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Troubleshooting Common Bong Cleaning Issues

Troubleshooting Common Bong Cleaning Issues

Having a hard time cleaning bongs? We get you - it's never a good feeling to enjoy your favorite herb in a dirty bong. Not only does it smell gross, but it also doesn't hit the way it should. But that's not where issues end. 

Cleaning a bong isn't an easy task. It's a challenge that many enthusiasts face, often leading to frustrations and a compromised smoking experience. 

Bongs, with their intricate designs and various components, can quickly become a breeding ground for residue, grime, and hard-to-reach build-ups. Thankfully, that shouldn't stress you anymore. In this blog, we will shed some light on common bong cleaning issues and how you can address them instantly. Without further ado, let's get started!

Cleaning Bongs - Everything You Need to Know

Gather Cleaning Supplies

The first step into getting clean bongs is stocking up on bong cleaning supplies. Unlike your everyday dish soap, achieving a spotless bong demands more specialized tools. Wondering why? Well, because you are dealing with more than just surface grime.

Stubborn tar and resin tend to accumulate within the intricate crevices and percolators of your bong. An everyday dishwasher will not break these sticky substances, and that's not even the worst part - if you are tempted to use a scrubber, you may end up with a broken bong. 

Here are cleaning supplies you can use to get your bong clean without that hassle:

Isopropyl Alcohol

You will need isopropyl alcohol (ideally at a concentration of 90% or higher) and salt.

This approach is more effective in killing bacteria and breaking down touch residues. However, its downside is that it's not budget-friendly and may take an hour or so to achieve a clean bong.

Formula 420 Pipe Cleaner 

420 Cleaner is yet another bong cleaner that users boast of for a good reason. It contains large coarse salt and resin-melting materials that dissolve residue buildup and remove stubborn stains in less than 5 minutes. For effective cleaning, shake the mixture before leaving it to soak.

Organic Chronic

For the impatient clan, Organic Chronic is an excellent option for you. This bong cleaner boasts abrasive granules, which produce outstanding results without requiring you to use a scrubber or wait longer. The best part? Organic Chronic is a reusable glass and metal cleaner making it a budget-friendly option.

Most Common Bong Cleaning Challenges and Solutions

Residue Build Up

When last did you clean your bong? Well, if you can't remember, your bong definitely has residue build-up. When you smoke your favorite herb out of the glass water pipe, the resins from the herb slowly build up over time. The result is usually a sticky residue on the sides of the glass. If not cleaned, the stickiness gets to build-ups.

If you don't want residue build up in your bong, you must make a habit of cleaning your bong after every use. While experts recommend cleaning your bong 2- 3 times a week, mold and bacteria can develop in less than 24 hours. So, imagine how much mold you will inhale if you wait to clean your bong for two days. A lot, right?

Stubborn Stain or Odors

Just like your carpets develop stubborn stains and odors, so does your glass bong. If you notice a ring forming around the water line or you see some little floaters of weed, resin, or residue in there, your bong will more likely develop stubborn stains and a stinky smell. These particles are what contribute to the formation of stubborn stains and a bad smell.

So, how do you avoid this? It's pretty easy; just like you wouldn't use the same filter to smoke a joint again, the same applies to bongs. Not implying that you toss it away whenever you have a smoking session but rather use a bong cleaner after usage. If that's not enough to remove the odor, add a few drops of vinegar or lemon to the funk.

Clogged Downstem or Percolators

The main reason you use a bong is to make the smoking process feel much smoother, and that's precisely what percolators offer. They cool down the smoke and provide excellent filtration. However, over time the filtration system accumulates residues from smoke, such as tar and ash. These filtered residues accumulate in the down stem clogging it. 

For someone who has used a bong with a clogged downstem, you can agree that the experience isn't great, and how to unclog it remains a priority at that time. 

The best way to clean bongs with many percolators and clogged downstem is to ensure that you use proper cleaning supplies. This ensures the bong cleaning solutions reach the percolators dissolving the residue as you shake the bong.

 Also, avoid using salt when unclogging downstems. As much as it helps dissolve residue, it can clog up percolators before it has the chance to dissolve.

Cloudy Glass

A cloudy bong glass isn't only an eyesore but can also impact your smoking experience. Wondering what causes it? The foggy appearance is a result of consistent contact with hard water. If you mainly clean bongs with tap water, the mineral content in the water, including calcium and magnesium, is left behind after the bong dries.

Beyond aesthetics, cloudy glass can affect the transparency of your bong, making it difficult to see the quality of the smoke. Thankfully, there are a couple of ways you can get rid of the fogginess. One great way is soaking your bong in vinegar and water overnight. This helps loosen calcium deposits. 

However, to maintain clean bongs, you might want to consider using distilled water for cleaning. If you don't have that at your disposal, ensure you thoroughly rinse the bong and dry it with a microfiber towel after every use.

Difficult-to-Reach Areas

Let's face it, hard-to-reach areas are probably why you have been avoiding cleaning your bong. Those tight nooks and crannies accumulate grime and residues, which are pretty challenging to clean. But here is a thing-Neglecting these hard-to-reach areas not only impacts the effectiveness of your bong but also poses health risks to you.

Difficult-to-reach areas are best cleaned with specialized tools like brushes with flexible bristles or pipe cleaner. However, if your bong has removable parts, consider removing them. It makes it easy for you to clean those areas instantly.

Safety Precautions

Cleaning bongs needs to be done with precaution and care, or else you will have broken pieces of your investment. Here are some tips to make sure it doesn't result in that.

  • Use mid-cleansers to avoid damaging the class.
  • Dismantle with caution if your bong has removable parts.
  • Avoid rapid temperature changes, as this can result in cracking.
  • Rinse thoroughly after cleaning. This helps remove any cleaning solution residue.
Now that you know how to clean bongs, your smoking experience doesn't have to suck. While it happens to the best of us, having a dirty bong doesn't imply that all hope is lost. We suggest exploring our selection of 5 of the best bong cleaners to ensure the longevity of your smoking supplies – shop now to enjoy a clean smoking session!
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