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Top 5 Ice Bongs for Beginners: Easy-to-Use Options for New Smokers

Top 5 Ice Bongs for Beginners: Easy-to-Use Options for New Smokers

Thinking of trying out cannabis as a recreational herb? Well, there are some hard and fast dos and don'ts that you will need to know before you roll that joint or spend your hard-earned money on an ordinary water pipe.

To get an excellent high, you must not only choose the best buds, but also invest in the right smoking accessories. As a beginner, it’s a must to equip yourself with a bong that delivers cool and smooth hits and doesn't leave a choking sensation. Ice bongs are the perfect beginner-friendly smoking accessories that you must try to experience clean and sub-zero temperature hits. These bongs, as the name suggests, use ice to cool down the smoke and provide maximized filtration.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore more about ice catcher bongs and why you need to arm yourself with one to enjoy cooler hits as a newbie. Stick around to learn more!

Ice Catcher Bongs - All You Should Know

First things first - it's essential to acknowledge that ice bongs come in two different styles.

The traditional style has an in-built ice catcher where you are supposed to place ice cubes before smoking, much like how you put ice cubes in your Coke to make it more refreshing. However, the second style is more advanced; users don't need to use any ice cubes as the bong is made of ice.

As you inhale using any of the above ice bong types, the smoke crosses through the ice cubes/inbuilt ice, providing an extra level of filtration and a cooling effect. This, in turn, leaves you with an excellent, smooth, and flavorful smoke. That said, let's now take a look at the benefits of using ice bongs.

Maximized Filtration

Having a glass ice bong means that the smoke gets filtered countless times. The ice cubes alone provide a large surface area for filtration, removing any large particles and impurities that might be in the smoke. Next, the smoke passes through the water chamber and the percolator, where it is effectively filtered and cooled. This means you don't have to worry about developing chest-related problems months after you start using cannabis.


Frankly, this is the most obvious benefit of investing in an ice bong. Just like you use ice to cool down a drink or a burning sensation, the same applies to using these bongs. With enough ice cubes in the ice catcher, the cold seeps in through the smoke, rendering a cooling effect.

Controlled Hits

As a newbie, it is essential to begin with small hits and go bigger with time. Ice bongs are the best in helping you smoke controlled, less harsh hits. With the ice filtering and cooling the smoke, you can inhale small puffs and progress into larger puffs over time without coughing or choking.

Splash Guard

Every seasoned smoker can attest that you can inhale your smoke together with some bong water. With the ice cubes on the neckpiece, it's pretty hard to encounter such an incident.

Criteria For Selection - Which Ice Bong Should I Buy?

We are guessing that you are already excited to get yourself an ice bong. However, before you browse through an online headshop to make a purchase, there are several factors you need to consider to select the best-fit ice bong.


Not every ice bong is made of glass. Silicone, ceramic, and acrylic are the materials you can also choose from.

Now, each material has its strengths and weaknesses. If you are looking for durability, silicone will be a great fit. No matter how many you drop your bong, it's unbreakable. If maintaining flavor is your cup of coffee, choosing a glass bong is non-negotiable. Unlike silicone, which can leave a plastic taste in your mouth, glass bongs deliver the purest flavors. Ceramic material makes a great fit if you are looking for a unique and stylish ice catcher bong. The same goes for acrylic material. Understanding your specific needs will help you make the right choice.


While buying an ice bong, ensure you are going for the right size. Large bongs are typically designed to deliver large puffs and might not be beginner-friendly but ideal for seasoned cannabis users. If you are a newbie, we recommend you opt for a small-sized beaker ice bong. They are a perfect fit for anyone with lower lung capacity.

Shape and Style

Shape and style are important factors, especially if you are going for a traditional ice bong.

The last thing you want is to have time to fix the ice cubes in the ice catcher. As a beginner, new-age bongs with a crooked neckpiece may give you a hard time. However, if you are going for a contemporary ice bong, you can opt for a bent neck, as it keeps your face away from the hot bowl as you inhale. Beaker-shaped bongs are also great as they have a large water chamber, which means you will have maximized filtration.


