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Mini Dab Rigs Worth Adding to Your Collection

Does size really matter? In some cases yes, however in relation to dab rigs the size does not determine the strength piece. In the smoker world many think the bigger the glass the better. Not necessarily. Big giant glass rigs are great and all but they do have their downsides. Cleaning a giant piece is a pain and when you want a quick session having to drag out your giant rig might be a bit much.

Small or micro rigs are great for a quick sesh by yourself and are much easier to keep clean. And do not doubt a smaller piece they still have equally as great function, if not better. Also anyone who takes dabs knows that it requires a lot of tools and attention. A rig that is easier to hold and maintain is a better investment because you can keep it for longer.

Here are some awesome mini, micro, and pendant size dab rigs that you definitely should add to your collection.


4″ Mini Ice Cube Oil Rig by Glob Squad

This is one of our most popular miniature rigs and for good reason. It stands at 4 inches tall and has a 54mm glass thickness making it great for travel. Don’t be fooled by its small size though, it still has all the great features you would find on a big rig. It features 3 hole diffuser, angled mouthpiece, and 14mm oil dome. A great value, this affordable rig is perfect for both first-time smokers or experienced smokers who want a simple, portable piece.

Price: $37.95

5″ Banger Hanger Mini Tube by Glob Squad

Saying this piece is nice is an understatement. Not only will the gold fummed glass blow you away on this mini banger hanger but the function is also pretty incredible for it’s size. Glob Squad managed to fit a huge shower head percolator in this little 5 inch piece, giving it all the power of a larger rig in a portable size. The angled mouth piece is also a nice touch. Overall this one is a winner.

Price: $99.95

3″ Pendant Recycler Rig with Slyme

This is one of the smallest rigs on the list, standing at only 3 inches tall with a 10mm joint. The “slyme” on this pendant recycler is the beautiful green fummed glass that just catches your attention in any light. This little pendant rig features a fully functioning recycling chamber in addition to its main reservoir. It also features a powerful 3-hole diffuser stem. Despite its ultra-portable frame, this rig rips clean and cool hits every time.

Price: $79.95

Mini Cupcake Dab Rig

This mini cupcake rig is super adorable! This rig stands at only 3.5 inches but it definitely packs a punch. It has a slotted stem percolator and even though this rig is small it still has the mouthpiece a well distance from the dome to keep you a safe distance from the heat. Unlike other rigs this small, it even uses a 14mm joint for better versatility with your collection of nails and accessories. And this piece may seem fragile but thanks to its 5mm borosilicate glass thickness no need to worry about breaking or cracking.

Price: $69.95

Mini Picasso Oil Rig by Diamond Glass

Glass blowing is somewhat of an art and Diamond Glass definitely created something beautiful with this mini Picasso oil rig. This one stands at 7.5 inches tall but it really will stand out next to giant piece. It’s design is unique and sleek, but it’s function was not put on the back burner. It features a short joint that leads to a diffused stem. This makes for simple, dependable, easy-to-clean diffusion. Its classic beaker shape and long mouthpiece also ensure you’ll stay dry for even the biggest rips.

Price: $149.95

Micro Orb Recycler by Killa Glass

You can indeed have all the function of a full sized recycler in a mini rig. This micro recycler by Killa Glass has a double stacked shower head percolator for super powerful and smooth diffusion. This one continuously cools and filters smoke until your ready to inhale. The result is a heavenly rip with no harsh backlash every time. It stands at 5 inches high , has a 5mm borosilicate glass thickness, and has a super solid 4.5 inch base. Also the design is a super creative and cool, you’ll grab this piece over and over again.

Price: $159.95


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