Tap Tray - Silicone Rubber Ash Tray


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The Tap Tray is a silicone ashtray that provides an all-around solution for storing your lighters, rolling papers, and so much more! The Tap Tray holds everything you need for a sesh safely and securely in one neat square organizer. The tray also features a rigid center tap pyramid which conveniently clears away ash.

This glass friendly center allows you to tap your pipe or bowl against it to get the ash out. You will not believe how you ever lived with out one of these super useful tool for any smoker. The days of spilling ash are over with this tap tray you get all the junk in this convenient tray and you can throw away the ash after use.


  • Space for Papers/Blunts, Lighters, Cones, Dabbers/Pokers, & More!
  • Size: 5x5 Inches

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