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10 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Budtender

10 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Budtender

For first-time smokers, going to a dispensary can be a thrilling yet overwhelming experience. With all the options for cannabis on the market now, it is almost like going to the grocery store for weed.

There are tons of different forms (wax, flower, lotions, oils, etc) as well as levels of THC and terpenes to be mindful of.

While the options are endless, every dispensary has a team of knowledgeable budtenders that can work with you to select the best products so your money is well spent.

We have put together a list below of 10 of the most important questions to ask your budtender for first-timers heading to the dispensary!

1. I’m Interested In [Type of High Experience], What Would You Recommend?

It’s important to let your budtender know the kind of high you are looking for. As we mentioned some people are looking for more chill highs, best for sleep and relaxation.

These products may be very different than someone looking for a morning energy boost or cannabis to help them focus on creativity.

The THC level and terpenes found in your cannabis are two big factors that play into helping you shape your smoke experience, and this is what budtenders are experts in.

More than likely, your budtender has tried various kinds of cannabis on the menu and are even daily users themselves, so they know what’s up!

2. How Do I Know How Much To Consume?

Asking this question is pretty important for first-time weed smokers and beginners as you don’t want to overdo it and end up having a bad experience.

The amount you should consume will again depend on the product itself, and also how much of a frequent smoker you are.

Your budtender can work with you to understand the right amount of cannabis you should consume. But for the best advice, it is always good to start off slow.

3. What Do You Recommend For Beginners?

Let your budtender know you’re new to the smoke game! Dispensaries are made for all kinds of people and tend to be a pretty accepting place.

Some consumers prefer to not smoke and only ingest oils or lotions for daily pain.

While others are looking for more standard products to reach a typical high.

4. I Enjoyed [Product], Do You Have Anything Similar?

If you find a product you like, take a pic of it or write the name down!

Even if you want to branch out from the same strain/product your budtender could help you find something with similar levels of effects.

This is a good way of figuring out a few products that you enjoy so you don’t have to rely just on one.

5. What Products Are You Most Excited For Right Now?

Budtenders are passionate about the weed they sell and tend to enjoy sharing personal experiences with products they either enjoy or tend to avoid.

They love getting questions like this because it allows them to give recognition to products that may not be as popular but is a fan favorite of theirs.

Getting to know your local budtenders is a great way to find out what some of the best products around are.

It’s common for cannabis users to sometimes stick to a product they know and already like; asking your budtender about their personal favorites is a great way to broaden your horizons when it comes to cannabis and learn more about what exists out there!

Trying new products can sometimes be nerve-wracking if you like sticking to what you know, but budtenders are experts and can help steer you in the right direction.

6. How Do I Use [Specific Product]?

While media has made cannabis use look like bongs or joints are the only way to go, there are actually many different ways to partake in nature’s medicine.

Edibles, vapes, teas, oils, creams, and dabbing are all other common methods found through products at your local dispensary.

Some products are pretty straightforward and even have directions on their labels to tell you exactly what you need to do. This is especially common when purchasing cannabis-based lotions or oils.

On the other hand, some products may require a method and other equipment such as dabs or using flower.

Your budtender can recommend you the best process to go about smoking your new product, and even equipment to purchase to help you achieve this. Some dispensaries even offer equipment to buy on the spot if you don’t already have that.

Although not all shops, but many are located near a headshop that you can head to after your dispensary trip. Budtenders are usually pretty friendly and delight in helping new consumers figure out the best method for them to achieve the perfect high!

7. What’s a Good [Product] For Under [Your Budget]?

Dispensaries can definitely get expensive, and if you are used to buying from the street these prices may be a bit higher than what you’re used to.

Although the quality can’t be beaten so in the long run you may find yourself spending less money.

Budtenders know that different smokers have different budget levels, so don’t be afraid to tell them what you’re willing to spend on your trip to the dispo!

Many dispensaries even offer sales and discounts so be sure to ask about those if you’re on a budget. 

8. What [Product] Would You Suggest For a Group Session?

Not everyone chooses to smoke alone for a host of reasons and that’s okay too!

For social smokers asking your budtender what is best for maximizing product during group sessions is a smart idea.

For example, buying a gram of a product may not be ideal if you are smoking with others.

A daily oil or cream that you use for pain management is great, but folks looking for products in group sessions tend to search for flower or concentrates that everyone can use.

Budtenders have more than likely smoked with their circle of closest friends, co-workers, and others so they should know the answer to this question! They may have a strain or brand on their mind that is a perfect go-to for social settings!

9. Has There Been Any Third-Party Testing On These Products?

This is a great way to make sure your product is safe. While most dispensaries do indeed third-party test their products, some brands don’t.

Budtenders will respect that you ask this question and it shows you really care about the importance of the quality of product you’re getting.

10. What Strains Are Most Popular?

Some strains only come around once in a while and veteran users love asking their budtenders what kind of strains are most popular.

You also may ask what kind of strain is most popular for the kind of experience you are looking for.

Some strains go quickly, so finding one you like and checking the menu a few times a week for it is a great way to stay updated. 

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