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Bong Sizes Guide & How to Choose the Right One

Bong Sizes Guide & How to Choose the Right One

Bong hits are one of the most classic ways to smoke and provide users with large, smooth, and tasty hits.

The number of bong sizes that exist on the market is enough to drive any beginner smoker into an overwhelmed feeling as tons of designs and sizes for all smokers exist.

Below we have outlined the various sizes of bongs that exist to help you decide what is best for your session. From larger elaborate bongs to add to any veteran’s collection, to small portable bongs for on-the-go tokes.

Take a look below to see what is best for you.

Mini Bongs

Mini bongs are ideal for giving anyone a chance to smoke on the go, and at any time. These are portable, provide intense but smooth hits, and are great for beginners or veterans alike.

Small bongs are also known as bubblers and can even be hit dry. They may be more intense than a larger bong with more water, although they are great for extremely portable sessions and on-the-go tokes.

Mini bubblers are ideal to have when you want something with water that doesn't hit as harshly as a dry pipe but are still looking for something more discreet.

Bongs are a good way to avoid harsh smells that a dry pipe, blunt or joint would give off. Mini bongs range from about 4 -10 inches in height but are usually about 7 inches tall on average.

Below we have recommended one of our favorite mini bongs for smooth hits and ease of use.


  • Portable
  • Powerful hits for a small device
  • Discreet


  • May be harsher
  • Not as ideal for social smoking sessions
  • Harder to clean

Recommended Mini Bong

This ideal piece is excellent for smooth hits and the ultimate portability. Created by the world-famous bong brand, Diamond glass, it sits at 9 inches tall and has a 14mm female banger.

The smoke fills quickly for optimal smoke seshes and the built-in percolator provides extremely clean and tasty hits.

For large doses of pure smoke, and small size, this is the perfect mini bong to add to your collection. Another great steal from Badass Glass!

Medium Bongs

Medium bongs are quite common and ideal for a good smoke session with friends, or solo. Although they are not as portable or discreet as mini bongs, their purpose is to provide large concentrated doses of smoke yet still hit smooth.

The average size medium bong is anywhere from 8 inches to 16 inches, perfect for a social smoke session without getting too crazy.

This is one of the most popular choices for its wide design and clear nail visibility. There is an ideal amount of water filtration in many medium bongs and they tend to be easier to clean than bubblers.


  • Optimal size 
  • Good for solo sessions or social smoking
  • Smoother hits


  • Less portable
  • Not as discreet

Recommended Medium Bong

Standing at about 12” tall, this piece is perfect for a medium sized bong. It has a thick base making it sturdy and easily preventative to damage.

Diamond glass is known for providing great pieces that provide smooth, tasty hits every time. The bottom chamber is equipped with a percolator for incredibly tasty hits every time.

Big Bongs

Although not as common as medium or mini bongs, big bongs are ideal for large social gatherings or for people who smoke large volumes as they provide great hits and strong amounts of product.

They are not portable as many “big bongs” are about 15+ inches in size. Large bongs tend to be designed more elaborate and often have bigger bowls that can hold up to 1 gram of product.


  • Large hits
  • More water filtration
  • Easy to clean


  • Easier to knock over and break
  • Obviously not portable

Recommended Big Bong

This double tree bong with 2 layers of filtration sits 17” high. Although it is not portable, this is the perfect piece for some of the tastiest hits around.

It has a double percolator with 8 arms each to provide some of the cleanest and smoothest hits possible.

This bong is also a beautiful piece to look at, with a slight tint to it’s glass. It comes with an 18” mini bowl, ideal for passing around the smoke circle.

10 Inch vs 15 Inch Bong

10 inch bongs are an ideal size and fall in between small and medium sized bongs. Although they aren’t super portable, they can still be discreet.

15 inch bongs are considered the start to “big bongs”. These in general provide some of the largest and smoothest hits, yet are obviously not ideal for on the go use.



Is an 8-inch bong small?

8-inch bongs are considered medium-sized bongs. Anything under 6” or 7” would be considered a mini or small bong. Also called a bubbler they are ideal for portable use.

Does bong size matter?

Bong size is important because it will help guide the kind of smoke session you have. People looking for more portable or discreet devices will find small bongs (up to 6”) the most helpful as they can easily be stored in backpacks, purses, and more.

Medium bongs are ideal for social gatherings and are an everyday bong to keep around the house, with ideal water filtration that provides ultra-smooth hits.

Large bongs are good for large social gatherings and for people looking to take large hits.

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