What Is A Recycler Bong?

What Is A Recycler Bong?

What Is a Recycler Bong?

For several years, recyclers have taken the smoking world by storm with the innovative function and the overall build of the bong itself. These bongs use a two chamber system and an intake tube for moving the water containing the vapor up through the piece before recycling back down. Recyclers not only offer users the smoothness of water filtration to their inhalations, but do it in a way that efficiently cools the vapor as well. Many users now prefer recyclers over any other bong for their extra filtration properties. The recycler is perfect for beginners and veterans a like due to its incomparable hits and various functions.

How Do Recycler Bongs Work?


These special little bongs work by filling the base with water and loading your goods into the downstem or nail, once you spark up,  the smoke will travel through the downstem into the base chamber where it will mix with the water for filtration, then up through the intake stem to the second chamber where the vapors are released close to the mouthpiece as the water falls back down into the base chamber to be recycled back through. The process itself is so fun to watch (watch the video above), and you can watch it all go down with the crystal clear borosilicate glass, it really is beautiful to watch. The water containing the vapors is processed through the recycler bong as many times as you want, or until you're ready to take a rip of the sweet, sweet smoke. Recyclers almost always include percolators at the base of the downstem to make the filtering that much better. There are many types of percolators on the market today offering different filtration processes for you to choose from.

Why a Recycler Bong is Perfect For You


Aside from the providing the smoothest hits, recyclers are perfect in so many ways. Most recyclers are built with two chambers so not only can you see the water being recycled it also acts as a splashguard so water splashing in your mouth is nearly impossible. Another advantage that water filtration offers is it allows less time for vapor to air contact. The longer smoke interacts with air, the staler it can become, therefore a recycler bong gives you not only the smoothest but it also gives you the most flavorful hits. 

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