The Best Dab Rigs of 2019 - (Photos + Links)

The Best Dab Rigs of 2019 - (Photos + Links)

This year's best dab rigs are full of new designs and styles. Check out our 2019 updated list of the best rigs for dabs. The high you get off a dab is quicker and cleaner than conventional smoking methods, and concentrates are really only getting more and more innovative. Concentrates are the future of smoking and one of the only ways to smoke this sticky, honey-like substance is with dab rigs. Finding a good dab rig can be difficult, so here is a list of the best dab rigs of 2019 so far.

Best Dab Rigs Under $100

Let's start with the basics, the best dab rig that money can buy.  If you're shopping on a budget then you will appreciate the next few on our list.  We tried to find good brand name pieces that are thick and great for daily use.

Dab Rig With Horns

This beautifully crafted dab rig by bougie just goes to show that Bougie glass is one of the best manufactures in the industry. From top to bottom this shower-head perc has all the features a dabber would love and appreciate. The wide Martini-shaped bowl piece packs plenty, while the hardworking perc diffuses all of your hits and gives you the best and cleanest hits. The wide flared, bent mouthpiece allows you to comfortably take a hit while you watch the smoke in the crystal clear glass.

Hockey Puck Oil Rig

The showerhead puck dab rig is perfect for the oil connoisseur who just wants a small rig that can deliver a smooth hit while preserving the taste. The shower head percolator enhances the diffusion and the bent neck makes it easier for the user to take dabs with. The 14mm oil dome has a nice handle on it so you don't burn your fingers.

Showerhead Dab Rig by Bougie

The classic design of the showerhead dab rig eliminates splash with a widened tube just before it gets to the skinnier neck. This will keep the water from climbing up the walls and up to your lips. Like the rest of this rig, the neck and stem are made from 5mm borosilicate glass. That means even the most vulnerable parts of this rig are protected against high temperatures and shattering. The simple shape is easy to clean and carry, so feel free to bring it to the next party. Everyone will want a shot with this hard-hitting footer. 

Inline to Honeycomb Dab Rig 

The inline to honeycomb is the ultimate daily driver. This medium-sized dab rig is the perfect fit for just about anyone. The recycling action is always pleasant as it eliminates splash and maximizes flavor. The inline stem has the perfect amount of slits so you get a nice controlled pull that is not too airy but just right. We love this piece because it cleans easy and the mouth hole is widened for easy filling.

The Revolver by Icon

This dab rig by  recycles very nicely and very continuously. There are also little splash blockers near the neck. It features unique colored accents and designs on the bowl and on the side.Whether you are new or a hardcore smoker, this little dab rig is great for anyone and will surely please your taste buds and take your smoking experience to another level.

Best Recycler Rig

Recycler dab rigs are popular so it's no wonder we had to list the top 3 this year in terms of quality, function, design, and of course coolness!

Double Cap Recycler by Diamond

The double arm eclipse is a monster of a rig. Not only is it pleasant to look at but watching it work is a thing of beauty.You can clearly see the high level of artistry and detail in this rig from the delicate tubing to the perfectly flat base. The whole rig is made from thick 5mm borosilicate glass, too, helping to reinforce this piece against high temperatures and clumsy accidents.

Diamond Glass Recycler With Matrix Perc

 This flawless recycler is a full 8” tall, allowing you to rip monster hits effortlessly thanks to the 360-degree matrix perc. Even the slightest of draws will cause this perc to erupt with hundreds of diffusing bubbles. It doesn't stop there, though- the recycler takes all that diffused smoke and sends it back for endless rounds of percolation. This brings out the full flavor of your smoke and cools it to a more comfortable temperature.

UV Recycler by Swerve

The UV recycler by Swerve Glass features a classic showerhead percolator with the right amount of intricacy for a splash-free hit and perfect chug.This beast is made from 5mm thick, super-resistant borosilicate glass. It features a 360-degree showerhead perc for unbeatable diffusion, masterfully dispersing and filtering smoke before recycling it through the upper chamber. This awesome combination delivers the coolest, most flavorful smoke with the least resistance of any rig you've ever ripped. The result is bigger, badder hits without harsh aftertaste or nasty coughing fits.

Klein Incycler 

This Klein Incycler also features a colorful showerhead percolator for better filtration. You’ll be able to take bigger hits without the pain thanks to this double-level diffusion. This rig also features a recessed center for a comfortable grip and attractive shape. Watch our video to see this amazing piece in action, or read the reviews from real customers below. 

Big Recycler by Diamond Glass

This big recycler dab rig features an Orange Gridded Stem Line to Gridded Ball Oil Rig by Diamond Glass is simply a beauty. With it's orange highlighted parts such as the downstem and the percolators, this oil rig is easy to use and look at.

Best Portable Dab Rigs

Puffco Peak Smart Rig

Puffco Attachment

This vaporizer unlocks the true power of concentrates, providing the clearest expression of the potency, flavor, that no other dab rig can match. This means you get the most efficient and enjoyable experience, faster and easier than ever before, without the typical mess of a dab rig and the wax.

Best Mini Dab Rigs

Mini dab rigs are preferred by many due to its portability and extra flavor from the hits.  Recyclers are great mini dab rigs because the water will bubbly continuously through the rig without splashing up. 

Banger Hanger Recycler

In a world full of clear, geometric scientific rigs, be different with this little Banger Hanger Recycler by Glob Squad. Vapor begins its journey down the 3-hole diffused stem, into the base where it's carried through tubes to two more chambers before reaching the mouthpiece. Despite this dab rig's compact size, all the extra tubing and chambers maximize surface area, cooling the vapor before it reaches your lungs. That makes for a big, smooth hit from a deceptively small piece.

Mini Banger Hanger by Swerve Glass

Standing 6” high, this banger hanger is made of stout 5mm borosilicate glass throughout for better durability. With its flat, well-balanced base you can feel safe using heavy bangers or other accessories without this rig falling over. It's also perfectly sized to fit in your hand for a secure grip, while the wide-lipped mouthpiece is angled for your comfort and to help reduce splash. All considerations are accounted for with this punchy Mini Banger Hanger.

Mini Recycler By Diamond Glass

Our Mini Recycler Oil Rig is the smallest recycler with a scientific beaker bottom base. It's ideal for for those who are looking for a compact dab rig with impressive percolation due to it's recycling flow method. This Recycler Oil Rig is sturdy and tough, made with borosilicate glass, ensuring superior strength and durability. This handcrafted oil rig comes with a 14mm oil dome and a 14mm glass nail.

Best Dab Rig For E-Nails

Pyramid Scheme

Like a proper pyramid, this sturdy rig is built on a strong foundation with a thick, heavy base. The rig tapers to the top with two ribs at the center for a comfortable, secure grip. Inside the chamber you'll find a showerhead percolator that provides a satisfying rumble and clean, smooth smoke whether you're smoking herb or oil.

Straight Fab By Diamond Glass

The Straight Fab by Diamond Glass is a solid oil rig that features a showerhead perc pointed at a fab center. Complemented by color accents, labels, and splash-guard ripples.This piece sits low like a puck; not likely to tip over. Highly recommended for those looking for ease of use of portability.



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