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Top 7 Essential Accessories for Bong Enthusiasts

Top 7 Essential Accessories for Bong Enthusiasts: Must-Have Add-Ons

Do you know you can upgrade your bong to deliver smooth, potent, and more flavored hits?

Almost every cannabis enthusiast uses a bong to enhance the smoking experience. But the thing is, most bongs are designed to filter out the smoke, ensuring you don't get choked or inhale other impurities. However, if you care too much about the flavor and the intensity of smoothness, you might want to pay good attention to this article.

Bong accessories such as bowl screens and percolators can take your smoking experience to a whole new level. They make your bong smoke even smoother and add some extra power to your hits. This is just a tip of what additional bong accessories can do. If you want to learn more, stick around as we unveil the top 7 additions that can make you a top-notch bong.

7 Must-Have Bong Accessories

1. Percolator

A percolator is the most essential accessory of a bong. They are mainly found within the tube component of the water pipe and provide additional filtration after the smoke passes through the water. Not every bong comes with a percolator, and users may have to buy them as stand-alone features. For those whose bongs come attached to a percolator, you might reconsider upgrading to a better one after reading this article.

You see, most attached percolator bongs only have 1 or 2 openings. This implies that the smoke doesn't undergo maximum filtration as it would with a percolator with multiple outlets.

A good percolator has multiple holes and slits in it. So, if your percolator bong is missing this, you might want to upgrade to a better one for smooth and cooler hits. There are many types of percolators; thus, you should be able to choose one compatible with your bong that perfectly suits your needs.

2. Ash Catchers

We are betting that everyone knows it's not worth smoking your favorite herb in a dirty bong. Research shows that the bacteria present in most smoking accessories is higher than that found in public services. That's a sticker shock, right? If you don't want to risk your health, consider upgrading your bong with an ash catcher.

An ash catcher works by stopping unwanted ash from getting into your bong. This helps reduce clogging and also enhances the smoking experience. With a percolator and ash catcher, we don't think you will complain about the budtender of bad-tasting hits.

That's not even the best part! Ash catchers are easy to use. All you have to do is slot one into the stem of your bong, and there you have it: fresh and smoother hits.

3. Quartz Banger

A quartz banger is a must-have accessory for those who love dabbing. Still in the dark? Don't worry, you are many on the train. Dabbing is typically smoking high concentrates of cannabis extracted from raw plants. The extract is called a dab, and one puff is equivalent to 10 puffs on an entire joint.

If you love dabbing, you most likely use a dab rig. Now, a quartz banger is more like the bowl of a typical bong, except that it's deeper and extends out from the device. Unlike a bong, where you use a lighter to smoke, dabbing requires one to use a blowing torch to get the most out of the dab.

Dab rigs that don't have a quartz banger don't last for long. This is because other materials made of glass are prone to cracking after overheating. However, with a quartz banger, you can enjoy potent hot without stressing about unnecessary cracking.

4. Bowl Screens

If you don't regularly clean your bong, it's easy for the bowl to accumulate unwanted dirt or damage. This is because the bowl is usually the largest component of a bong; thus, as you use marijuana occasionally, resin slowly builds up on the outermost surface, making it hard even to determine the water level.

With a bowl screen, however, a dirty bowl should be the least on your worry list. These metallic screens can be bent to protect and cover any type of bowl, regardless of the design. So before lighting up that bud, simply bend it to cover your entire bowl. This helps prevent unnecessary damage, and it also makes cleaning easy-peasy.

5. Carb Cap

A carb cap is also an essential accessory for those who love dabbing. Here is why: When dabbing, maintaining the right temperature is essential in ensuring you get the most out of your dab as well as get smooth and powerful hits. Without a carb cap, maintaining the right temperature can be a bit challenging. Too much temperature will lead to evaporation, while less temperature may not deliver the best hits.

A carb cap helps cover your banger, ensuring no air comes in or out once your dab is properly heated. As a result, it creates a vacuum that delivers smoother and more controlled hits.

6. Grinder

Frankly, putting a bud into your bong without crashing will not deliver the best hits. Just as you have to remove the seeds and stems of a bud before rolling it into a joint, the same applies even when using bongs. You have to grind it for powerful hits.

A grinder comes in handy in such situations. It helps you crush the bud into finer and lighter pieces that are much easier to smoke, without leaving behind chunks of ash or resin buildup. Grinders are available in almost every head shop. So don't let access be an excuse for not having one.

7. Ice Catchers

Trust us when we tell you that once you start using ice catchers, there is no going back to using the standard bong. While standard bongs do a great job of filtering the smoke to deliver smooth hits. Ice catchers go the extra mile, rewarding users with cool buttery hits.

So, how do ice catchers work? Ice catchers are ice cubes put in the smoke path (the neck part of your bong leading to the water chamber). Once smoke passes through the ice, it harnesses the cooling effect, and once it reaches your mouth, the cool inhale treats any throat or irritation you may have. Ice catchers also allow you to take bigger rips with less discomfort.

It is worth noting that you can use ice catchers on a standard bong, but using an ice bong is much easier. Ice cubes in a standard bong are prone to falling into the water chamber, especially if the bong has a large mouthpiece. Ice bongs, on the other hand, are designed to house ice separately from the main chamber.

We hope you learned about the advantages of upgrading your bongs. So don't settle for less if you want your smoking sessions to be soothing and relaxing. Make a quick search of online head shops near me - you are most likely to find our website Badass Glass where you can explore the fantastic collection of accessories that can make you a badass bonghead. Happy shopping!

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