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8 Best Gandalf Pipes You Can Buy Right Now

8 Best Gandalf Pipes You Can Buy Right Now!

A lot of stoners have a natural affinity for Lord of the Rings. The books feature out of this world elements and long, detailed descriptions of feasts.

Gandalf Smoking Pipe

Of course we love it! And what fantasy stoner kit would be complete without a Gandalf pipe?

In the stories, the wizard himself smokes a "sweet flower." While it's not explicitly sticky icky, we're sure you can find a flower sweet enough to smoke in these pipes.

We’ll be straight with you, these aren’t the most practical pieces. This is the kind of pipe you get because it’s fun to smoke. The cool factor is undeniable. They’re a great addition to any smoker’s collection.

However, they can be hard to clean, and depending on the material, they may be easy to break. Only hand a Gandalf pipe to a friend you trust.

Top 8 Gandalf Pipes for Sale

Looking for a piece to smoke during your next Lord of the Rings marathon? Look no further. We've got links to our favorite Gandalf pipes from all over the web.

1. Noble Collection’s Replica Gandalf Pipe

Noble Collection’s Replica Gandalf Pipe
This wooden pipe is an officially licensed Lord of the Rings replica. The packaging comes complete with pictures of Gandalf the Gray from the movie.

It’s the only officially licensed movie prop replica on the market. It is fully functional, but does not have any filters or other smoking accessories, so a pipe screen could be useful.


  • Size: 9in (23cm) in length
  • Material: wood
  • Functional movie prop replica
  • Official licensing
  • LoTR packaging

This pipe is the perfect gift for a Tolkien fan. However, you’ll want to grab some filters and pipe cleaners as part of the gift set.

2. Churchwarden Pipe Gandalf hobbit Style, Gray Wizard Replica

Churchwarden Pipe Gandalf hobbit Style

While it's not an official replica, this pipe certainly has a magical feel to it. The overall shape and size of this wooden pipe have the essence of the wizard.

While it does not have its exact length listed, you hold the bowl about a foot (30 cm) down from your mouth.

Because this is a handmade, made-to-order pipe, you get your choice of wood. The seller recommends briar as the standard for the bowls of pipes. Briar is a dense and reliable bowl material. You can also choose cherry, maple and walnut wood.

Please bear in mind that because this is an Etsy seller, this pipe may not always be in stock. Single-person businesses can sometimes build a backlog of orders. You gotta be patient with small businesses.


  • Material: your choice of wood. Briar, cherry, walnut, and maple are all available
  • Size: approximately 12 in (30 cm)
  • Customizations available

The only downside of this amazing pipe is only one guy makes them. That said, if you’re passionate about supporting artisans, this is worth the wait.

3. Slyme Gandalf Pipe by MAV Glass

Slyme Gandalf Pipe by MAV Glass

The lime green glass is a bit of a departure from the previous models, but we're crazy about it.

In addition to the wild 90's Nickelodeon color, this pipe hits amazingly. Mav Glass placed a curve where the bowl meets the stem so it rests ergonomically in your hand. It's also got little glass pinches at the bottom of the bowl so you can comfortably set the pipe down. The pipe also comes in blue and pink.

If you intend to frequently use your Gandalf pipe, we recommend you get a glass pipe. Glass preserves the taste of the flower. It's also easier to clean than wood.


  • Size: 10 inches (25 cm)
  • Material: glass
  • 3 colors available: milky green, dark blue, and light pink
  • Nubs on the bottom so you can set it down

We love how well-designed this pipe is. It’s easy to hold, easy to set down, and easy to clean. The color might be a bit much for some smokers, but we love it.

4. Handcrafted Churchwarden Pear Wood Gandalf Wizard Pipe

Handcrafted Churchwarden Pear Wood Gandalf Wizard Pipe

If you're looking for something with easy delivery, you might want to get something off Amazon. They've got a great selection of Gandalf-inspired pipes, including this 10-inch pear wood piece.

Because it has a straight design rather than a curved design, it can be easier for some to weild.

It can produce a nice cloud if you hit it hard enough. Although it is pictured with a stand, the stand is not part of the package.

The pipe's bowl screws directly into the shaft for easy cleaning.


  • Size: 10 inches (25 cm)
  • Material: pear wood
  • Easy delivery from Amazon
  • Stand not included

This is a cute pipe, and if you want something with fast shipping, it’s a good choice. That said, some smokers have a strong preference for curved Gandalf pipes. If that’s the case, this straight pipe will not do.

