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How to Pick The Right Dab Rig

How to Pick The Right Dab Rig

If you are into dabbing than you know how essential is to have a rig you actually really enjoy using. What makes a dab rig enjoyable is it’s aesthetic appeal and of course how well or how smooth you are able to take a dab out of it. If you are not into dabbing you probably have no idea what we are talking about, but you can learn in our previous post ‘What Are Dabs & Dab Rigs?’. Overall if you are into dabbing or looking into trying dabbing choosing the right rig is key to successful and relaxing session.

Dab/oil rigs are needed in order to inhale the concentrate, wax, budder, or oil while dabbing. You can’t take a dab in a traditional water pipe or bong because it requires a different set of tools and bowl piece. The main difference between a dab rig and a traditional water pipe is that a dab rig already comes with a nail. But a water pipe can easily be modified by replacing the flower bowl with an oil dome or glass adapter. And if you want to dab on the go there are portable dab rig options, such as an electric dabber pen.

Like most glass pieces, a rig is quite an investment and you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth by choosing a piece that fits your style, personality, use, and budget. Here are some things to consider in order to choose one that is best for you:

– Pick a rig that can keep up.

Whether you are a daily dabber or only do it every one in a while, don’t spend money on a rig that doesn’t fit your dabbing life style. Lots of people invest in giant expensive dab pieces but don’t use them that often or people that doing every day buy tiny pieces that need to be cleaned constantly. It’s your money so make sure you are getting exactly what you want and need.

– Size isn’t everything.

A small rig won’t detract from the concentrate’s effect. On the contrary, smaller rigs give the vapor less time to cool and condense back into its oily, viscous form as residue inside your piece. Smaller rigs are also a lot easier to store or hide.

Invest in a good torch.

Handheld torches are the balance between industrial blow torches and gas station torch lighters. Buying a high quality torch is must better than buying a cheap one because those usually do not last as long or get as hot. The investment will save you a lot of time and frustration when setting up that perfect dab.

– The nail is as important as the rig.

Perhaps even more important, your nail will be put through the most abuse, as its heated and reheated, removed and replaced. For this reason, most people forgo glass nails, and choose titanium or quartz instead. Both nails are acceptable, but titanium is generally accepted to have more durability and heats up more quickly. We carry so many different styles, sizes, and shapes of dabbing nails on our site you’re bound to find one that work for you

Show your style.

The work put into making glass rigs is truly amazing. There are so many different artist and styles, for literally every aesthetic appeal. So pick a rig that you love looking at, using, and displaying in your home. Once again this is an investment piece so get you’re moneys worth.

Picking a rig isn’t as intimidating as it seems. Just choose one you love and will actually enjoy using and dab away. Check out are large selection of dab/oil rigs and recyclers here.

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