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How to Take Perfect Low Temp Dabs

How to Take Perfect Low Temp Dabs

Why Take Low Temp Dabs?

The difference between high and low temp dabs can’t be overstated. While there’s nothing “wrong” with high temp dabs, we’re here to convince you why low temp dabs provide a better experience.

High temp dabs occur when the nail reaches 600°-900°F (red hot), resulting in instantaneous vaporization and a short, strong, harsh hit. They get the job done but are rough on your lungs. High temp dabs also put undue stress on your nail and torch.

On the other hand, dabbing at low temperatures between 350°-450°F results in a long, flavorful, smooth rip. Low temp dabs are easier on your lungs and your dabbing hardware. And, after carefully selecting a special strain, most smokers want to taste their dabs. Most people agree that dabbing at low temps improves their smoking experience immensely.

How to Take the Perfect Low Temp Dab

Low temperature dabs sound great and all, but how are you supposed to know when the nail is exactly 350°-450°F? Good question!

This is where low temp dabbing turns into a bit of a science. It’s safe to say most smokers learned to take low temp dabs through trial and error. By experimenting with torching and cooling times, eventually you find the sweet spot and know how long it takes to properly heat your nail.

Heating time varies widely depending on the material and thickness of your nail, so it’s hard to give exact figures. Start by torching the nail red hot and waiting for it to cool 10-20 seconds at a time before taking a dab. Low temp dabs should be hot enough to vaporize your wax, but not hot enough to leave black residue. In fact, low temp dabs often leave a small puddle of residue, prompting smokers to use carb caps.

As an alternative, some serious dabbers use infrared thermometers to ensure their nail is the proper temperature. This is a great idea for smokers who use a variety of nails. Different size nails, even of the same material, take different times to reach temperature, so why risk it?

Lastly, the easiest way to reliably heat your nail is by using an e-nail. These coiled heating elements wrap around your nail and heat it to your desired temperature. Although e-nails are more expensive than torches, they’re much safer and deliver exact results.

E-nails vs. Torches for Low Temp Dabs

E-nails sound like the perfect solution, but how do they stack up against torches? This section looks at the pros and cons of e-nails vs torches.

Pros and Cons of E-nails

Delivering precise temperatures with the touch of a button, e-nails really are the easiest way to heat your nail. Holding and moving your torch around for minutes at a time during a session is a real pain, but no need with an e-nail. Just set and forget. Most e-nails heat up in a matter of minutes or seconds.

On the other hand, e-nails are more expensive than torches up front. Sure, a good e-nail lasts longer than a torch and don’t require fuel, but e-nails cost over twice as much as torches. Additionally, each coil fits only to certain sized nails. A 14mm coil, for example, only works with 14mm nails. That can be annoying if you use a variety of nails.

Pros and Cons of Torches

Torches are cheap, effective, and portable. Unlike e-nails, which require an outlet or power source, torches can be carried anywhere. Ranging in price from around $20 to $50, torches are appropriate for any budget. Of course, you need to refuel torches with butane, which costs money over time, but this option is much more manageable for smokers on a budget.

The main downside to torches is that they frequently malfunction. Too much flame, too little flame, no flame, finicky ignition - the list of potential mishaps goes on. Torches aren’t exactly safe, either. And finally, the only way to be sure about torching temperature is to use an infrared thermometer.

Switch to Low Temp Dabbing Today

In short, low temp dabs are better for your health, your taste buds, your nail, and your overall enjoyment. There’s no real reason to overheat the nail past 500°F, and the lower the temperature, the cooler the smoke and the more flavor preserved. Try low temp dabbing and see the difference for yourself.

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