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Top 6 Things To Look For In A Dab Rig Before Buying

Top 6 Things To Look For In A Dab Rig Before Buying

If you’ve never used a dab rig, it can seem too complex to learn how they work but once you’ve wrapped your head around it you’ll easily be able to pick out the one that suits you best.

While they’re a bit more intricate than a bong, they’re easy enough to figure out and using one opens up your options for what types of products you can use.

In this article you’ll learn the top six things to look for in a dab rig.

1. Nail Type & Material

A nail on a dab rig is the equivalent of a bowl piece in a bong – it’s where you’ll be heating your product before inhaling. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials that contribute to the experience of using a dab rig.

There are nails with domes and nailless domes. The dome is a separate piece that slides over the top of the nail to distribute heat evenly.

Domeless nails typically have a larger dish to place products so many people pick these to use more product for a single hit. Carb caps can also be used on domeless nails to give the same heat distribution effect.

Titanium nails are durable and hold heat well since they are made of metal. They are a cheaper option, but degrade quicker than other options.

There is also the risk of metals leaking chemicals with high heat if a low-quality metal is purchased. Ceramic nails are a safer option and will also hold heat very well. They are prone to cracking over time and take a while to heat up though. 

Alternatively, quartz nails (or quartz bangers) are a cleaner looking nail that heats quickly. They won’t hold heat as long but like ceramic nails, are a much safer option than titanium.

Glass nails are likely the least expensive option, hold heat well and are easy to use. The downside is glass won’t hold up well with the necessary high temperatures so you may find yourself replacing them often.

2. Dab Rig Size

The size of your dab rig will come down to preference mostly. Less water means less dilution of the flavor of your hits.

With that in mind, if you care a lot about the taste of your hits you should choose a smaller dab rig.

Bigger is not always better and if you aren’t hitting giant dabs you should choose a cheaper dab rig that’s not too large. 

3. Design & Style

Similarly to the size of your dab rig, the design and style will be more of a preference choice by the aesthetics you like.

Many dab rigs are made of simple clear glass but if you want a flashier look with color or a design on it keep an eye out for something that grabs your attention.  

4. Mouthpiece Size

The size of a mouthpiece is something to look for in a dab rig to determine how your hit will feel.

Much like the mouthpiece of a bong, the size will make for a different level of chugging with the water when inhaling.

Larger mouthpieces are well-suited for larger dabs while smaller ones are perfect for a more average sized dab.

5. Filtration & Percolators

Many dab rigs have extra filtration through percolators that create more bubbling action. They can be tricky to clean but the payoff is an incredibly smooth hit.

Percolators come in many different shapes and sizes so if you don’t mind the extra work involved in cleaning them, they’re a great addition to give a cleaner, smoother hit out of your dab rig.

Look for more holes for the water to bubble through for more filtration or pick out a dab rig with multiple layers of filtration.

6. Recycler Rigs

Recycler rigs are a slight variation on dab rigs that create an ultra-smooth and clean hit. They have a section in the middle that loops the water and smoke to “recycle” it until you inhale.

This brings the smoke through more filtration layers to give one of the cleanest hits you can imagine.

If you’re choosing a recycler rig, make sure to consider how easy it will be to clean by looking at the way the water will travel through the rig.

Final Thoughts

Like most glassware, choosing the right dab rig comes down to your personal preferences.

Some factors like percolators or the size of the mouthpiece and body will affect how smooth of a dabbing experience you get while other considerations depend on if you like the dab rig’s look.

If you’ve never used a dab rig before and need more help picking out the right one, check out our beginner dab rigs for even more guidance.

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