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Things To Do When Your High

Things To Do When Your High

Whether you are high on life, just ate the best food, or just had the perfect cigarette joint. Whether you prefer to run, smoke, or eat, getting high can be extremely fun, if you know what to do. If you don't, getting high is not as fun, especially if you're only binging "The Office" for the 10th time and staying on the couch. Take advantage of the heightened sensations and the weightlessness you fell when you get smoked out with these activities.


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If you have ever gone to a pool party and gotten smoked out, you feel the weightlessness of floating and the relaxing feeling of the water. Smoking before you go swimming is an amazing sensation due to the sensitivity to touch, so you feel the water in a whole new different way and make a simple day at the beach, that much better. With summer in full swing, this is one activity that will keep you cool while discovering a whole new feeling of being in water.

Take a Bubble Bath

First, we’d like to say that everyone should take more bubble baths. Seriously, treat yo self! But more than that, bubble baths are the ideal past time for a relaxing high. You already smoke to relieve tension, so why not enhance your mini-vaca with a luxurious bubble bath.

The best part about taking a bath while high is that bathrooms tend to have awesome acoustics. Bring a radio, put on your favorite playlist, and lay back with a good book and a fresh spliff.

Channel Your Inner Artist

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One of the many perks of smoking, is a huge boost in creativity. Whether you're a painter, a writer, or a musician, smoking can help you look at things in a new light and in turn create something that is truly beautiful and ground-breaking.

Go To a Concert

With senses heightened and your mood relaxed, all the sensory stimulation of a concert feels that much more intense. You can feel the music and the energy from the crowd. With lower inhibition it’s easier to dance and make new friends. And so long as the band doesn’t suck, the show will seem that much more electric and exciting. The best part is, most venues (especially outdoor venues) turn a blind eye to the occasional cloud of smoke.

Play Video Games

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Name a more iconic duo, I'll wait...Video games and smoking have gone hand in hand for many and there are so many reasons why. While videos games have been proven to improve hand eye coordination, some activities are known to significantly increase anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties within the human body, making you play longer. In a study done by the Groningen Mental Enhancement Department in the Netherlands, they tested the affects of herbs and video games on 100 test subjects with half getting to smoke. The final results were that the smokers in the group showed a 43 percent better memory retention than the non smokers, so if you're stuck on a level, smoking might be the answer for you. Furthermore if you enjoy playing sports games like Madden or 2K, creativity can help you call plays and make moves your opponents won't expect form you.

Watch A Movie

What better way to spend a break from video games than by watching a movie? If you have ever smoked before going to a movie, you know how easy it is to lose yourself in the movie and transport yourself into the big screen. You become invested in the characters, the plot, everything the movie has to offer and you notice every detail of the movie so you won't have to google what happened or what you missed after the movie. If you need help finding a good movie to watch while you're high, here are some great suggestions!


Work Out

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I know..Working out isn't exactly what most smokers think of doing while sparking up, but working out while high is life-changing. According to the New York Times, many regular athletes have confessed to smoking because it puts them in the zone and makes working out feel like less of a drag, as well as prevent soreness and aches. On top of that, smoking before a workout can boost your heart rate and allow you to burn more as you work out as well as speed up your metabolism and drop your cholesterol levels. The best part is that working out can make you even more high and increase your potency. 


Another great way of being active and embracing your high.Getting buzzed heightens your senses and your awareness, allowing little details of life we’d usually overlook suddenly come into focus. Nowhere is this effect more pronounced than out in nature. Leaves on trees seem distinct and fascinating, colors are more intense, bird songs become heavenly choruses, and the list goes on.

Hiking is also a healthy activity, so if you find it difficult to motivate yourself to work out, hiking while smoking is a great incentive. Set out an easy path for yourself and enjoy all the hidden details your sober mind ignores. The miles will fly by!

Having Sex 

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Staying on physical activity, here's one of the most popular ones. When engaging in intercourse, it gives off a major dopamine boost, which is a neurotransmitter that allows you to feel pleasure. Smoking also triggers the release of dopamine, which gives you the euphoric feeling of a smoke high. More dopamine means bonus pleasure sensations for pretty much everything you do after smoking.  This makes smoking and sex makes for a more intense intimacy, full of euphoria and happiness from the herb, and another from the amazing experience you share with your significant other.


Perhaps the most peaceful use of your time after getting high, smoking while stargazing is a perfect way to answer questions about the universe and reminisce. Whether you smoke by yourself or with friends/family, stargazing is perfect for wondering what life beyond the universe is, count the stars, or simply find Orion's belt. All the thoughts in your mind are painted in the stars and you see things you have never seen before and you might never see again. This is definitely a must-do if you need a moment to yourself, to reflect or relax. 

People Watching 

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This one might be tough to do without looking creepy but  if you can pull it off, it is magical. There isn't a better feeling than feeling nice in public and the director of your own little world. Whether you choose to go to the mall or a local downtown park, find a nice, quiet bench and just embrace the views in front of you. You can feel the energy from people, you get to see things you might never notice, hell you might even meet the love of your life when you get high and go people watch. Because your high is causing you to radiate the most positive feel-good vibes, it’ll make the entire situation a very enjoyable experience. Going people watching while high, you can make up backstories for the people and have a good time, until you stare for too long and get kicked out, watch out for that.

Go to an Amusement Park or Carnival

Going to the amusement park is one of the best things you can do while high, period. Enjoy exciting rides, delicious carnival food, live entertainment, and sometimes even a water park! What more could you ask for? Unleash your inner child by visiting an amusement park blitzed.

Hang Out With your Pet

Smoking makes some people feel playful and uninhibited, making it the perfect time to hang out with your best furry friend. Not only is this a great way to build your relationship, but activities like playing, taking walks, and belly rubs are all more fun when you’re under the influence. Plus, your pet’s charming antics will be that much funnier after a few hits.

Dogs are especially in tuned with our emotions, too, so hanging out with your pup while smoking is likely to make them feel more relaxed by proxy. Next time you smoke up, consider spending the time with your pet - they’ll thank you!

Cook Up Some Gourmet Munchies

Sure, we’ve all enjoyed the basic grab bag of goodies from the gas station, but getting smoked out is the perfect opportunity to practice your culinary skills and really entice your taste buds.

Not only does it make you hungrier, but it can make food taste better. So why waste your high on generic snack foods? Try your hand at baking or cooking next time you spark up. In our experience, cooking while high induces some hysterical shenanigans and makes the whole process a lot more fun.

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