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Smoking Essentials Kit

Essential Smoking Supplies

Look, the only thing you really need to spark up is a little herb and some determination, but as you navigate the counterculture community, picking up accessories along the way to aid in your red-eyed endeavors, your smoke sesh evolves into a unique routine. You’ll begin to notice what items you consistently reach for each time, and which ones you noticeably miss when absent. Before you know it you’ve assembled your very own smoking essentials kit.

It’s all about elevating your personal smoking experience and everyone’s kit will be different, but having a collection of tried and true quality smoking accessories to enhance your experience can completely transform the way you get high. Here we’ll be discussing some of the most highly desired accessories that you may want to think about adding to your own essential smoking supplies if you don’t have them already.


While you technically don’t need a grinder, having a reliable one available can save you a lot of time and energy compared to breaking your herb apart by hand. We definitely recommend a metal grinder with a kief catcher as it’s a great investment that keeps on giving. The metal makes it easy to clean and kief catchers will collect the small trichomes of the plant that fall off during grinding for you to retrieve later for a special treat.

If you’re looking for a solid grinder to add to your collection, we recommend this 4 piece grinder by Bougie Glass.

Rolling Tray

While you may not think of a rolling tray as something essential, without it you’re one unfortunate accident away from spilling your beautiful bud all over the floor. Rolling trays keep all your legal herbs in one designated area without making a mess. To help avoid disaster, we recommend picking one up with raised edges to catch any spills that happen during rolling or packing. 

Our go to option would be a classic RAW tray. You can’t go wrong.

Blunt Splitter

If you’re a blunt smoker, we recommend keeping a designated splitter in your kit. No more fingernails or kitchen knives - just one pull and you’re ready to roll. It keeps the blunt guts inside for easy disposal. For the price, there’s no reason not to pick one up and see how much of a time saver it is! 

EZ Splitz is the original, patented blunt splitter that many smokers use.

A Go-To Glass Pipe

A glass pipe is a smoker’s staple that you always want to have on standby, even after upgrading your daily driver. These classic herb pipes, often referred to as a bowl, are easy to use and offer reliable tokes every time making them great for beginners and beyond. Find a pipe that matches your personal style and keep it in your smoking essentials for that just in case moment.

Check out our huge collection of glass pipes to find your very own! 

Alternatively, if you’re tired of constantly repacking, try the GRAV Labs Glass Blunt.

Smokebuddy - Personal Air Filter

For those who care to avoid a certain dankness that comes along with smoking legal herbs and concentrates, we recommend picking up a Smokebuddy. The Smokebuddy is a personal air filter that traps odor and tar when you blow into it. Clean air comes out the other end with no smells that cling to surfaces.. Smoke where you want, and when you want without worry. The convenient size and environmentally friendly material make this a must have for all smokers, especially if you're tired of having your car or surrounding area smell.

Multi Tool or Dabber

From packing blunts and joints to dabbing concentrates, having a designated tool for your herb odd jobs is incredibly convenient. No more bent bobby pins or broken toothpicks. There are many different kinds of dabber so find what suits your needs.

The Dab Logic Multi Tool has 10 tools in 1. With it, you’ll never need another tool again.


It’s always the worst when you don’t think about the ashtray until it’s time to ash and now you’re frantically looking around for something - anything. To avoid ashing in yet another pop can, keep an ashtray on hand to help keep your space cleaner and more organized. You can use something as small as a shot glass, or splurge for something like a Tap Tray. Not only does it have compartments on the sides to hold your lighters and dabbers, but it has a notch in the center to help clean out bowls without getting your hands dirty!

These are just a few of the items you may want to consider adding to your smoking essentials kit. Some smokers can’t live without them while others have their own preferences. As you continue to try new products, your kit will further develop into your very own dank depot of quality smoking supplies. Try one - try them all; just figure out what works best for you!


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