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The Art of Selecting the Perfect Ash Catcher

The Art of Selecting the Perfect Ash Catcher: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you tired of cleaning your bongs now and then? Well, it’s time to invest in an ash catcher and smoke your favorite herb without worrying about the struggles of cleaning the bong.

We get that it’s often recommended to clean a bong after each usage, but we can’t deny that doing so isn’t a thing we cherish. With ash catchers, however, you can reduce the number of times you have to clean your bongs and still enhance your smoking experience.

Ash catchers are specialized bong accessories with unique perc to trap any ashes or burnt material that may have slipped through the bowl. As a result, the smoke goes through maximum filtration, delivering clean, smooth hits.

Now, if you are in the exciting process of getting your badass bong as an ash catcher, it’s essential to understand how they work and the key factors to consider to ensure you buy the best. Stick around to learn more!

How to Find a Perfect Ash Catcher: Key Factors to Consider

Understanding Ash Catchers

While you may have a clue of what ash catchers are from the introduction, allow us to deeply explain how they work when it comes to keeping your bongs clean and enhancing your smoking experience.

A bong ash catcher is typically a double-jointed chamber of glass. One joint connects to the bong, while the other connects to the cone piece. The chamber contains a unique percolator or diffuser with numerous holes to filter the smoke, ensuring smooth, cooler hits.

The two joints are known as male and female. The female joint catches the ash and is meant to be connected to the corn piece. With the ash not getting past the main chamber of your water pipe, you can continuously use the bong without worrying about cleaning.

Types and Varieties of Ash Catchers

As bongs and percolators come in various shapes and sizes, the same applies to ash catchers. Here are the common types.

Tree Perc Ash Catchers

We are guessing you already know what the tree perc ash catchers look like from the name. Yes, they resemble trees and have multiple arm extensions that provide maximum filtration and cooling. These ash catchers make a great fit if you are looking for fresh, flavourful hits.

Inline Ash Catchers

Inline Ash catchers are yet another common type of ash catcher that is perfect for all-seasoned smokers. The bong ash catchers are placed in the pipe, ensuring that smoke particles are effectively captured before they reach the bong.

Recycler Ash Catchers

Looking for the newest and coolest way to smoke your marijuana? Recycler ash catchers are your closest friend. This ash catcher for bong eliminates the need for a water pipe. As a result, smoke passes through the glass chamber just like perc; the fresh smoke gets filtered into the second one while still recycling the old air through the first.

Size Joint and Compatibility

As much as ash catchers come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, you need to choose one compatible with your bong. The size of an ash catcher and the angle of your bong’s downstem are the key things that should guide you in choosing the perfect fit. For example, a bigger ash catcher may not work well for a smaller bong. How will it fit inside? Most head shops give you multiple options of angles and sizes. Let your bong size guide you.

Here is a bonus tip: You can design your ash catcher and let your head shop create it for you. This ensures you get an ash catcher that works perfectly with your bong, enhancing your smoking experience.

Materials and Durability

The last thing you want is to roll a couple of your dollars just to purchase an ash catcher that will only last you for a few weeks. That said, you must carefully analyze the material as it directly affects the durability.

Like bongs, ash catchers are also made of Glass, ceramic, silicon, and titanium. Glass is king if you want both durability and functionality. Titanium may not be the best as it’s prone to altering the flavor of your smoke.

Silicone is best if you are just looking for durability, as it’s unbreakable. When it comes to the smoking experience, it may not be the best as that of a glass ash catcher, but it’s better when compared to ceramic and titanium. Ceramic is ideal if you prioritize style or a more personalized smoking experience.

Factors Influencing Selection

Joint Size and Gender

As mentioned earlier, bong ash catchers mainly have two double joints. The gender can be both male and female. Now, the size of these two joints is significant for better functionality. Common joint sizes are 14 mm and 18 mm. Ensure you choose one that perfectly fits your bong.

Size and Height

Consider the size and height of the ash catcher in relation to your water pipe. It should fit well without being too large or obstructive.


Ash catchers come at varying prices depending on the level of filtration, design, and material. Glass ash catchers are the best in enhancing the smoking experience but are a little bit more expensive. However, we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to spend your arm and leg on a new beautiful bong ash catcher.

Maintenance and Cleaning 

Just because an ash catcher eliminates the need to clean your bong doesn’t mean you should completely forget about cleanliness. Ash catchers need some love, too. Over time, these lifesaver accessories accumulate dirt and grime. If you don’t clean them, there is a high chance you will alter their effectiveness and, even worse, put a risk to your health. To be safe, consider cleaning the ash catcher for bongs regularly. And to calm your mind, they are easier to clean than the typical bongs. All you need is isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt.

Already making a quick search for bong ash catchers? Remember to follow these tips to ensure you choose the perfect one. Consider size, compatibility, and material to make the right decisions. You can also get creative and design a stylish ash catcher before heading to your local headshop. Talking of head shops, the Badass is the most trusted online headshop for all cannabis enthusiasts. Visit our website and explore our multiple collections. We would also love to create your design if you have one. Happy shopping!

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