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7 Best Handheld Dab Rigs

7 Best Handheld Dab Rigs

Since the debut of handheld dab rigs, innovation in dabbing has exploded giving consumers several portable e rigs to choose from. While some companies are just trying to make a cheap one off version of what’s popular, we have brought together a list of front runners in the category that deliver amazing lung busting results. Without further delay, let’s help you find the set up that works best for you.

KandyPens Oura - $349.95

Kandypens Oura E Rig

KandyPens is a known name in the vaporizer industry with quality batteries in a style for everyone, so it was no surprise when they entered the intelligent portable vaporizer platform with a strong contender. Described as a sensory experience, the Oura has no buttons, instead equipped with smart touch sensors, LED illumination, and haptic vibration feedback. Inside is a powerful 3000mAh battery, charged via USB-C. We love the sleek style and the rig is intuitive even without the use of buttons. 

There are 4 temperature settings on the Oura and it has a 5 second heat up time. It comes with both a quartz atomizer and ceramic bucket, and lifetime warranty on ALL parts. That’s right. Lifetime warranty on ALL parts. That faith in their own product alone sold us on this rig, but the huge rips it delivered kept us hyped. There are a bunch of other amazing features like the pass through charging, auto shut off, and handmade glass, but we encourage you to try it for yourself!

Puffco Peak - $379.99 


The Puffco Peak was the first of the handheld rigs, making waves in the industry that still haven’t settled. Their Peak’s ingenious han-blown conical design got our attention, but the performance kept it. The Peak has 4 seat settings and a sesh-mode designed for social dabbing. The average heat up time is 20 seconds and haptic feedback lets you know when to take the perfect hit. 

Sharing with my friends has been amazing since using this rig and the intelligent temperature calibration auto adjusts heat times if we’ve been continuously using it. The Peak has a battery life of around 30 dabs, but when it does die charging only takes 2 hours with their fast charging. Fitted with a ceramic bowl, we loved the hits we got and cleaning was a breeze when we were done. The Puffco Peak started the trend for a reason and you should get your hands on one to try it out yourself.

Focus V Carta - $250


Standing slightly taller than the Peak, Carta is a 2-in-1 dry herb and concentrate vaporizer. What we love about this portable oil rig is it’s customization. Included with the Carta is both a quartz and titanium bucket, as well as 4 preset temperature settings. The presets range from 600°F to 940°F, but Focus V goes even further by having a downloadable app that can further customize your temperature setting.

Haptic feedback sound lets you know what is activated and it was easy to use. Our next favorite feature is the Carta’s commitment to being a true portable e-rig. This device ships with 2 removable, rechargeable batteries for true portability. Keep them both with you so if one loses charge, you’ll never be without. It can definitely save you on those long road trips.

Pulsar RöK - $250


The newest addition to the handheld rig industry is the Pulsar RöK, and it’s flipped things upside down, literally. The design is opposite from the others shown on this list with the bottom of the RöK having water filtration. The base is made from borosilicate glass and features a disc percolator where smoke will diffuse before following the Rok’s isolated airpath designed to further cool your smoke.

The Rok comes with a quartz and ceramic cup and 3 voltage settings, including a “Rok Mode” that allows for 30 seconds of continuous heat. The shape make is super easy to hold. This is new on the market, so we don’t know how it performs long term, but right now people are loving it.

Ooze Comet E-nail - $89.99


The Comet is one of the smallest e-rig on the market with the smallest price. It has all 3 standard nail options and a thick water bubbler attachment to help cool the vapor while being durable. There is no temperature gauge on this device which is a downside, but you can simply heat the device again if you’re looking for high temp dabs. With a magnetic stand and micro USB charging, we love this little rig and suggest it for the price. 

CloudV ElectroMini - $149.99


This mini handheld dab rig has a lot of power and flexibility for temperature control. Once powering it on, you’re able to adjust the temperature from 550°F to 1000°F. Once you select the temp with two clicks, your dab will be ready in 15 seconds and will remember your temperature settings for later. This device comes with both titanium and quartz nails for your customization and the metal base makes it easy to clean.

The Huni Badger  - $189 | Attachments - $50 - $175


While not being a new product on the market, the Huni Badger vertical vaporizer is wholly unique to any of the other options and deserves its spot on our handheld dab rig list. This vape combines the ease of a honey stick with the luxury of an e-nail. The Huni Badger has 2 ceramic HuniTips, one for low temps and one for high, but no solid temperature control. Once activated, the temp gradually increases from around 190 degrees in 5 seconds, to 700 in 60 seconds when it automatically shuts off. While it’s uncertain at first, once you start to use the device you’ll easily find your sweet spot. The standard Huni Badger doesn’t come with attachments, but the mouthpiece does double as a connecter for the multiple bubblers they offer.

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