SOC Dab Rig

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The SOC Dab Rig is the latest electronic portable dab rig on the market and has everything you need to take the perfect dab all in one compact, portable design. This new rig will definitely become your ultimate travel buddy and not to mention it comes complete with a carb cap, quartz dish, and ceramic dish.  Say goodbye to your torch and say hello to the future with this awesome peak style dab rig.   

Standing at just 6" tall, the SOC can reach a temperature of 600 degrees in just a few seconds. There are also lower heat settings if you prefer to go with a low temp dab.  The e-rig is also comes with an additional ceramic dish and a quartz dish as well so you can have both of the popular options.  What's not to love about this affordable smart rig.

Finally the perfect on the go smart rig for a fraction of the price of other branded units.  This all in one dab rig perfectly combines portability and durability that you can take with you anywhere whether you're on the couch relaxing or out for a hike.


  • Best Priced Smart Rig 
  • Height: 6 Inches
  • Includes: Carb Cap, Quartz Dish, & Ceramic Dish

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