Best Dab Rigs of 2021

The 12 Best Dab Rigs of 2021 - (Photos + Links)

Check out this year's best dab rigs of 2021, we selected some awesome new designs and styles that are more innovative than ever before. Dabbing from a dab rig is the best way to enjoy your concentrates. They provide an incredibly clean hit and quick high that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. These pieces are works of art and will be sure to put a smile on anyone’s face who smokes on them. Finding a good can rig can be challenging but we've included a good mix of price points in case you want to purchase one.  

Here is a list of the best dab rigs of 2021:

1. Showerhead Recycler by AFM

Best Dab Rig - AFM Recycler

The showerhead recycler by AFM is at the top of our list, and you can see why.  Aside from being totally tricked out with sick colors, we really like the function and thickness.  This rig is built to last, and perfect for every day.  A great value for this level of craftmanship, this is why we had to crown this one the best recycler dab rig of the year.

2. Ancient Greek Dab Rig by Swerve

Best Dab Rig 2021

This ancient greek themed dab rig by Swerve is next on our list.  Why? Because it looks absolutely amazing. Take your dab back to the 10th century with this chiseled artifact.  The art work is engraved on the body, and sandblasted for a beautiful finish. 

3. Matrix Recycler by Diamond

Best Recycler Dab Rig

If you've been on the market for a new dab rig, then you know it's almost impossible to get a high quality and good functioning piece for around $200. This is definitely one of the best value pieces when it comes to recyclers. Each detail is perfectly symmetrical, and you can feel the solid weight of this rig when you pick it up.

4.  Showerhead Dab Rig by Bougie

Best Cheap Dab Rig

This beautifully crafted dab rig goes to show that Bougie glass is one of the best manufacturers in the industry. From top to bottom this shower-head perc has all the features a dabber would love and appreciate. This simple design is anything but simple. The hardworking perc diffuses all of your hits, and gives you the best and cleanest hits.

5.  Eclipse Recycler by Diamond

Eclipse Recycler

The awesome eclipse recycler by Diamond Glass is a real work of art mixed with incredible function. The three-hole diffy shoots right into the sphere chamber, then recycles around and drains down the outer shell of the sphere. It's really hard to explain in words, you have got to see our function video.

6.  Double Arm Recycler by Swerve

Double Arm Recycler

It's hard to find great glass when you're on a tight budget, and many of the best pipes can seem out of reach. That's why we're proud to present you with this absolutely insane double arm recycler, an inexpensive scientific rig that rivals the craftsmanship and ripping power of pieces three times the price.

8.  The Simple Dab Rig by Swerve

Dab rig for Cheap

simple dab rig that is inexpensive and amazing.  This little rig is built solid with a dependable showerhead percolator.  The perc is flame polished and loaded with slits, definitely a great value for the price.  This could potentially the best cheap dab rig.

9.  Double Perc Dab Rig by Diamond

Best Double Perc Dab Rig

This medium sized rig features an angled mouthpiece to eliminate splash back from the powerful tree percs. It also has colored accents, giving it an awesome finish even. We love the muscular build, with extra thick edges. Equipped with TWO tree percs, this rig is an absolute pleasure to smoke.

10.  Dino Egg Dab Rig

Dino Egg - Best Cool Dab Rig

Here's another inexpensive dab rig with a baby dino perc that anyone can appreciate.  This clear acrylic rig is wrapped with an awesome silicone dino print.  This little rig is perfect for on the go, we just love how fun this looks and how great it works. 

11.  Hammerhead Dab Rig by Diamond

Hammerhead Dab Rig by Diamond

This perfectly shaped dab bubbler with a hammerhead perc provides effortless diffusion. The curved neck will keep you a safe distance away from the piece and give it a beautiful shape. The size and design makes this Dab Bubbler ideal to use as a hybrid piece.

12.  Liberty Bell by Bougie

Bougie Liberty Bell

This perfect bell shape of this small dab rig by Bougie is reminiscent of the Liberty Bell, and what better way to ring it than with a nice fat dab. The shape of this rig makes it almost impossible to tip over; a safe addition to any coffee table or desk. This rig comes equipped with a slitted showerhead perc for the right amount of filtration for your dab.

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That was our list for the best dab rigs of the year, please check back as we continue to update this list with more awesome rigs that you can buy.

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