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Exploring the Best 420-Friendly Camping Spots in the USA

Exploring the Best 420-Friendly Camping Spots in the USA

The union of nature and cannabis is the perfect match. Nothing hits better than lighting that joint while camping in a perfect spot surrounded by breathtaking scenery, and you don't really need to stress about who is watching or not. With your close friends, you can set up a tent, grab your bong, and smoke your favorite herb before heading out for a thrilling hike.

While Marijuana is legal in some states, we can't deny that using the herb somehow still feels like a crime even when it's not. And instead of enjoying a good high, you are constantly worried about the cops catching you. If you are looking for a place where you can fully immerse yourself and enjoy a great high, we've got you covered.

In this article, we will explore the best 420-friendly camping spots in the US. These places allow cannabis enthusiasts to fully let go and enjoy a good high in the great outdoors. Keep reading to learn more!

420-Friendly Camping Etiquette

Before diving into the camping spots, let us discuss important friendly camping etiquette that will ensure you have a seamless 420 camping experience free of trouble.

First things first, ensure that you familiarize yourself with local guidelines and regulations. As much as you are going to a 420-friendly camping where smoking cannabis isn't really an issue, it wouldn't hurt to know what's good or not. What amount of weed can you bring with you? Do you need to check your bong and other bong accessories with the pack rangers? These are some of the things you should familiarize yourself with. Also, always avoid state or federal-owned campgrounds if you wish to consume cannabis.

Secondly, be mindful of other campers. There will probably be other campers around. It wouldn't be right if you start smoking without asking if they are okay with you smoking. A simple "May I?" or “Do you mind?" will do the trick. If they are not comfortable with it, just find another spot where you can smoke your Marijuana without interfering.

Lastly, ensure you leave the camping site as you found it. Don't pluck that flower; leave it for the next people to enjoy the beauty. Ensure you collect all the trash in the camping spot before you head over to the next spot.

Best 420-Friendly Camping Spots in the US

Pacific Northwest 420 Friendly Campgrounds

Pacific Northwest offers many 420-friendly camping spots in Oregon and Washington. While you can possess up to 28,5 grams of Marijuana in these state parts, you can't legally consume it. However, we have listed privately owned campsites where you can smoke your favorite herb with your friends.

Smoke on the Water, Oregon

Looking to have the best 420 cannabis campout fest this year? Head over to Oregon. The state is not only known for having the best 420 camping in the US but also for its thrilling cannabis festivals.

Smoke on the Water is the first camping spot we recommend when going to Oregon. The 420 camping site in the USA is situated in Selma and is close to the stunning Lake Selmac.

The strategic location unlocks many thrilling and fun activities to indulge in, from camping, boating, swimming, and hiking. Plus, let's not forget to mention it's the perfect place for those who want to try dabbing for the first time. With you being surrounded by people who love Marijuana, you can take off that dab rig, heat it up, and take your high to the next level.

And it doesn't stop there for RVers. This camping spot is also close to the Redwood Highway, so you won't have a hard time accessing the camping spot.

Rose Creek Retreat, Washington

Smoking Marijuana in a serene environment where it's just you admiring the picturesque landscape and the fascinating wildlife. If this sounds like your cup of coffee, you should try out Rose Creek Retreat in Rosburg, Washington. This 420 camping spot is perfect for those who want a more intimate 420 experience away from the crowd.

The camp spot is just off the Lower Columbia River, and it provides the perfect soothing experience for those who want to let go of those unfiltered emotions. You can bring along your significant other or your pet and take a stroll through the woods and enjoy the diverse plants and wildlife, including owls. For those in the mood for more exhilarating activities, you can go for water rafting or paddleboarding.

Colorado's 420 Friendly Campgrounds

This is going to be the year for Colorado - we just know it. This beautiful state is often underrated, yet it offers many beautiful 420-friendly camping spots that are worth visiting. Like other states, Colorado also has laws to mind when it comes to public consumption. Thus, we have provided private camping grounds that are safe to consume Marijuana.

