How To Season a Titanium Nail

There’s no shame in being new to dabbing, or even in being an experienced dabber and wanting to further educate yourself on the topic. Enjoying concentrates is different enough to traditional smoking that there are plenty of tips and tricks to learn. One such trick is to season your titanium nail before use. This article discusses the various benefits and the process of how to season a titanium nail.

Why Season a Nail?

Before we show you how to season a titanium nail, its good to know the various benefits of doing so. Seasoning your nail serves multiple purposes. The first purpose of seasoning improves the taste of the vapor coming from a new nail, much like seasoning a cast iron pan improves flavor. The involved process of seasoning a titanium nail requires heating the nail to open the pores of the metal then coating the surface with an oily or resinous material, reduces the metallic taste these items can produce. that titanium nails would have if left unseasoned.

The second purpose of seasoning sterilizes and cleanses the titanium nail from any impurities from the manufacturing process of when the nail was created. This prevents the chemically and noxious taste that is often associated with new nails that some dabbers experience.

Lastly Last but not least, oil can slip right off a new titanium nail surface. Without seasoning first, you’ll be wrestling with your concentrate to stay in place. It’s better to use a little now to season the nail, than to lose your first few dabs to a slippery surface.

Why Use Titanium?

Titanium, glass, ceramic, quartz… what’s the difference? Put simply, titanium nails are meant to survive heavy use, including being dropped or knocked against a hard surface. Titanium retains heat well, too, unlike quartz and glass. Titanium will also never suffer from heat stress like ceramic, and heats up much more quickly.

When purchasing a titanium nail, it’s important to look for quality over frugality. Some manufacturers cut corners, adding chemicals and other filler material to their titanium, which can be toxic or even carcinogenic to inhale. Look for grade 2 or grade 3 titanium when purchasing a nail, and always buy from a trusted source.

How to Season a Titanium Nail

There are two effective and safe ways to season your new titanium domeless nail. The first method is hands-on, requiring about 10-15 minutes of your time to treat and retreat the nail. First, torch the nail until it is red hot, being careful not to overheat. Take a small amount of oil and coat the surface, using your dabber to manipulate the oil. If the nail is too hot, the oil will simply vaporize and hot have a chance to fill in the metal’s pores. Repeat this process 3-5 times, letting the nail cool each time.

The second method for how to season a titanium nail is perfect for even the laziest dabber. Start by heating your oven to 400 degrees. While the oven heats, coat your unheated nail with a thin layer of oil. Place the nail upright in your oven for 15-20 minutes, careful that your oil is not smoking. If you see smoke, that means the nail is too hot and the oil is vaporizing.

Either of these methods will quickly and efficiently season your titanium nail. Feel free to use reclaimed oil for any seasoning application. Avoid seasoning techniques which encourage you to use water, and don’t put titanium nails in alcohol solutions for reclaiming, as this may exacerbate oxidization.

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