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Largest List of Bong Names on the Internet

The Largest List of Bong Names on the Internet

Any veteran smokers know how important a bong is; it's almost like the holy grail of smoking devices. Bongs can provide users with smooth, large and tasty hits.

Long time stoners have turned the bong into a part of themselves and are “known” for their bong when fellow friends come to the house for a smoke session.

So it only makes sense to give your bong a name filled with fun, creativity and to help establish a connection to the piece. This only heightens the experience for a more engaging smoke sesh.

What Makes a Good Bong Name?


The classic movie Half Baked defined the process of naming a bong as “bongifying your bong." Naming your bong will help give it character and make you feel more connected your piece.

There is even an old theory in the stoner world going all the way back to the 1970’s: when you name your bong, it is less likely to get knocked over or break.

Of course, just like naming a pet or child, this can be tricky with so many names to choose from. Where do you even start?

The best bong names are the ones that just feel "right" when you think of them. It's different for everyone, so like most personal decisions it's a good idea to go with your gut on this one. You know when you know, you know?

Top 68 Bong Names

Below we have included a list of the top 68 bong names, ranging from badass, cool, girl, hippie, and of course funny. Plus some guidance on how to help you choose your new smoke buddy’s name.

  1. Lana del Blaze
  2. SamWise Ganja
  3. Bong Jeremy
  4. LeBong James
  5. Bong Solo
  6. Bong Travolta
  7. Tim Tebowl
  8. Big Bertha
  9. Curly Jefferson
  10. Sylvester Stillstoned
    Bong Names
  11. Hannah Bongtanna
  12. Jay and Silent Bong
  13. Puff Daddy
  14. Dank Sinatra
  15. Bongkey Kong
  16. James Bong
  17. The Rolling Stoned
  18. Willy Bongka
  19. Supreme Leader Smoke
  20. Barack Obonga
  21. Jon Bong Jovi
  22. Long Bong Silver
  23. James Danko
  24. Wesley Pipes
  25. Bong Burgundy
  26. Bongye West
  27. Billy Bong Thorton
  28. Kim Bong-Un
  29. Trey Bongz
  30. Bong Saget
  31. Action Bongson
  32. Bongo Mars
  33. George W. Kush
  34. Jack the Ripper
  35. Au Bong Pain
  36. Bong Crosby
  37. Kim Bong Ill
  38. Big Smoke
  39. Bob the Bubbler
  40. Donkey Bong
  41. Eva Bongoria
  42. Bongy Mcbongface
  43. Sir Ripsalot
  44. Bong Joon Ho-lyshit
  45. Bong Nye the Science High
  46. Kevin
  47. Afrika Bongbatta
  48. The Drag Master
  49. Albert Einstoned
  50. Bong Names
    Michelle Obonga
  51. Bongzilla
  52. Tom DeBong
  53. Bingbong
  54. Bubbles
  55. Bongquisha
  56. The Grim Reefer
  57. Highsenberg
  58. The Big Bong Theory
  59. Riptilda
  60. Bongelina Jolie
  61. Heavy Hitter
  62. Bong Zombie
  63. Bongette
  64. Medusa
  65. Puff the Magic Dragon
  66. Bong Marley
  67. Bong-O
  68. Commander in Kief

How To Come Up With Your Own Bong Names

While these names are pretty dope, some may choose to come up with their own to maximize the uniqueness of their bong.

Of course naming a pet, child, and your bong as well can be difficult with all the options.

We have outlined a few steps to help you with this unique process.

Step 1: Define What You Would Like to Express With Your Bong Name

This is an important part of the naming process. Knowing what you want to communicate when you use your bong, or when your friends use your bong can help make the naming process quite easier.

Bong Name

Do you want something clever that embodies the essence of a classic stoner? Perhaps a name like The Drag Master or Big Smoke would do.

Do you want something humorous that is sure to put a smile on people’s faces? Opt for a name like Kim-Bong UN or The Rolling Stoned.

Taking your favorite celebrities name and turning it into a bong name can also be fun. For example someone named their bong after their favorite rapper “Trey Bongz.”

Giving your bong name based on the features or size of the bong can be helpful too. For example, a bong that provides strong hits may pair well with a name such as Commander in Kief or Puff the Magic Dragon.

Think about your bong and get to know what kind of smoke session it provides that will help decide what to call your new device.

Does it also provide dabs? Do you use a lot of kief? Do you prefer small or large hits? Got a favorite celebrity or musician you want to name it after? These can make the general naming process a bit easier.

Step 2: Identify Unique Features or Characteristics

bong features and characteristics

Just as mentioned above getting to know your bong can be helpful in choosing a name.

What defines your bong?

Does it have special features or a design already placed on it? What color is your bong? Does it have an ash catcher, ice catcher or percolator? What kind of style of bong is it: straight tube or beaker?

Getting to know the individual characteristics of your bong can help you brainstorm ideas for what to name your bong based on it’s style and looks.

Step 3: Get Brainstorming!

When you have a general idea of what you would like to communicate and the individual features of your unique smoke device, now it is time to brainstorm!

Try some word play, make a list, take our list for inspiration, and even try out a bong name generator!

Have fun!

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