Joyful Journey Hot Springs, Moffat, CO

How would it feel to kickstart 420 with extra pampering? If it sparks your imagination, save a spot for Joyful Journey Hot Springs. Located in Moffat, this quaint gateway features a full menu spa where you can smoke your favorite herb before heading for a relaxing massage. Plus, you can spend a night or two if you want to soak deep into the breathtaking views of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains.

Important Tip: Make sure you have your smoking session only in the designated smoking pavilion on the grounds.

Wilderness Bud and Breakfast, Pagosa Springs, CO

What camping if you guys are not heading into the wild? A badass bong, your close friends, and portable tents are all you need to enjoy a thrilling 420 experience in the wild. The Wilderness Bud and Breakfast is the ideal place for such an experience. Nestled along Rio Blanco headwaters, this 420 camping spot features perfect tent sites to help one fully immerse oneself in the wilderness. That's not even the best part. Guests also have access to a camp kitchen, utensils, and outhouses. Plus, the owners offer continental breakfast every morning.

CanyonSide Campgrounds, Bellvue, CO

If you have never had a chance to see Canyons while high, visiting CanyonSide Campgrounds is the safest way to do it. Set up a tent, light up your joint, and watch how the canyons magnificently transform as the sun sets. Top it off with star gazing as you share meaningful moments with your friends. The 420 Camping site in the USA features RV sites, tents, glamping sites, and cabin rentals. Choose what works best for you.

California's Cannabis Retreat

We couldn't complete our list without adding the first state ever to legalize Marijuana. If you want to know how it all started, check out these 420-friendly camping spots.

160 Acres Hosted by Cathy & Bill B., Mendocino, CA

160 acres hosted by Cathy & Bill B. is a privately owned camping ground in the coastal mountains of Mendocino County, California. It features two campsites, i.e., the dry site and the pond site. The dry site is perfect for shorter camping, while the Pond Site is set up for longer camping and partying.

The pond site provides absolute privacy as it's located on a private internal dirt road. When here, you are free to explore the outdoors and observe the abundant wildlife in the undisturbed home. Plus, the pond itself is quite refreshing on hot days. If you don't plan on visiting on the hot days, you can still enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, and rafting. Plus you don't have to worry if you forget your weed, the campsite is only 10 minutes from the local town.

Feeling Groovy at Eagle Creek Rank, Trinity Center, CA

Feeling Groovy at Eagle Creek Ranch is yet another 420-friendly camping spot that sits on 116 acres of land. It's surrounded by lush green vegetation from Shasta Trinity National Forest and stunning mountain scenery from a distance.

The 420 camping spot also offers a lot of fun outdoor cannabis activities like horseback riding, outdoor yoga, hiking, fishing, horseshoes, and much more. There are also cottages and camping sites for those who would like to spend a night or go on this serene getaway.

Emerging 420-Friendly Destinations

As the consumption of cannabis continues to expand within the States, new 420 camping spots are emerging, offering a safe and welcoming environment for cannabis users. Here are a few of these spots.

Camp Laughing Grass, Harrison, ME

Camp Laugh Grass is an emerging 420-friendly camping destination in the tranquil settings of Maine's Lake Region. The 17-acre private property is bordered by beautiful scenic wetlands with adventurous trails throughout. It also features thoughtful amenities, fun activities, and spacious grounds on which to set up your tents.

Willow Springs Campground, Tamms, IL

Willow Springs Campground is a family-operated company and is perfect for those who wish to have a thrilling 420 experience in an RV. While the park is still under construction, it's still within the city limits of Willow Springs; thus, guests can easily access the city’s amenities.

Now that you have a variety of 420 camping spots to experience a good high and soak in the natural beauty of nature, you need to fully equip yourself with the best smoking accessories. However, the last thing you want is to get to that breathtaking camp spot only to find out your bong or dab rig isn’t delivering the best hits. So make sure you stock or upgrade your smoking accessories before heading out to the great outdoors. Badass Glass is the most trusted online head shop to buy quality bongs, glass pipes, dab rigs, and other accessories. Visit our website to explore our stylish collection and smoke in style!

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