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Product Review: Portable Dabber Pen

Dabbing is another very popular form of legal herb and tobacco consumption. You get a lot of potency in just a little piece and then you are on cloud ten. However, dabbing takes a lot of steps, tools, and preparation. To take a dab you need a dab rig, a carb cap, a dabber, a concentrate container, a torch, a nail, and/or a rig adapter. This can all get kind of pricey and tedious, especially if you are a new or occasional dab smoker.

If you don’t want to invest in all the dab tools and accessories, or you want an easier way to dab than a portable dab pen is for your. Vaporizing pens are super popular in the community because it’s an easy way to smoke on the go without it being obvious.

Pens are clearly great for travel, but also they are better for your health because you’re not burning you’re lungs as much as you would with a traditional rig. They are also great to smoke outside, because winds won’t blow out the heat necessary to burn the concentrate.

We could explain all the in and outs of the portable dab pen, however the wonderful - Mary Love Glass said it all for us. Check out her review of our electronic dabber pen with a globe tank on her channel. She’s also giving one away!

Product Details

Height: 6 inches

Color: Stainless Steel

Includes: 1 900mah Ego Battery, 1 Glass Globe Atomizer, 2 Replacement Coils, 1 Replacement Glass, 1 Dabber Tool, 1 Silicon Container, 1 USB Charger, 1 Wall Charger

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