Lastly, the weight of your wallet will determine the type of bong you get for yourself.

Contemporary ice bongs have a higher price tag compared to traditional bongs, where you need to put ice cubes. Bongs with added features like percolators will definitely come at a higher cost. If you are willing to go over your budget for an excellent smoking experience, the glass bong is a masterpiece. If you have a lower budget, however, you can opt for a stylish acrylic bong.

Top 5 Ice Bongs For Beginners

The Simple Beaker Bong by Diamond Glass Gold

If you are looking to have a higher level of filtration, the Simple Beaker Bong by Diamond Gold is the perfect fit. It comes with a 6-arm tree percolator, which means that your smoke will pass through multiple layers.

This bong has a height of 10.5 inches and a 14mm male bowl piece, and its beaker shape gives you a large water chamber for maximized filtration. In addition, this bong is made of high-quality material and features a fantastic finish and durability. So if you are after a piece that promises a smooth draw and blends aesthetics and function seamlessly, this can be your go-to option.

8” Mini Beaker Bong By Diamond Glass

Made of premium-quality borosilicate glass, 8" Mini Beaker Bong by Diamond Glass is perfect for anyone who is always on the move.

This 8-inch cute beaker bong offers a perfect blend of simplicity and style. While small and traditional, this cute little bong has the best features, surpassing even a larger one. It's got an 18/14 diffused downstem mm, a funnel bowl, and an ice catcher, perfect to hold the right amount of ice cubes needed for an excellent cooling effect.

10” Beaker Bong

10" Beaker Bong with an ice catcher and a 14mm bowl by Diamond Glass.

How would it feel to own a bong that serves you in multiple locations? If this sparks your mind, don't miss out on grabbing yourself the 10-inch beaker bong by Diamond Glass Gold.

Whether you are at your friend’s home or need to go to a 420 camping site in the USA, you can count on this bong, it smokes like a beautiful dream! It is medium-sized and very lightweight and comes with a sitted downstream and a 14mm matching bowl. The best part? It's available in a wide variety of colors, plus it's shipped for free if you live in the US or Canada.

Moonrock Bong by Diamond Glass

Honestly, we wouldn't blame you for wanting to spend an arm and leg to buy the Moonrock Bong by Diamond Glass.

This glass ice bong is the best we have seen so far - it’s made of durable borosilicate glass and boasts a thick, wide base. With a unique percolator, a clinged top long mouthpiece, and a dry flower bowl, you can forget about all the hassles that come with using a bong. Not only do you get top-notch diffusion and filtration, but you also eliminate splashing, whether smoking flowers or dabbing. No wonder it makes a perfect choice to enjoy the coolest and most flavorful smoke.

Double Gears Water Pipe by Diamond Glass

Double Gears Waterpipe By Diamond Glass

We couldn't complete our list without adding the Double Gears Water Pipe by Diamond Glass. It's praised by most cannabis users for its nine individual gear percs that are well-placed and offer unbeatable diffusion & flavorful hits. The well-thought-out design of this bong is appreciated by many smoking enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for a durable bong with a wide base.

How Do You Use a Traditional Ice Bong?

  • Place medium-sized ice cubes into the ice chamber.
  • Pour cold water into the water chamber until the stem is submerged.
  • Place your ground flower bud into the bowl and light it up.
  • Inhale gently and watch as the smoke crosses the ice cubes. The ice catcher should be able to trap the ice in the shaft.
  • Enjoy the cool smoke to feel relaxed!

Tip: Make sure you replace the ice and the filtration water frequently. Also, make sure you clean the bong the right way using the best bong cleaners to ensure an enjoyable smoking session.

Are you now ready to have the best smoking experience ever? Well, be sure to invest in the right ice bong for smooth and cooler hits. If you need to explore other options other than our top five picks, check out our impressive selection of bongs at Online Head Shop Badass Glass. We have a variety of bongs and other smoking accessories for every type of cannabis user - whether you are new or a pro, trust that you will get the best. Shop now!

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