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Bong Water: Debunking Myths and Understanding Its Role

Bong Water: Debunking Myths and Understanding Its Role

Why is there water in a bong - this question disturbs many, and it's time to address it. Why would someone fill the bong with water? What purpose does it serve? Will it enhance one’s smoking experience or filter away all the sweetness? Well, let us explain in detail.

Bong water and its role in smoking are often misunderstood. While putting water in the bong is a pretty commonplace sight in the world of cannabis lovers, there are quite several myths surrounding it. For instance, people claim that bong water filters out harmful toxins from the smoke. Well, this is not true, and the primary function of bong water is to cool and moisturize smoke. However, that’s not all - there’s more to the story.

For all new cannabis enthusiasts, it is essential to understand the importance of bong water to optimize their smoking experience. This blog will debunk the common misconceptions surrounding bong water and highlight its proper role - let's get started!

The Purpose of Bong Water

Bongs are a vital tool for a better smoking experience, and it is usually filled with water. As you take in cannabis, smoke bubbles up through the water, therefore cooling and filtering it. This provides smooth cannabis smoke with only traces of particulate matter, such as tar and ash.

As you take a hit, smoke will pass through the water before reaching your mouth. The water will cool down the smoke; it will get your mouth when it is cooler and feel much better on your throat. Taking in excellent smokes means that you will cough just a little bit and thus get to enjoy a smoother smoking experience.

Cold water calms the heat from the smoke, making it easier to take big breaths. Anytime you use bongs, you experience a calm and clean feeling.

Also, the bong water traps particulate matter from the smoke. As smoke passes through water, items such as ash will be trapped. Therefore, you can have peace of mind that you will not inhale harmful particles when taking a hit from your being.

Debunking Myths About Bong Water

The proper role of bong water in the smoking world is often misinterpreted. Over the years, so many myths have cropped up about bong water. Here are some of the myths revolving around it:

Bong Water Filters Out Toxins

Well, many people are convinced that bong water filters out toxins. Well, this is not true. The primary role of bong water is to cool down the smoke, which ensures that it is smooth and more comfortable to inhale.

To some extent, bong water will trap particulate matter in the smoke. However, it is not very effective in filtering out toxins. Specialized filtration devices would be needed to remove the toxins in the smoke. These include activated charcoal filters and water pipes with advanced filtration systems.

Water Level Does Not Matter for Different Types of Bongs

Again, there is this popular myth that water level does not matter for different types of bongs. First, it's essential to understand that water level is crucial in enhancing the smoking experience. Also, it can vary depending on the kind of bong you are using.

For instance, when using ice bongs, you will need low water levels since ice cubes are added to the chamber. On the other hand, mini bongs will need less water because it is generally small.

Also, when using percolator bongs, you must put in enough water to cover the percolator. This will ensure optimal diffusion of smoke.

There are guidelines given by each manufacturer of water bongs on the water levels that would be ideal for each type. So, be sure to follow this closely; therefore, it's not true when people say that water level does not matter to different kinds of bongs.

The More Dirty the Water, The More High You Will Get

Let's address this once and for all! How dirty the bong water is has no relationship with how high you will get. Therefore, if you are planning to use dirty water, be sure that your smoking experience will be no different.

Using dirty water when smoking will lead to unpleasant tastes and odors and, in the case scenario, poses health risks due to bacteria buildup.

Therefore, ensure you use only clean water in your glass bongs for a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. Be sure to change the water occasionally to maintain hygiene and experience a better smoking session.

Adding Substances to Bong Water Enhances Smoke Potency

Some people believe that adding items such as alcohol or fruit juice makes the smoke more potent. Well, this is a misconception that needs to be stopped.

Yes, we can agree to some extent adding such items will alter the taste of the smoke just a little bit. However, such has no significant effect on the potency of the smoke. Also, it is worth noting that some additives may introduce some additional residues in the smoke that may be harmful.

Types of Bong Water

Bong water is essential for the perfect smoking experience. Luckily, there are different types of bong water that you can use on your bongs. It is not everyday plain water; try to spice things up using other alternatives. Here are the various types of bong water you can use:

Plain Water

In most cases, people will always settle for plain water as the fluid of choice for their bongs. Plain water is readily available, easy to use, and works perfectly to cool down the smoke as it passes through the bong.

Also, for those who want to experience the smoke flavor as it is, then plain water is the best option to use.

Infused Water

Are you looking to create a new experience in your smoking session? Try using infused water in your bong. By infused water, we mean you take plain water but add fruits, mints, or herbs to the bong water. This will provide a more flavorful and smoother hit.

To flavor your bong water, add it slowly in cold water. Then, allow the mixture to sit for 3 to 5 hours before smoking.

Iced Water

Iced water is another excellent alternative to plain water for a better smoking experience. Adding ice cubes will help cool the smoke well and filter it.

Additionally, using iced water will help enhance some flavors. It can provide a crisp and clean taste of the smoke, therefore making it an ideal choice for those who prefer an excellent smoking experience. The cold temperature provided by the ice can further help soothe the throat and lungs, reducing the discomfort and irritation it brings.

If you want ice water, fill a container with ice and water and put it in the fridge for a while. Add it to the chamber of your bong and enjoy the smooth and toned-down hits.

Sparkling Water

You deserve to experience a new feeling from the norm. If you want this, add sparkling water to your bong. It will provide a unique experience from what you are typically used to.

Sparkling water provides a relaxed, fizzy feeling when smoking, so why not try it?

Flavored Liquids

Some people might opt for flavored liquids to enhance their smoking experiences. Using flavored bong water will add an extra dimension of taste and aroma to the smoke, providing a more enjoyable smoking experience.

Some popular options to flavor your water include orange juice, apple juice, herbal teas, and syrups. Adding these will provide a unique twist to your smoking experience.

Bong Water Maintenance and Cleanliness

There is nothing good you reap from using dirty bong water. You lose and even risk your health while at it.

Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your bong water is clean by changing it occasionally. This will help maintain its optimal performance and provide a quality smoking experience. That said, here are some tips you can use to maintain clean water in your bong:

Change Water Frequently

After each smoking session, go ahead and change the water. This will help prevent the buildup of residues and impurities. Freshwater ensures a cleaner and smoother smoking experience.

Use Purified Water

Consider using only purified water in your bong. It minimizes the presence of impurities in it and enhances the taste of your smoke. You can enjoy a cleaner and more enjoyable smoking experience with purified water.

Clean the Bong Regularly

Ensure that you deep clean your bong at least once a week. This will help remove any resin, tar, or bacteria buildup.


Bong water is essential for a smoother, cleaner, and better smoking experience. However, its role in smoking is often misunderstood. Unlike what people say, it does not filter toxins, enhance the potency, or make someone high. However, it does cool and smoothen the smoke people take in. Also, remember to change and clean your bong water regularly. It will ensure a cleaner and more enjoyable smoking session, which enhances the quality of the smoke.

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