5. Gold Sherlock Pipe by Diamond

Gold Sherlock Pipe by Diamond

Ok, this is more of a "Sherlock" than a "Gandalf," but it deserves to go on this list! Why? Because it's awesome.

The shape and amber colored glass give this pipe a very vintage feel. While the other pipes on this list are perfect to smoke on the Misty Mountain, you can also puff this one in your study.

The wooden pipes in this list tend to be better for smoking tobacco. The earthy flavor of tobacco mixes well with wood. However, if you're smoking devil's lettuce, go for glass.


  • Size: 8 inches (20 cm)
  • Material: glass
  • Easy to clean

If you’re looking for a more versatile aesthetic, this sherlock pipe is the way to go. It fits perfectly into both fantasy and mystery movie marathons. It’s the perfect piece for a nerdy stoner, and a bit more discreet than the larger pipes on the list.

6. KAFpipeWorkshop Tobacco Smoking Pipe

KAFpipeWorkshop Tobacco Smoking Pipe

Here's another great pick from Amazon. This churchwood pipe has a 45 mm (~1 3/4 in) pear wood bowl and an acrylic stem. This also comes with a leatherette pouch for travel.

Like the other Amazon pipe on this list, it comes at a lower price point than the other pipes. These are good first pipes if you're new to smoking.

They're inexpensive and they hit well. They also won't break like glass or clay will. That said, it's not the best pipe on this. It's a good budget model.


  • Size: 9.5 inches (24 cm)
  • Material: pear wood
  • Easy delivery from Amazon
  • Letherette carrying pouch included

This is a decent starter pipe. It’s inexpensive, easy to smoke, and comes with a carrying case. It’s also a good pipe to take camping with you. That said, it’s not a proper pipe for a serious stoner.

7. FESS Products Cherrywood Churchwarden Pipe

FESS Products Cherrywood Churchwarden Pipe

If you’re looking for an Amazon item that’s a bit more upscale, here you go. This pipe by Fess products is a 13-inch seamless cherrywood churchwarden pipe.

It’s a bit larger than the official replica, making it perfect for larger than life personalities.


  • Size: 13 inches (33 cm)
  • Material: cherry wood
  • Easy delivery from Amazon
  • Gift box Included

The only downside is the seamless design can make it hard to clean. Also, some customers do not like the engraved logo near the bowl.

8. 12” Glass Gandalf Pipe by SWRV

12” Glass Gandalf Pipe by SWRV

We've saved the best for last. This 12-inch glass pipe by SWRV will cool the smoke before it reaches your mouth.

It comes with two little glass nubs at the bottom so you can easily set the pipe down. This way you don't have to worry about it rolling over between hits.

This glass pipe comes in 9 eye-catching colors, so you can be sure to get one that matches your style.

Anyone with a beard or long hair can appreciate the value of having the bowl far away from your face. You won't have to deal with your hair going up in smoke with this piece.


  • Size: 12 inches (30.5 cm)
  • Material: glass
  • Available in 9 colors
  • Nubs on the bottom to set down between hits

This is easily one of our favorite pipes in the list. It’s nice and long, it comes in 9 colors, and you can set it down without it rolling over. The only downside is glass can be a bit delicate, so only hand it to trusted friends.

Gandalf's Pipe FAQ

Was Gandalf's Pipe In His Staff?

Yes. Gandalf's staff has a special slot to hold his pipe. It's explicitly stated in the books. Even though it's not super easy to spot in the movie, it's featured in The Fellowship of the Ring.

Did Gandalf Smoke a Pipe?

Yes, in the films Gandalf smokes a churchwarden pipe. It’s easy to recognize a churchwarden pipe from its extra-long stem.

What Is Gandalf's Pipe Made of?

What Gandalf’s pip is made of entirely depends on the source material. In the movies, Galdalf smokes a wooden churchwarden pipe. In the books, Gandalf smokes a “short clay-pipe.”

Our list focuses more on the movie pipes. Let’s be honest, the long churchwarden pipes are just super fun to smoke.

Gandalf Pipes: Our Top Pick

Ok so we know all about Gandalf pipes, but which is the one pipe to rule them all?

Our favorite is the 12” Glass Pipe by SWRV.

Biased? Yes, but glass is the best material for smoking “sweet flowers,” and this has plenty of length to give you a nice smooth it. It also comes in your choice of nine colors.

We hope this review has helped you find the perfect Gadalf pipe for you. Happy blazing!

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