders are a unique gift for the men in your life who enjoy vaping and like to be discreet.

These holders come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles so that it’s easy for anyone to find something to fit their needs.

They also make excellent stoner stocking stuffers around Christmas.

20. Joint Rolling Machine

Not everyone can roll. If your brother, friend, or co-worker doesn’t know how to roll — joint rolling machines are great for those who can’t roll a joint from scratch on their own.

They’re easy to use and come in a variety of styles and colors. They’re also good gifts for those who can roll but prefer a helping hand.

With a joint rolling machine, a joint could be ready to smoke in just under 5 minutes.

21. Neon “Stoner” Sign

Think of the biggest stoner you know, and then get them this gift. Nothing screams “I’m a stoner!” like a brightly lit sign that literally says stoner.

This gift is amazing for the male stoner in your life! They'll be able to proudly announce their love of flower with this subversive, neon-lit design.

22. One-Hitter

One hitters are the perfect gift for the stoner men in your life who only need a couple of puffs to get by.

These small, portable, and discrete vapes are ideal for first-timers or those with smaller budgets.

This is because one-hitters contain less than a gram of flower and cost less than $10.

23. Stoner Socks

Every stoner needs a pair of stoner-themed socks. Who says no to a pair of stoner socks?

Hands down one of the most popular gifts to give a stoner, there’s no way to go wrong with a pair of socks that showcases how much you love being a stoner.

24. Cool Bongs to Gift for Him

Bongs are another gift choice for the stoner men in your life. Bongs are a staple in the stoner community.

These water pipes are available in a variety of shapes and with different percolators and bowl sizes.

Some popular types of bongs include glass bongs, percolator bongs, bubbler bongs & more.

UFO Bong by Diamond Glass

This UFO-shaped bong looks cool and has a clear glass design with a high-quality percolator that allows for smooth, clean smoke every hit.

Mini Bong with Perc by Diamond Glass

The Mini bong is the perfect gift for someone who is an everyday smoker. The Mini Bong is durable and easy to clean. Don’t be fooled — this bong is small but mighty!

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