The Best Quartz Bangers for November 2019

The Best Quartz Bangers for November 2019

This year has been filled with a ton of new banger designs and upgrades, it was only right that we had to redo our rankings for the best quartz banger of 2019.  Since the release of thermal banger from Puking Beagle, the dab nail game has taken off. Fast forward to today, now we have flat buckets, opaque, bottoms, quartz inserts, dab pearls, and some other wicked banger designs that you have got to see. 

Here are the best quartz bangers of 2019:

1. Terp Pearls with Spin Cap

Best Quartz Banger 2019

This terp pearl with spinning cap combo is the latest in dabbing and one of the most advanced ways of smoking today. when these little "pearls" are coupled with a directional carb cap, the balls spin around the banger and agitate the oil so you don't need to manually pick up and spin/adjust the carb cap to redirect airflow in order to achieve a thorough vaporization.

2. Opaque Bottom Banger

Opaque Quartz Banger

The Opaque quartz banger, the banger of the future. The thick, opaque bottom banger is designed to change color when hot to give you a much better idea of when to take your dab by seeing exactly how how it is. Made with 100% quality quartz, this indestructible piece takes just a few seconds to heat and can hold heat for up to 60 seconds! 

3. Beveled Edge Banger

Beveled Edge Banger with Bubble Cap

I'm sure you could guess what's so great about this banger.  As the name suggests, it features a beveled edge around the rim to create a much better seal with the bubble cap.  I think this style will get more popular as it is still very new but we love how firmly the cap sits on the bucket.

4. Thermal Banger

Thermal Quartz Banger

The Thermal Banger with Bubble Cap is still a wonderful experience as it reaches all the puddles.  This banger is highly effective when it comes to the huge dabs that fill up the entire cup.  Watch as the directed airflow vaporizes the oil with minimal heat loss. 

5. Splash Guard Banger

 Splash Guard Banger

This is one of the newest entries on the list, the splash guard banger.  This will keep the oil from climbing straight up and spilling into your rig.  So far it seems to be gaining praise from the dab community.

6. Core Reactor Banger

Core Reactor Quartz Banger

The Core Reactor is one of the newer quartz nails that is prevailing with the dab community. This nail from AFM features a flat top design but also has an extra solid piece of quartz a.k.a. the core at the bottom of the dish.  This will retain the heat much longer as the crank cap pushes air all around the core moving the puddles around and vaporizing every bit of oil. 

7. Original Quartz Banger

Original quartz banger

The quartz banger is still the king of quartz nails and it remains the king.  With so many different carb cap options, the glass banger is always a prime choice.  Above we have one of the most popular and effective carb caps the directional airflow carb cap.  

8. Terp Slurp Banger

The Terp Slurper Banger with the 25mm bubble cap is a great bundle for a good time. As a favorite in the dab nail market, this banger features a design unlike any other quartz banger on the market today and provides you with the best flavor possible from your concentrates. The design ensures that all of your waxes and oils are vaporized and it all drips bottom dish and the airflow slits in the bottom dish which allows air to push your wax back into the main part of the terp slurper banger to be vaporized. Add this to your next sesh and you will be the life of the party.

9. Cold Start Banger

Cold Start Dab

The cold start banger is gaining traction, and seems like a great idea.  We are still trying to figure this one out, but as cold start dabs get popular this will surely be climbing the ranks. 

10. Diamond Knot Loop Banger 

Heres to some serious innovation, the diamond knot loop banger is a 3 piece quartz nail. It includes the banger, a removable glass knot coil, and a cap with an extended tip.  Our suggested cap is the honeybee bubble cap from Empire. This design is incredible for those who like to take enormous dabs, the oil will continuously recycle through the knot coil for a perfect hit with minimal waste. 


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