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How to Use a Bong for Dabs

How to Use a Bong for Dabs

There are two main reasons you may want to use a bong for dabs.

The first is that you’ve been smoking flower for a while and want to try dabbing without buying a whole new piece (i.e., a rig).

Convenience is the second most common motivator when people want to use bongs for dabs. Sometimes you just don’t have a dab rig at your disposal.

Whatever your reasons for using a bong to dab, we’ll teach you how to do it right.

using a bong to dab

Is Using a Bong for Dabs Okay?

Some of you may be asking if it’s even okay to use a bong for dabbing. The short answer is yes, dabbing from a bong is fine. Bongs and dab rigs are more similar than they are different.

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Still, there are plenty of good reasons to use a dab rig whenever possible to smoke concentrates. Thanks to a few key parts, dab rigs are specially designed to retain the potency and flavor of your dab among other things.

Check out our article on Bongs vs. Dab Rigs to brush up on the differences between bongs and dab rigs if you’re not sure.

Using a Bong for Dabs

Okay, so you’re determined to dab from a bong. Your main obstacle is affixing a nail.

Since many nails feature female joints, you won’t be able to naturally attach them to female-jointed bongs. There are several ways to fix this problem.

Using a Bong for Dabs
  1. The easiest way to assure nail compatibility with your bong is to simply purchase a male-jointed nail in the same size as your bong’s joint. Some styles of nail, like banger nails, are more commonly made with male joints. Banger nails are also ideal because they work well regardless of the angle, which can sometimes be wonky when using nails with bongs.
  2. Maybe you already have a nail a with female joint and still want to use that with your bong. Your next option is to purchase an adaptor. A male-to-male adapter fits into your bong’s joint while providing another male joint for the female nail. This option is the best choice for those with different-sized joints. You could purchase an 18mm-to-14mm male-to-male adapter if, say, your bong had an 18mm joint but your nail was 14mm.
  3. Universal nails are a real-life miracle. These awesome devices work with both male and female joints, as well as multiple joint size. If you plan to regularly use your nail with multiple pieces, including both dab rigs and bongs, a universal nail is the solution for you.
Using Bong for Dabs

Once you’ve solved the problem of affixing a nail, there’s not much left to do. We recommend using less water when dabbing than you would with flower, and avoiding these common mistakes while dabbing.

You still need a torch or an e-nail to heat the nail, but other beyond that the rest is self explanatory.

Is Dabbing from a Bong Worth It?

Maybe you’re looking to save a little money on a dab rig by using your existing water pipe to dab. Maybe you just want to repurpose Ol’ Faithful now that you’ve switched to dabbing.

Or maybe you switch between flower and concentrate, and want to option to use whatever piece strikes your fancy that day. Whatever your reason for dabbing from a bong, it can at the very least be a fun experience.

Since dabbing from a bong actually dilutes the flavor and potency of your dabs, we still recommend using a dabbing rig most times.

Since you still need a nail and torch to dab from a bong, you’re not saving that much money by using your old piece.

Need an affordable dab rig for your collection? We sell a huge variety of dab rigs designed for every budget. Most importantly, if you’re still determined to smoke concentrate out of a bong, it’s totally cool to do so.

Just know that you’re getting more bang for your buck by using a dab rig instead.

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